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Is there a way to change the star rating icons or include one of my own? I have one that is popcorns =)

You could try by replacing the stars image sprites inside the ‘images’ folder with one of your choice, keeping the same sizes, transparency and file names. This could require some further CSS fine tuning though.



Love the theme already. :) Some problems still emerge, of course.

One fundamental question I have: I understand that it is possible to have a full width slider on top of the startpage just by disabling the secondary slider, the sidebars and/or the vertical slider. But what if I want to change that from day to day? Seems, that this is a basic setting for the whole site in the theme options. Or am I wrong?

Example: I want to have a full width-article on day 1, two narrow slider-articles on day 2 on top (the full width-article going downwards underneath the 2 newer sliders, but still remains full width!), and then a new full width-article on day 3 on top, pushing the two sliders from day 2 further down, staying narrow. Sounds more complicated than it is. Just want to give important articles more room on the startpage if I want to. Possible?

Hi Richterprodukt,
glad you like the theme :)

Unfortunately what you are asking would need to change the whole sliders system and that is not possible without some pretty heavy customizations.


Hello again!

My site is now looking really awesome with your theme and all the customizations… One thing I really need and cant find it in your theme, is to create new pages FULL WIDTH.. no sidebar… Usually other themes you just select the template while creating the new page… but with your theme there seems to be no option.

Is there a workaround this?

Thanks again! ... if you want to look at the site is at www.elblogdelhombre.com

Hi there, thanks for your nice words, glad you like it :)

To create full width posts/pages just move at the end of the post editor page, there is an option called “Full Width Layout” to enable.


Hello, I sent you an email yesterday. Can you respond when you get a chance? Thanks!

Hi there, please consider it’s weekend (Sunday night exactly :D ), I got it and will answer asap. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks


Xronize – it’s weekend!

However … may I add another question to the one above? Here we go. Look at the pic of my Header: http://imgur.com/YoRwUcs After inserting the bigger banner there’s a problem with the arrangement. The “Pages” (Home, Seite 1, Seite 2 …) are displayed in two columns with no spaces between them. Shouldn’t the names appear in the black boxes by the Home-Button also? :/ Secondly I want to have the banner exactly in line with the logo. Could it be, that I have to tell the CSS what’s the exact size of my logo? As you can see, it is a little bit bigger than the standard-logo.

In addition I want to reduce the spaces above and underneath the logo. Is that possible, manipulating the code? Margins, somewhere?

Thx for your help! :)

Hi again :) I’ll try to number the questions I got for ease:

1. You need to assign your menus in Appereance > Menus if you want the same menu to appear in the Main navigation. Have a look at the documentation about this.

2. You need to play with padding/margins to align it, as everyone has different logo sizes and proportions. This is the selector you may want to work with to add some custom CSS: .

.branding {padding: Xpx Xpx Xpx Xpx}

(Spacing order is: top right bottom left)

3. Try by pasting this in the custom css textarea to overwrite the default header spacing:

#full-top {
padding: 20px 0;

(Reduce the ‘20px’ value)

Hope this helps


My Video Embed Widget does not work,

Whatever video that I put in ID, don’t play!

Look the message error in Small Widget called “Destaque Netshoes” http://revista.corporatech.com.br/

Hi there,

please make sure you’re entering the video ID only as described in widget settings. For example for YouTube:

Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f9AQ6muV-w

The ID is: 7f9AQ6muV-w


Hi djwd

Sorry if this has been asked before – is there a way to resize photos down to the right size needed for sliders and featured images? I changed the crop boolean in functions.php to false, but that doesn’t seem to be working…

Thanks again – enjoying the process of customizing your very well thought out theme :)

Hi there, thank you for your nice words :)

To set your thumbnails to work nice with the theme you just need to regenerate them with some plugin like Force Regenerate Thumbnails, you have to change that boolean property only if you do not want images to be hard cropped on resizing.


Hey, How do I install updates? Is it just a matter of uploading new theme zip file?

Do all my settings etc stay too including colour choice and custom css?

So you can’t set different backgrounds for categories? It’s unlikely to be a bug as I and many other buyers are setting backgrounds succesfully. Please try to disable all your plugins and try again. It could also be a server issue.

Btw I couldn’t find any e-mail from your nickname, you can contact me through my profile page form.


ok will try that :) Thank you!

Is there any way to stop the category and post exert showing on the homepage slider? I’ve disabled number two so the first one is extended and using this as advertising slider however I want to remove the category and the post exert from sitting over the top of image

try with:

.flex-caption, .flex-control-nav, .sliders .flex-cat {display:none!important}



I assigned different colors to each category, but the standaard green color on the pages (and logo) wont change to the category color. I already followed your instructions on the support page with putting jquery and css to the advance page.

Can you help me out here please? This colorchanging feature was the main feature for me to buy this theme.

I tried to add: #full-top {background-color: #hexcodecolor!important} .main-navigation ul li {background-color: #hexcodecolor!important}

to theme options > advanced > custom css

but it didnt effect anything. the main color on logo etc stays green.

I also tried to put the code to category > custom cssm but this also didnt help.

I tried to change the #hexcolorcode to a specifik color like #0096ff, but then the top bar and the main navigation buttons changed to that color, keeping the logo and its color to the standard green color.


I think I see the problem now. I deleted background color @ theme options

I just had to put the hexcodecolor on the desired color for the top bar where the logo is. at first it didn’t seen to work, but all of my categories were empty. After putting some posts in the categories, it seems to work just fine now. Thanks

I got 2 small issues, but I will post it in a new comment about it.

Hi, ok glad it was sorted :). Please keep posting here, it’s easier for me to handle and keep all the information together. Thanks

Hi, Is there a CAPTCHA type of function to avoid bot attacks for comments?

Hi suprios,
thank you for your itnerest in PowerMag.

No such built-in feature, there are many plugins that will handle this though.


Hi djwd,

still love your theme. Its just fun working with it. And thumbs up to your support. It’s the best I had so far on themeforest.

I recently saw a post here that was dealing with resizing images or mobile devices. I do have the same problem. When I open my site on different mobiles (iphone4, 4s, 5) it doesn’t want to fit the site width 100% to my screen.

I created a new post with visual composer here: http://www.brettspiele-magazin.de/bang-kartenspiel/

And also the old posts with shortcodes here: http://www.brettspiele-magazin.de/rialto/

Both were fine with theme version 1—> now I am using 1.1.2

Maybe its not a common issue but I am stuck. I just can’t find the error.

Please find some time to assist me. If I come up with a solution before I will post it here.

Cheers, Norman

Hi mate, thank you very much for your nice words! :)

I think that is caused from the Facebook share button at the end of the post, try to remove it to see if that fixes the resizing.


Hi djwd,

thats solved the width-issue fo rthe moment. Thanks a lot!

Do you plan to fix this in the next update?

Cheers, Norman

Looks like something have changed in the FB button code then…sure there’ll be a fix!


Hi there, firstly very nice theme!

I have got a problem with Tabs in Visual Composer. The tabs are stacked vertically rather than displaying horizontally.

eg. http://www.entertainmentreviews.co.uk/blackpool-pleasure-beach/

I am using theme version 1.1.2 and it is displaying incorrectly on firefox, chrome and internet explorer.

Please can you help?

Thanks, Adrian

Hi ajohnson1060
thank you for your purchase and compliments. :)

Please try disabling all your plugins first, if that doesn’t work it’d be easier if you could provide admin access through my profile page so I could have a deeper look, thanks.


hi, sorry that im getting back to you late. Just letting you know i have fixed the tab problem by putting this in custom css.

.ui-tabs-nav li { display: inline; }

No prob, thanks for sharing, I’ll look into this.

Hi djwd,

Love this theme! But I got 2 small issues with the styling: http://i40.tinypic.com/16axh07.png

- the links at the right top side don’t have good spacing - the font color of the Home Vertical Carousel are not right

Can you help me out with this?

Did you set a light color for the text on the primary color from the theme options?

I kept the text color on white: http://i39.tinypic.com/4qhsgz.png

The selector is

.widget-post.pm-first {color: #fff}

Hi djwd!

This theme is awesome, congratulation!

I have a problem with translation file: I apply the translation file and the widgets that make up the main page disappear. If I go back to default translation files the widgets that make up the main page reappear.

What’s the problem?

Thank you.

PS.: Sorry about my english, but I ran away of the English class…lol :P

Hi fabiofiguera,
thank you very much for your purchase and compliments :)

That is odd, but without admin access or even a link it’s impossible for me to help :)

If you need to keep it private you can write me through my profile page.


Hello djwd,

Love the design, what CSS do I need to enter to reduce the height shown by the arrows here: https://www.freehttpshosting.com/logo/resize_1372698506.jpg

Sorry if you have already answered.

Hi notime00 and thank you for your purchase.

Try with:

#full-footer {
margin-top: 0!important;


Worked great. 5 stars given

Thank you

Hi jdwd,

Been having an issue over the last week or so with the Facebook Like button since I installed your theme. I can’t seem to get it to work no matter what I try. I have decided to use a plugin called Flares for social sharing, but I have tried Digg Digg, and various others and still had the same problem. Have you had anyone else come back to you with the same problem, or could it be my Facebook app giving me grief still since the 2012 breaking changes they announced?

Thanks in advance

Hi djwd,

Having a problem with the slider. When using the visual composer on a post it seems to prevent the body text from appearing on the slider description text area. Been finding ways around it by taking a sentence out of the visual composer but the article appearance has been suffering as a result.

Here is my post: http://www.telltalesonline.com/2734/uk-box-office-chart-monsters-university-charges-to-number-one/

It is in the 2nd slider on my homepage.


Hi there,

Excerpts for posts made with the Visual Composer need to be set manually as WP won’t execute shortocodes in post previews. If you can’t see the Post Excerpts textarea you need to enable it from the “Screen Options” on the top right on the post editor page.


Thanks djwd. Forgot about the old excerpt!

Hello again…

Theme is looking great and we love it.

Quick Question… How do I turn off the number of comments and the number of “days ago” that posts were made on the home page widgets and sliders?

Since we are an actual printed publication, much of our content is not date sensitive and we don’t want items looking old that were from 200 days ago!

Same with the fact that we don’t want a lot of posts that show “0” comments.

Thanks in advance. Rob www.thesocialmagazine.com

I’ve been really busy with the BuddyPress update lately, now that it’s done I will look into that and other fixes, thanks for your patience. Related posts are based on tags so make sure you have commons tags between posts.


No problem, I appreciate the effort! Also, can you tell me how to lose the search bar below the header please?

Thanks again…

Thank you for your understanding. About the search bar try:

#full-bar #searchform {
display: none;

paste this in the Advanced > Custom CSS textarea


I enabled the slider in the theme settings page: http://puu.sh/3sXAe.png

But on my home page all I get is this: http://puu.sh/3sXyd.jpg

My website: http://www.modpaste.com

Hi, you need to pull posts into the sliders after activating them as described in the documentation.


how do can I create a responsive background in categories? I mean, the background matches with the resolution of the screen

Hi, the background is already responsive, you can’t upload a different image for every screen resolution out there. Upload a 1920×1080 (with an eye to the size) and you should cover all common resolutions.


How to create a fully CSS3 Background in categories? :D

Move to:

Posts > Categories > Select your category


Background Image or Pattern -> upload your background

Background Position -> select CSS3 Full screen