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Fantastic work! Good luck with sales :)

Yes, looks great!


I have buy your template, thank you! But I have a question. How can I edit the “power” text in the header? I would like to put my own text…

How can I do it “easily”?

thank you

Hi A-luna, thank you for buying our theme. To change letters you will need small plugin for illustrator that will enable you to apply this style to any text (as logo is vector and was made in illustrator).

If you send me your e-mail adress (send me private message) I will be able to send you this plugin on your e-mail.

Thank you once again.

Thank you! Wow you answer was very fast! Thks

I sent you my email by private message.

Hi – I just bought this theme. I’m putting together a site promoting fun casino nights and your designs are perfect.

Can you send me the plugin for Illustrator- CS3

I don’t see any documentation on how to use the illustrations – I will be using a WP template. Do you have any docs or advice on how to proceed? Sorry if that’s a bit of a stupid question!


No problem Mike,

.ai file will help you only to change Powerjackpot letters to the name of your liking and keeping same font style. You can download it from: http://docs.prospekt.hr/powerjackpot.ai

To proceed from .psd file to full site you will make necessary changes in documents to fit your content better. But to make site you will need to cut it to wordpress theme.

Hello, could you please send me the link to the background image used in a theme? Because looks like the seamless pattern is not included into theme

Hello, pleade send me private message and I ll be sure to send you pattern.

I just bought your theme, and im satisfied with my purchase.

Thank you very much for purchasing and liking. It would really mean to us if you could rate this item. :)

Hi, I just bought your theme & html template, I was hoping to change the “Jackpot” lettering to the website name I am building.

When I try and edit the Power JackPot Logo smart object in CS3, I get the error message…

Could not edit original smart object because the application which created the smart object could not be launched ?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated… Thanks Ps. Great work by the way

hi, please send me private message and i will send version for cs3 where you will be able to adjust logo to your e-mail. Thank you.

You have the wp version for this template?

Hi, for now there is not existing a wordpress for this site, and probably we wont start working on it any time soon. :(


Good job! Please I need to edit the logo, the one in the PDF file included in the download. I will send you private message, please send me the Adobe illustrator file. My Adobe version is CS6 so any version is okay.


Hello it’s been two days and I am still waiting to hear from you. I even sent you email also. PLEASE!

Hello ancel,

you should receive the answer on your question via email.


Dear ProspektDesign,

I have purchased the theme and require the Adobe Illustrator file.

The file:


is a 404, could you please provide the file, thanks in advance.

Already answered on other post.

Presale question : How do I integrate this with wordpress ?

This is not a WP theme.


hi, i am very disappointment , since its not a responsive template…. i wanted this to be used in mobile too,,,,, please suggest me any suggestion now.

No it is not responsive, it is clearly noted in item description.


Where is the Vector Logo file?


please provide us with mail address and we will send you vector logo file.



This is a wordpress theme?

Hello stevezzz,

no, it is not.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello team, Kindly send me the logo psd file, so i create my logo.

Hello kapilr2,

please provide us your email address on envatosupport@prospekt.hr.

Cheers :)