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I’m considering buying this. How difficult is it to change the logos: ... etc.

That is, if you are providing the PSD files.

Thank you for the purchase.

We will provide you with files in an hour or so.


Any chance of me getting those editable files? You mentioned they were on your laptop at work.

Hello Astral,

we have sent you those files few days ago. We are sending them again now on mail


I would like to create casino website, but i dont know if there is any scripts i can use?


this is just html template, any specific casino scripts that you might need are not provided within this file.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

hi, im intrested in purchasing this theme with this template can u have casino game in this theme to be plable online instead of allowing u to download the app to pay the games does the games come the theme?

hi, but is the template designed to add casino games etc?

can u add casino games to it?


as I mentioned before it is a HTML template, with some programming skills you can add any plug-in/game made in LAMP tehnologies.



I was hoping that you could assist. Firstly, please excuse my ignorance, I have not worked with / imported fonts separately and/or from a CDN before.

When I open up this template locally, and I see the assets load, I see that the font files are not found. When I open this template on your site, I see that the font files are in a directory /power.

I don’t see any fonts attached but I do see a reference to google fonts, is that maybe where I should be referencing the fonts?

The missing fonts are: PTS55F.woff CANDARAI.woff CANDARAZ.woff etc…

Please assist…

Answer sent via mail support.


wonderful template. I would like to buy it, but is it possible to change the logo? I want to change the word POWER to another work (10 letters)

Hello Orbyone,

yes it is easily done throu Adobe Illustrator file we can provide uppon purchase. In case you decide to buy this template just after purchase send us mail request on and we will provide you with the file.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Hi, i have Buy this Theme. And i make a Site, i will change the text in the header. Power Jackpot, can i have the PSD from this Theme?

Sorry for my english.

Please send me private message or your email adress and I will send you illustrator file that can modify the logo. Thank you.

Hi, I have just purchase the html file. how to add a image to the css? can i have the actual location in css editor??? or can you provide me a code?

Answered via e-mail support.

Hi, Can you send me the logo files for edit to my own logo???

Sent via e-mail support.


I bought this thinking it was for WordPress but it’s not. :crying: I just wanted to use the design none of the casino stuff so waste of money if you’re looking for an actual theme template.

Hello Jey,

indeed this is, as stated in item name, a HTML template, WP themes can be found in different category.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello! First of all, great job with this theme!

I will buy it but I have a question: Is it possible to pay for an extra drop-down menu for this theme?

Thank you!

Hello Narkstyle,

Thanks for the compliments :) As for the theme extra drop-down menu is possible but you will need to find some freelencer to make it.


Dear ProspektDesign,

I have purchased the theme and require the Adobe Illustrator file so that I can edit the ‘Power’ logo and create my own

The file: is a 404, could you please provide the file, thanks in advance.

Dear DeanQuanne,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

The requested file is recovered on the server and you can freely download it.

Shall you have more questions or feedback – do not hesitate to contract us.

Best regards, ProspektDesisn.

Hi , I would like to have to original file for the logo text please, thank you


please send us your e-mail address on and we will provide it.


Hi can i get the ai files for logo and other please

Can you please provide us with your e-mail address, you can send info on

Hello, We are unable to purchase the theme due to some technical reasons from envato kindly let us know any other way to purchase the same


this theme is only available throu envato network.

Regards, ProspektDesign.


zokoni Purchased


template purchased right now. Can you please provide me the PSD files?

Many thanks.

No problem,

however we would require an email address where to send to.


Do you plan on making this template responsive?

We don’t have such plans at the moment.


Please send the logo PSD to :

Sent, cheers ;)

I have bought the template but i got the following message:

Description poker/css Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.

Dear Shermanxu89,

this is not a worpress theme.

Regards, ProspektDesign.


Can create a wordpress themes similar please?


Hello stevezz,

at the moment we dont plan to make it wp theme :(

Cheers, ProspektDesign

send me logo psd please,