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Elegant and clean work. Good luck with sales!

Thanks, appreciated!

Damn! Beautiful theme! Its funny that my personal portfolio almost have the same technique with the portfolio item slide-out and isotope but it looks like crap when you see this hehe! [] Good luck with the sales :)


Clean and effective. Great design!

Thanks, appreciated!

Great template :)

Thanks, appreciated!

So beautiful and elegant, I like it a lot! Good luck with the sales!

Thanks, appreciated!

Felicitari ! Ma bucura faptul ca un roman poate creea un site asa de fain ;)


Wonderful work! :)


Great Work! Is the twitter feed is missing?

Thanks What do you mean about twitter?

Very nice template! It fits perfect for me. The fullscreen slider is very nice, but on mobile phone it is a bit ‘dificult’. Is it possible to set the normal index.html for small screens?

You can customize the slider very easy for mobile. Please see the documentation. Cheers!

Wonderful work! I like it a lot!


Great work! Where are you getting your images from?


Did you just add the fullscreen slider? I don’t see that in files I downloaded. thanks.

  • Nevermind, I see it was updated. Thanks.

Very nice template. I use the fullscreen version. But on my ipad the home page is not working. It does not scale. Can you help?

Do you know by any chance how to fix it?

Mobile devices can not read correctly the linked files. You need to add your domain directly to your host. About this operation, talk with your host company. Cheers!

Hey Hector, thanks for this great work! Can you possibly tell me which icon set you have used for the home-pattern.png? I would like to insertion this icons into the entire site.

We use our icons. But you can find similar icons here:


Very nice item ! Can you tell me how to edit the « Hide Filters » to translate it in french ? Thanks +++

Hi, edit this line

toggle_switch.html('Hide Filters');
in your main.js file @ line 222 Thanks.

Wrong reply.

Hi, it is nice and clean item. Thank you so much.

It seems “portfolio more detail” doesn’t work with Chrome somehow. I am using Mac, chrome 29.0.1547.65

Somehow it is working on your preview site. But not with the file I downloaded. It is working with firefox and safari though.

Does anyone have the same problem? Do you know how to fix it?

The portfolio expander is made with ajax and load an external HTML. Chrome don`t support that on local. Just upload your website on your server and will work perfect. Cheers and thanks!

Hi, is it possible to put your logo image (like you have on static page) over the image on the fullscreen slider setup, like a caption? Or does the fullscreen slider only allow text captions? I tried and it didn’t work out, thought maybe you know a way to do it. Thanks.

Please read the documentation. We uesd for the full screen slider the revolution slider plugin. You gonna find more detials about slider options there

Hi there,

I just bought this beauty and have a question for you. I cant see the project pages with Safari. When i click the Dteails button it leads me to project details page but nothing happens with Safari. Although works clean with other browsers. Am i missing sth?


Keep up the good works

Just upload it on your server and will work fine. Safari and Chrome don`t load external pages with ajax on local. Cheers!

Thanks, i missed that related topic up on the page. One more thing that is it possible to use filters tab open when clicked projects links? Or a timer so when they clicked it appears first then close?

Thanks you so much, Cheers

we didn`t develop that function.

Good friend Fullscreen template includes Slider, Royal Preloader, Functional ajax contact form, or you have to buy separately????

All scrips is included in template ;)