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One last thing what is this widget called: http://puu.sh/3t5ca.jpg

That’s the PowerMag – Carousel Widget

Do you have links to the demo in Blog Style 1 and Blog Style 2? I’m looking for a more traditional blog look for a site.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure if it’s me not being clear, or if you’re answering my question but I’m reading it wrong.

Let me rephrase:

I understand how “Featured Image” work.s You select (“set” it using) an image that you have uploaded, and the theme uses that image as your thumbnail on the front page, archives, etc.

What I’m trying to understand is, by setting the Featured Image for a certain post. does that AUTOMATICALLY insert the (selected) Featured Image to the top of the single article page as well? Or is that manually inserted into the article during the “Write Post” box?

The reason why I’m harping on this question is because I have a LOT of images already manually inserted into the top of my articles. So if selecting Featured Image for thumbnails means the theme will also automatically insert those same Featured Image to the top of my single/article pages, it will cause a conflict, since I’ll now have TWO images at the top.

I hope that’s easier to understand?

Ok I’m sorry, I thought yours was a common question but actually it’s not. :) Yes featured images are also inserted inside the post automatically, at the very top as you see in the live demo. A solution would be to hide one of the two with some simple custom CSS though.

Hope I could clear your doubts now,

Yup, you did. Thanks.

Hi, I can’t log in wordpress because “There was a problem processing your request.” Plus, the home page crash, and in the articles widget home: “Whoopsie! That page can’t be found. It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?” what’s that? problems with google AD? please help me!

Well that’s the 404 error page, I know it since I made it :) but it doesn’t help troubleshooting your issue though

solved! ;) plugin error! :D

Hi djwd!

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for creating this theme! My visits have doubled since then and everybody says my website is so fast and looks stunning! Keep up the great work mate!!

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to post it, I’m really glad about it :)

Hey djwd,loving the theme,

A couple of small issues if you wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction?

1. When I add categories & child cats to menu I can add 17 anything more I just get a 403 error on back end? My first thought was something to do with host & table size but its letting me create the cats just not add to menu? Have you any ideas?

2. I cant for the life of me find the cat-tabs widget you have in the demo big area bottom above the footer?

Many Thanks

Hello there,

1. Honestly I don’t, never dealt with a similar problem, ‘403 Forbidden’ is usually a server issue, try to address this to your hosting provider.

2. Because that is not a widget :) There’s a dedicated tab called ‘Home Tabs’ with all the options to configure it in the Theme Options.



1. Thought as much just wondered if you had come up against it before.

2. Doh!

Cheers dude

Hey djwd just thought id let you know it was a mod security issue fixed now.

Hows it going. Loving the theme more and more and have been messing around trying to get the theme to how I want it but I’m having a few issues.

My scroll to the top button isn’t working, I’ve gone into the menu theme options and it is on but it still doesn’t work. Also I’m having trouble still with the coloured menu buttons, I have done what you said before but even putting hex colour codes into each category they still aren’t working.

sorry to be a pain. was just wondering if you could help?

Thank you

Great! Btw if you didn’t manually edit any of the theme files you can safely update by replacing the theme folder with the new one, theme options are stored in the database so you won’t lose them. If you want to show your appreciation don’t hesitate giving the item a 5 stars rating :)

(ps: you may want to wait a couple of days before updating as a new version will come very soon)


I had someone help me so I think they may have tweaked some of the files so I’m worried about updating now. but I will definitely rate 5 star. thank you!!

Thank you for choosing PowerMag :)

Hi djwd

Thanks for such an amazing theme. I would like to know how can I have a video in the slider 2. I mean, I’m trying to do it like a featured image but it doesn’t work because it’s not an image, it’s a video. How can I do it? thanks!

Hi there, you can’t load a video directly in the slider. This is bad practice and brings performance issues, you can set an image as video preview AND embed a video that will be visible in the post page.


Hi, I really like your theme, but i have questions related to theme and its feature. i am mentioning them below, Please help me to clarify them 1. I also need for user to add their own reviews, Can I do that? The way it happen in imdb, rottentomatoes, metric critic. 2. Share Plugin in home page slider of the reviews. For example in your Home page Slider of reviews Mexican Eats, The dark knight rises, Viktor and Rolf Autumn etc…Can I have share plugin? 3. I also need Quote on the header, beside website name. Can I do that? 4. I also need to add “buy from” below the review post. 5. Casting Details on the Review. 6. Also I need to add newsletter or subscribe option with in every review post. Can I do that?

Hi ankitgindoria
thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

1. Nope
2. I’m not quote sure I got this, btw social sharing integration is what you see on the live demo. You can use external plugins for additional ones.
3. If you mean a tagline you can.
4. There is the affiliate link feature for that as shown here
5. Reviews are like you see them in the live demo
6. If the collapsible box in the header is not enough, you could simply enter the newsletter form code inside posts.


Thanks a lot… Will look at them

Friend, many of our visitors have appreciated the new look of our site, which really has happened because of your theme. Thanks once more. Can you please tell me when can we expect the subscriber only feature incorporated in the theme? We really need that feature to get our website running. Please consider.

Hi there, glad you like you and your visitors like it. :) I can’t work on “per-user” features for free as this is a template, and unfortunately yours is the only request I got about this. I know I said I will do that but other priorities occurred and I’m so busy at the moment, if you want it as a personal customization feel free to contact me in private. (I still don’t understand why you can’t use a plugin for such feature though)


Hello! Itsme again. :)

Just a quick question, I think I read it earlier here but cant seem to find it.

Is there a way to easily select a sidebar to all posts from a specific category? I mean, I dont want to go through each indiviudal post (I have over 400) and change it manually..

Is there a way to select one sidebar to be applied to all post of a category?


Hi there, no way from the theme options at this time. You can only attach sidebars to posts or pages. You could use some plugin though, I’m pretty sure there are many.


Is there an easy way to disable author and date box displayed on the post view picture?

Thanks :-)


Hi there. Try by pasting this into the advanced > custom CSS textarea:

.entry-posted-on {
display: none!important;


Hi djwd,

I came across this amazing comment system, they also support Wordpress. They let users sign on and comment, comment as a guest, or use G+/twitter/facebook logins to comment. They also support moderation. I find the moderation feature very important, but the current facebook login comment system on this theme doesn’t supports moderation. Maybe a suggestion to have a look at it and include it in your next update for this theme? http://www.disqus.com/

Hi there, disqus is very popular and I agree it’s really nice. It’s already supported by the theme, lots of users already using it. Can’t be included in the theme as it needs personal activation, but you can easily implement it yourself, it’s really straight forward.


Hi there, great theme. Just a couple of small issues have arisen since purchasing and implementing it.

1) In posts, the category title has no background. Can’t come up with an explanation, and it’s only happening for one specific category.

Example: http://www.standupplanet.org/2013/06/13/los-angeles-photo-gallery/

2) I used some CSS to hide the author/post date info on homepage thumbnails, but there’s still a visible outline of a box during hover-over. How can I remove this? (www.standupplanet.org)

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,
thank you for your purchase and compliments.

1. After a quick inspection looks like you’re missing the ’#’ before your category hex color ’#3cd4e4’

2. Replacing the

visibility: hidden;
display: none!important;
should work.

Hi , i love your theme ! However i have a one pre purchase question about reviews.What i want is that the review has like a double part.For an example if writing a post Theme 1 vs Theme 2 i want inside this review section to be able on the left site to add about it, and on the right side to add about theme 2 for an example. Is that possible to do, with this theme ?

Hi oneruffryder
thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

You can’t have more than one review box per post (unless you enter the code for the second manually inside the post editor).


Hi djwd, this is not what i wanted.For an example, i would turn off visitors rating, and use the rating box only once.I want to know is it possible to customize it like this Game 1 (title) vs Game 2 (title) ..below it in the middle would be for an example Gameplay… now under the game 1 for this game some our number and on the right for game 2 again the percent we gave for that game ? Something like football stats of the game..you can check for example on espn match stats …

You can disable the user rating, enter custom criterias (up to 6) and choose the rating type through the single post options, just like you see on the live demo. Although what you are asking would require some customizations at the theme files, or use some external plugins.


No date about update? ;)

Coming very soon…


First of all, THANK YOU for an amazing template! I love it!

I don’t have any problem per se… But I have some ideas on how I want to customize my blog, and I was wondering if you could help me. I know my way around Perl, so I don’t need detailed instructions… Just a general idea how to go about doing something.

Quite simply, I have my own rating system. My website is a movie review site, and instead of stars or percentages, I use different words. (Eject, Stop, Fast-Forward, Play, Record).

1. Where in the files should I look if I want to display a custom image instead of the percentage or star rating?

2. Where in the files should I look to ADD the option in the pulldown menu of the add post page, so that I can add “VCR” in addition to Stars and Percentage?

Thank you!!

Hi there, thank you for your purchase and compliments :)

1. You should replace the stars image sprites in the ”/images” folder, trying to keep the same distance between items and the same transparency. Probably some CSS fine tuning will be required too.

2. Single Post options are stored in admin/meta-box-config.php

Hope this helps puttin you on the right track,

Hi again :)

Do you know if the theme works well with ubermenu? I enabled ubermenu and I am running into what they call “Residual styling issues” – the submenus stay open all the time… any suggestions?

Hi there, sorry I’ve never tested it personally yet, can’t help you on that :(

Is it possible to run the theme in non-responsive mode?

Hi there thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

The option is there already but it’s disabled for the moment as it needs some more tweaking, so it’s not possible through an option at this time.


^ I was wondering the same. I would love to turn off the “responsive” feature.

Hi the theme have a xml file to import the content?

Hi there, yes it’s in the ‘Help’ folder of the downloaded package.