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was able to figure it I already had the WPBakeryVisualComposer unistalled it and them works , but now I have a bigger problem

When I activate the them it everything freezes, cant post blog post I go to the widgets and the widgets aren’t able to be moved please help.

was able to fix the problem it was a conflict with a plugin. Now I have another issue for some reason below the logo an top banner I get a list of pages running across I’ve looks all over the wordpress section of my site an can’t find where its coming form. Please Help

Hi eeb1,
Thank you for your purchase.

Glad you were able to fix your other issues. Please provide a link to your blog it’s as it gets hard for me to understand exactly what you’re talking about.

Thanks ;)

where can I send you my website link to keep it private?

hello , can i see rtl demo, since you have wrote in your item description that it support rtl Thanks

Thank you very much for your kind words..!

I tested RTL support with the wordpress plugin RTL tester, which should be pretty reliable. Btw if you’ll encounter any problem I’ll be here to fix it. ;)


Ok thanks…. Bought as promised … will update you soon :)

Thank you kwaca1, you can be my RTL betatester now…! kidding ;)

Hi there. Am I able to set the page width on this theme? I think it’s a little wide.

Hi AlbinApple,
thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

The container adapts to the user view, it’s wide for those who have wide screens ;). By removing some CSS media queries, you can easily remove the “widest view” and limit the max-width to 980px though instead of 1200px.



Just bought this and for the life of me cant set it up.. my sites Rantdaily.com and getting some errors and design isnt like demo.. assistance please.

Thanks Ben

Hi Benji_BR,
thank you for your purchase.

Please be more specific about what problem you are facing or it’s hard for me to help. Did you take a look at the documentation? If it’s a fresh install it might also help importing the .xml demo file in your wordpress install.


Also assign your menus please in the Settings > Menus page how it’s explained in the documentation

thank you.

What is the font used in the demo? I’m searching through hundreds of Google fonts and can’t find it.

Hi ssz,
thank you for your purchase.

You can’t find it cause it’s not there ;) That’s my personal font choice and it’s not a Google Font. You already have it, to use it simply disable the “Enable Custom Typography Styles” switch in the “Typography” tab.


Hello – i really love the theme, but i can’t switch off the “GrayScale Effect On Images” properly.

If i switch it off, the pictures only show up when i go over them with the cursor.

How can i deactivate all mouse-over effects from the pictures?

Thank you.

Ok let’s try to put it this way:

Grayscale mode OFF: is the same as the demo

Grayscale mode ON: same as the demo PLUS images shows up in black and white.

The hover effect on images never changes.

That’s it!

The code I gave you was supposed to remove the hover color with the plus in the middle, which is totally unrelated to the grayscale effect, but as far as I understood you don’t want that.

If it doesn’t work make sure you didn’t include the ‘pre’ ’/pre’ tags. If it still does not work send me your login info through my profile page and I’ll have a look.



Thank you very much for the custom css code. It works now!

No prob ;) If do not mind and like the theme please take a sec give a 5stars rating if you can. thanks

Before purchasing this theme I have a question.

1) Our website has sponsors which required logos with embedded links in the website header. Is that doable instead of the social media already do or is this something you would be willing to implement? or would i have to search out a kind of plug-in

If my description isn’t clear see our current website to get an idea http://www.d-esports.com/

Hi asendent88,
thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

The Top banner is generated by entering some ad code in a textarea inside the Options Panel.
Potentially you can place any code there ( = any content ), including your sponsor’s logos. If you want them on the right and not in the center, and/or you don’t need the top menu and social icons, it’s enough not to fill any social link in the Options Panel and they won’t appear.

Hope I made it clear enough ;)


Is it possible to show thumbnail images beside the Secondary Posts within the HP Category Regular?

Unfortunately that’s not possibile without some custom coding. It’s a design choice.


Hello Djwd,

Great work on the themse, i’m very excited to have incorporated it into my blog. Just a couple questions.

1. Notsure what I’m missing, but I can’t ge the sliders to work. Where do I pick wich category it picks from? 2. For some reason it keeps informing me of an update 4.5, but I keep downloading it and its the same. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

Hi vdouros,
thank you for your purchase, I’m excited as you are! ;)

1. To select on which slider a post should be featured it’s enough to select it in the related metabox under the post textarea:

2. 4.5?? Latest version is 1.01 released testerday. If you don’t mind could you create a user login for me to check that out?


Hey, first of all I’d like to thank you for this awesome theme – I really love it! But could you please tell me why I dont have the register/login bar in line with the search box like it’s in your demo?

I can only put the login box into the sidebar and I dont want it to be like that ;)

Edit: Holy s…I must’ve been blind…I got it. Sorry!

Thank you for your purchase and kind words kevinho.
Glad you sorted it out ;)

Hello! I´m going to buy it but… I need to know if PowerMat is ready for multisite. Thanks!!!

Both demos are installs on a network setup (wp multisite) so I guess there won’t be any problem ;)

Thank you for your interest.

OK. I trust what you say. I’ll tell you the result. Grettings from Spain!

The fact is that themes does not have any special requirements needed for them to work with wp networks.


Hello, We can modify totally layout and post ?

Hi mart03,
thank you for your interest.

PowerMag is very flexible, although your question is a bit too generic ;) Please check the item description and the full fetures list to see what you can/can’t do.


Thanks for your reply ! i now, but im very interest for integrate this theme in my website, and i want sure before my purchase ;)

No problem…If you have some more specific questions I’m here to help ;)

Hey, my Vertical Carousel is buggy, don’t know why. To add, the widgets on my homepage are very out of place and odd-looking. Please help, thanks. [link removed]

Hi brenard_p,
thank you for your purchase.

It’s not that is buggy, it’s just that you better disable it untill you have at least five posts to showcase.

Set at least one widget for each widgetized area column and the main content should fix itself (you are missing an HP widget in the HomePage Big sidebar).

Also I’m not sure you placed that GoogleAd correctly, but I suggest to follow those others advices I gave you first.

Hope this helps!


Hey man, wow, thanks for you lightning fast reply! haha. Well, thank you for your advice, and I look forward to asking for more assistance as I continue making the website. I hope to have it for a good display, to show what others have done with the theme you created also.

Cheers, b_p

No problem brenard_p…I see some improvements already in your website..great! ;) I love the color choice and the way it’s shaping up btw. If you like the item I’d appreciate if you could take a sec for a 5 stars rating.

Good luck,

Hello, The articles do not appear on the home page, leaving a blank page when the user widgetized home ‘is on … Do you or it may come from? Thank you :) Super theme

Did you take a look at the documentation? You’re probably missing something very easy ;) if you keep on having troubles drop me an e-mail with your login info and I’ll have a look.


I disabled all extensions to try, but still nothing. (I’ll let you know as and when, in case ^ ^) To take a look -> www.actugeek.com =)

replied to your e-mail ;)

I just installed the theme and was testing with the full background Ad.

When i set a full background Ad, the complete page is linked to the URL i set to be the link for the Ad.

Is there anyone with the same issue that knows how to fix this?

Hi 2creatives,
thank you for your purchase.

I just did a quick test and found a bug with the Wallpaper Ad combined with the boxed layout, apologies. I will fix this right away, thank you for your feedback.


Ok, i’ll wait for the updated. Good work! ;-)


Where is the documentation for setup? I have a problem with the configuration layout.


Hi rosomak9100
Thank you for your purchase.

The documentation is in the Help folder of the downloaded package (index.html).

If you have more specific questions I’m here to help.


One more question It seems, as if the breadcrumbs aren’t working properly.

The sub-categories appear before the parent-category For example: Home > Subcategory 1 > Subcategory 2 > Parentcategoy


It would be great, if it was possible to choose which category of each post shows up on the featured image (“flex-cat”)

At the moment only the category with the shortest name appears – which is good for reviews.


I review an app which is available for iOS and Android.

3 categories: iOS, Android, App-Review, but only ever “iOS” appears, which is not very convenient.

Nevertheless a very nice theme!

Hi keystar,

I’ll look into breadcrumbs, thanks.

About the category on the slider and featured images, since there is only place for one category to appear, I decided to go for the end-category. For example in the live demo under the parent category “Games” there are the subcategories “PS4 and XBOX 360”, and I wanted the end category to appear (in this case, ps4 or xbox360). This probably does not work in your case where you have multiple end categories.

Since every user has different needs, I may introduce an option to choose to display the parent category or the end category though.

Thanks for your feedback and compliments

EDIT-- I’m not entirely sure if this is a problem with my hosting company or not, but I had zero problems until I did this (below).

Hey djwd, love the theme.

I’ve got a problem – I’ve used the Theme Options and set a Google ad for the top advert… but as soon as I’ve pressed save I’m now getting this in the admin area.

I’m not using any plugins at all, this is a vanilla wordpress install.

“Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@simplyxboxone.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”

The site is operational and the advert is displayed, but the admin area is no longer working.


replied to your other comment

Using an advert in the top part of the site absolutely ruins the design on a mobile device.

Is there any way this can be altered?

Obviously the mobile site looks great and really slick, but if we cannot monetize it it’s almost useless and may be easier to just turn off the mobile site!

Hi nikebee,
thank you for your purchase.

The top ad obviously shouldn’t break anything. Without a link it’s nearly impossible for me to understand what’s going on though. If you want to keep it private drop an e-mail through my profile page.


I had a chance to take a look at your website and I understand what’s going on. The top ad space is supposed to contain images ads only, not text ads. Google iframe is not responsive hence the layout problem you’re facing on mobiles. I’ll see if I can work out a solution to that though.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hey there, thanks for the help – I can confirm that my previous comment was a hosting problem.

The MySQL database had crashed and took a lot down, contacted my hosts and it seems to be resolved.