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1. I have some old post with no authors so the author box below the post is just empty, is there a way to disable the box if there is no author set?

2. Whenever I enable the Css Minify My page breaks is there a fix?

Hi there!

1. This is not possible, you only enable/disable it on every post through the options panel.

2. This is not the normal behavior clearly, hard to say without a link. Try to disable your plugins one by one to see if there’s any ongoing conflict


Hi, I’ve created a new sidebar within theme options and would like this to appear within just one of the category pages (rather than the default sidebar which I still want to appear on all the other category pages). Is this possible within the theme? thanks in advance

Hi garyalanmarsh7,
thank you for your purchase.

That is not possible at this time, you can attach different sidebars to posts or pages.


Hello, I purchased your theme and I must say that it is really very nice.

I have a problem. I would like to set a custom color for each drop-down menu in the main navigation bar just like in the demo of the theme, but I do not understand how.

In the drop-down menu FEATURES DEMO + – DEMO – GAMES etc … have a custom color, which corresponds to the color of the category. How do I set this?


Hi FugaMi,
thank you for your purchase and nice words :)

To set the menu items color please refer to the documentation or in the FAQ section:



Hello its me again,

The same thing has happened to the wesite again … I got in touch with myu server provider and permissions have been allowed.

I’ve sent you a message on your page outlining the details they gave me. Will it be possible for you to sort this problem (with the page styles) once and for all now the permissions have been allowed?

Also when uploading images for the slider they don’t seem to center well … or do I need to edit them before?

Thanks in advance

Hi ekasoa, please contact me here or via e-mail, not both as it gets hard to track all the info together, thank you :) I’ll reply to your e-mail.



jus wondering if you received my email? as i haven’t got a reply yet?

Please consider it’s weekend, I got it and will answer asap. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks


Hi, djwd! This theme is really awesome! Thank you very much! Can you please help me – i’m trying to decrease height of primary slider, in wich direction should l look for those options? What’s the right way to do it? Thanks again!

Try by pasting this in the Advanced > Custom CSS textarea. Anything you will add there won’t be lost after an update.

.flexslider.span12 {
height: 300px!important;
overflow: hidden;

Change ‘300px’ with your desired height, should work.


Thank you very much! It works perfectly!

Glad it helped :) Please take a sec to rate the item 5stars if you like it, I’d appreciate it.


cool theme, just a pity you do not find the article from google news.

Hi Skipp76, thank you for the compliment but I’m not quite sure I understood your question, if there is any :)


I run a news site that her derives its visits from Google News, but unfortunately the article will not be found by Google News.

I see but I don’t know about this sorry


Can I also use the review settings on specific categories? I dont want the review system on all my news articles.

Hi badshah,
Thank you for you interest in PowerMag.

Reviews are totally optional, you can enable/disable them for each post.



How can I modify the slider caption title padding inside its container? I noticed that the ”.flex-caption a” element is a bit misaligned to the top. Thanks.

hi, try with:

.flex-caption h1 {padding: Xpx Xpx Xpx Xpx}


Hi djwd I just bought your theme. Having a few problems though. I have gravityforms installed that allows you to embed forms into themes and posts. It seems that gravityforms works with every theme except for yours. As you can see here: http://modpaste.com/submit-a-client I entered the code and the form is not showing.

One last thing how do I edit the color of each drop down menu? I don’t have an option: http://puu.sh/3rdkS.png

Hi Xronize and thank you for your purchase.

1. Official supported plugin to create forms for PowerMag is Contact Form 7 which you can get for free, I never tested with other form plugins so I can’t really say what’s wrong with that.

2. Just enable the ‘description’ field by clicking on ‘Screen Option’ at the top right on the defualt wp menu settings page.


One last thing. for some posts the description thing covers over the title: http://puu.sh/3rdKj.jpg Example: http://modpaste.com/games/minecraft-xbox-360-edition-mods-custom-colored-world

This is because the post is supposed to have a featured image, but for some reason the image is missing. Removing the featured image or re-uploading a new one should fix that.


Is it possible to moderate the facebook comments (deleting specific comments)?

Hi badshah,
this depends on facebook comment system rather than the theme, however I don’t think that is possible.


Can I by chance use another email system in place of mail chimp, by entering the url in the same spot in the menu… we use getresponse or we can use infusionsoft???

Hi there, that is not technically possible unfortunately, entering your form code as a custom content is the only solution, or edit theme files yourself to work with your newsletter service provider.


I am also having issues with the social widget its not bringing in any counts on any of the networks.

Only Twitter counter should have problems as far as I know, btw the SocialBox premium widget will be updated in the upcoming update and hopefully all the issues will be fixed, in the meantime I suggest to use the ‘default’ field to enter the non-working counts manually.



I’m having problems with the preview of the first Blog Entries Style, the page is not structured correctly. Look below:


The problems happen when I choose the first Blog Entries Style option, when I choose the second option, I don’t have problems,

I Want my Category blog page like your preview: http://themeforest.net/item/powermag-the-most-muscular-magazinereviews-theme/full_screen_preview/4740939

What’s the problem?

Hi maurimar, thank you for your purchase.

There is an error in your JS log preventing a required file to load, please try to disable your plugins to exclude any possible conflict. If the problem won’t solve I’d need admin access to have a deeper look.


I don’t have any plugins instaled in my wordpress, how I can send you the admin access private?

You can use the contact form through my profile page

Tabs in the visual composer are not working, can you assist? Example page http://www.fraudleaders.com/fraud-leaders-top-100/ thanks

Hi there, they’re working fine to me..!


Hello, I have tried everything I cant get fix the minify javascript, minify html and minify CSS its still comes up in the page speed and yslow, I have enabled both options on the settings page, Can you please help me fix thins issue everything else is fine thank you awesome theme

Hi there, please remind me the problem you were facing or link you previous comment as I can’t find any e-mail from you. By the way you won’t ever remove 100% of minify/compression notices from those speed services, as there are some inline js that cannot be minified, but those are so small that are irrelevant to the loading speed, just ignore them. (not considering external plugins might loading other unminified resources.)



Very quick query! On the live demo, the header can be seen split into two colours with the ‘Power’ being white and the ‘Mag’ being green.

How can I implement this on my site’s header?

Site is CLSoccer.com

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi chrislinnell,
thank you for your purchase!

That is a little ‘trick’ I used on the live demo, I explained it here:



sorry, i’m awful at editing on wordpress, I really don’t understand the instructions. Do you have any pictures to act as a guide?

That is a trick for advanced users I explained as an ‘extra’ since a few people asked, not really a theme feature, I wouldn’t know how to explain it better than that sorry. :(

Hi, nice template, thanks.

How i can make the accordion items appear closed when the page load?

Hi oscar_briz and thank you for your purchase and compliments :)

Are you referring to the Visual Composer accordion module or the shortcode?


Hi, thanks for your answer. I refer to the shortcode…

Oscar Briz.

Unfortunately the only way would be to manually enter bootstrap code using the HTML view in the post editor.

I set up an example for you here


Hi djwd,

Having a couple of issues…

1) Every time I open my site on mobile (iphone5) it doesn’t want to fit the site width 100% to my screen. Once I refresh it fits it perfectly. Is this a common issue or is it my site specifically? My website is www.telltalesonline.com

2) Is there a way to add a custom element into the top socials icon area. I have snooped around the code a bit but don’t want to break anything. I want to add an RSS icon and possibly a couple other social accounts which you don’t currently provide for.


Hi Tell_Tales
thank you for your purchase.

1. It’s not a common issue that I know, test the live demo when you have doubts about this. I don’t have the chance to test it right now, I suggest to disable all your plugins to see if that still happens, and re-enable them one by one in order to target the issue.

2. You need to work on partials/part-socials.php, that’s the file that handles that area of the template.


Hi djwd,

I’ve noticed that the reviews widget isn’t working very well, it is pulling some posts that I haven’t enabled the review system and some posts that has reviews, it is not pulling, specially one that has 5 stars. Can you help me please?

The review widget in my website is in the footer: http://nosgeeks.com.br

Hi there, first time I see this, pretty odd. Please provide admin info through my profile page so I can have a deeper look atyour site structure.