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amazing work !

Thanks! ;)

Love it, looks great, so I’m your first purchaser. Nice to see something different

Thank you very much first purhaser!
Hope you’ll enjoy it, glad you called my work ‘something different’, appreciate.


Nice Work!

According to Google’s Page Speed ??very very slow. If the website speed still increases?

I’ll test that out and see the reasons of it.

Unfortunately my server is very slow so I think that’s the main reason. But I’ll do my best to optimize it even more as loading times are a priority to me.

Thanks for your interest and compliments though! ;)

Hey I just tested it and it actually gets a rating of 83 out of 100 which is not bad at all, but I’ll make it better;)

Great job! You will this theme in HTML?

Hey menisck, thank you! Never thought about creating an HTML-only version of the theme, but I’ll definitely consider this. Thanks

Does your Facebook/twitter/RSS counter support mail chimp automatically?

For example, can it automatically display how many people are subscribed to my mail list?

Hi thanks for your interest in PowerMag.
The social counter is based on SocialBox which is a premium plugin that supports up to 8 social counters. Unfortunately a MailChimp subscribers counter is not among those. I’m informing if MailChimp API allows that, if it does, it should be an easy addition though.


We’d like to use your theme for an affiliate marketing site

can we add ” visit site” or ” buy product” buttons , with affiliate links, on review pages ?



Another suggestion:a comparison table feature eg: http://cell-phones.toptenreviews.com/smartphones/


I’ll look into this. Thanks

Can woocomerce be used with this theme?

It can but it’s not optimized for, it needs some tweaking. If I have enough requests I will add full compatibility for it (with integrated graphics etc..) as it was in the original plans already.

Thanks for your interest,

Any chance this theme is compatible with BuddyPress?

Nope but it’ll soon be, working on it.

Thanks for your interest.

Any Idea on a time-frame? I will purchase the theme for sure once it is compatible with BuddyPress.

Hard to say as I have many updates in mind I’m working on. If I have to give a time-frame, I would say a couple of weeks.

You can follow me on Twitter to be notified about that.

Hi, great job.

1. It’s possible full width post without the right sidebar? 2. Any example in the demo of a page made with Visual Composer? 3. It’s possible to do a category page, with the modules, same structure of the homepage? I want for some categories the same page structure that in the main demo. Can Visual Composer make this possible? 4. Working in the code, it will be easy to integrate the default ajax registration with Budyprres registration?

Hey LabiosDeCenizas,
Thanks for your interest in PowerMag.

1. Yes it’s possible to choose the full width layout or a specific sidebar separately for each post or page. I forgot to put an example on the live demo but I’ll do it asap.

2. Almost all pages are made with the Visual Composer actually. You can check this video out to see exactly how it works (trust me it’s awesome).

3. That’s not possible at the moment, mainly because you would have too many widgetized areas in your WP widget page, it would be hard to handle.

4. With coding almost everything is possibile if you know how to do it ;), by the way full BuddyPress integration it’s on its way on an upcoming update.


Simply amazing! This is EXACTLY the type of theme I have been waiting for. Thank you for your amazing work!

After installing it and giving it a test run, I do have one question. Would you be able to add some sort of “sticky menu” feature? I’m not sure how you would be able to implement it, but I think that feature on your Minimosity theme just adds a little bit of extra flash that I really like. Haha.

But that’s just me being picky! Again, it’s an amazing theme!

Thank you for your kind words CoreyMW! The next update has been packed already, but I will add this option right in the following one. ;)

You, sir, are a GENIUS! These updates have implemented nearly everything I was asking about. The parent and sub-category solution you came up with works perfectly!

Your continued customer support of your product has simply been amazing, and the quality of your product speaks for itself. PowerMag will do wonders for my business, and my entire staff is eager to have it on our live site.

I feel safe in saying that I’ll be purchasing your products for many years to come. This is the most satisfied that I have ever been with a theme/template purchase. Thank you again!

Wow CoreyMW! Thank you sooo much for your kind words, messages like yours pay me back for all the effort and time I put to build my products. I’m really glad you liked the update as your suggestions inspired most of it. I just wish you would have post it as a new comment, but this will go straight into testimonials for sure haha ;)

Thank you again sir, wish you the best for your business.


Hello. Congrats for your theme, ama interested to buy it and I would like to make some questions about it.

1. I saw that you added the option in the place of the featured image(single post view) to be able to put videos. Can you make it support shortcodes so that we can put a shortcode so that it would show videos or photogalleries for those that use shortcodes to show them?

2. Can you add the option to show 3 column posts in blog style without sidebar?

3. In my site’s menu I have 13 main categories. If I buy your theme, would it be easy to make the font size smaller so it would show the whole menu in one row?

Yes, you fixed the body size, the problem with Google fonts to support other languages besides Latin is not fixed. For that reason all the fonts in my site are so big

The logout problem I fixed (chrome problem)

The thing is that I still didn’t understand exactly what’s the problem, and honestly I can’t find out what be done by my side to help you with that. Can’t you just include the font you want by following Google WebFonts instructions and including the spefici subsets you need? I think that would be the best solution.

Great theme :) I can’t find the Bebas Neue Regular font you used in your example. Where can i find that for headings? thnx

Hi bfultz
thank you for your purchase and nice words :)

The font files are in the Font folder of the theme directory. Everything is already in place you shouldn’t do nothing to see the headings font.

Only make sure you have the switch ‘Enable Custom Typography Styles’ in the Typography tab disabled.


There we go :) thank you very much!

Hi nice theme. Question on the featured image. Does this have to be uploaded/selected manually or it grabs the first image attached in the article? Can the image be from an external source?


Cool! Thanks if this is compatible with your theme then it’s a go. Btw is the news ticker also allows rss feeds and twitter and does it update without refresh? Same also with twitter feed widget does new tweet automatically appear?

Well havn’t tested it personally but looking at plugin description I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t.

The news ticker only displays recent posts for now. Twitter widget has a standard behaviour and show new tweets on page refresh.


Amazing theme…all that is missing is a page/post slideshow…but there is a CodeCanyon plugin for that.

Noticed a small issue when I clicked on the date in the menu…


Everything aligned to the right and logo seems messed up….in Chrome.

Thank you ed_lewis for your kind words.

I already noticed that page is messed up a few hours ago (!!), It will be fixed by today.

Can you please link me the plugin to see exactly what you’re talking about? If I like it I might consider building something similar for PowerMag too.


Would be a nice addition as a widget. I’ll look into this thanks ;)

ps: the archive page issue has been fixed, thanks for the heads up!

we are planning to purchase the theme. before that we would like to know some information.

1. Does the theme support content hiding features? say, if there is a subscriber only then the content will be visible otherwise not. But the homepage will always be visible to any visitor of the site.

2. We would like to implement paid subscription to the website. Will you be able to implement this feature with payment gateways like CC Avenue and PayPal?

3. Are the future updates of the theme will be available free of cost?

4. Your demo shows single line main menu items. If the number of items increase, where they will get placed? 5. Our website will have contents in Indian languages. We will provide you with the EoT font file. Will you implement that one along with the theme?

Your welcome.

For that part I would rely on some plugin like this one. Personally I would search some plugins that would suit your needs, if you still can’t find it then we’ll discuss possible further personal customizations in private.


Okay, now I have purchased the theme. But some integration we would like to have from you side on the paid subscription aspect. Let me know what to do.

Hi webdays,
thank you for your purchase.

My suggestion is to use a plugin for that, did you try the one mentioned above?

I bought this today and downloaded it a few hours ago and it keeps saying that I have 1.0 and there is an update to 1.2 available. But the file I download still seems to be 1.0.

Hi SwerBear,
thank you for your purchase.

That is weird there is not a 1.2 version since the theme was just released. In my installs I can’t replicate the issue, would you mind sharing your login info (or create one for me) so I can have a look?


Fantastic theme, Just what I’ve been looking for my Gaming site. However we use Disqus , and I’ve noticed that on some pages it dose not fire.

I had a look but the browser console doesn’t throw up any error, it’s hard for me to understand why this is happening. Try to focus on the differences between a working page and a non-working one. Disable all the plugins one by one first and then some PowerMag features, untill disqus box shows up again. Also re-check your disqus implementation to make sure is 100% correct.

Hope this helps

Thanks! It appears to only affect older content, that quickly being swept under the rug! I appreciate the reply!

Oh! I’m also interested in this topic to use the woocommerce

Hi menisck! Thanks for letting me know that and for your interest in PowerMag ;)

I try your demo but when I test the rating it rate my rating but when I check in other browser it say same

for example in http://powermag.djwd.me/blog/assassins-creed-iii-is-going-to-kill-your-social-life-2/ your rating 11 when I rate it I’m number 12

but when I check in different browser it return to number11 if I buy your theme and someone rate my article how can it record.

That’s because it also records your ip and cache the results. It may take a while to see the new rating but they’re all recorded as you can see in the demo (I didn’t rate any review myself).

Thanks for your interest,

I buy now your theme ,,I very like your theme than other magazine,,more sell,,

Thank you Super123 ;)

Hi I just purchased the theme and am getting an error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WPBakeryVisualComposerTemplateInterface in /home/gamer12/public_html/wp-content/themes/gf1/inc/js_composer/composer/lib/abstract.php on line 63