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This is great.

very nice…

Very nice page….Like it!

gr8! me like!

nice file. easy to customize. rated 5 stars!

Merci, très beau ! =)

I have a question, The module to look for does not work, is it normal? Thank you in advance, The link is: http://utopiie.com/erreur

Wouldn’t it be better if it could auto submit info to the webmaster?

The url the entered, as well as the referring url?

Most people I don’t think I are going to take the time to submit errors, so while it’s a nice looking error page, it seems like the report part of it is more for show than anything else.

Still a report feature would still be nice for those that need to explain more, or for those that ARE willing to explain what happened.

I may buy later, if you incorporate my ideas, I’d for sure buy.

Hello one-and-all…

Just one simple (I Hope?) Question..!!

Will this work on a WordPress blog..?