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Thanks for the update, but I am completely lost about BuddyPress because I am new to it. Question: Do I need to get the BuddyPress plugin to activate the support you have added to work with PowerMag? If not, what shall I do? I don’t see any new information about how to use BuddyPress on the Help page.

Hi there,
first of all let me say it’s not something you “have to” use if you don’t know what it is or you don’t need it :) Btw yes you have to install the plugin as normal, the theme support will only make it work and look a lot better, won’t change Buddypress functionalities or purpose in any way (that is also why it’s not mentioned in the help file).


My top menu are made up of ‘categories’. The corner colour is not working on the homepage but works when i go into a ‘category’, in this page i see that the buttons in the top menu have the colour BUT not on the homepage. Help?

Since the demo content wont install, i have to recreate the whole thing myself. Thanks.

Hi there, sorry about the importing troubles you had, by the way the xml file wouldn’t import the category/colors settings.

About the menu item colored corners please refer to the included documentation or here:



The category menu buttons are still not showing any colours on the corner with the #colour placed in the description section… now what?

Also, how to get the menu button drop down sub-pages to be a different colour??


I just answered your other post about the same topic, please stick to one single thread as this is getting a bit confusing. Thanks :)

How do you make the logo change colour for different categories/pages?

How did you fix the js menu button colour issue please??? It seems to be happening again, i cannot change the colour of a button. Thanks again.

Hi there, looks like the corners are showing up regularly to me, were you able to fix it yourself?

Nothing is importing over for me from the XML just images, no pages etc etc.

Hi dubsbhoy,
thank you for your purchase.

What errors do you get when trying to import the xml file? Also make sure the theme is selected before importing.


Can we move the post title above the featured image so that the title comes first and then the featured image?

Hi and Thank you for you interest in PowerMag.

You could do that but it would necessarily require moving the title line manually in a theme file.


Can you tell me how to do it?

Personal customizations go beyond regular support, I try to help on quick CSS changes when I can though. Btw if this isn’t a pre-sale question as I thought (no ‘purchased’ badge), please post from the account you made the purchase from in order to get support, thank you.

Hi , I actually sent a mail to your profile, but no response. Anyway , I just have a few queries:

1) I need to replace “Home Vertical Carousel” with an “Image”( 358×358). I have disabled Secondary Slider – So I presume primary slider will auto adjust its width.

2) When I click the Author Link – I get “Page Not Found” .

3) Can I add “widget-title” above “Home Tabs” . Thanks for the Amazing theme. Will wait for your reply . Regards

Hi there, please allow up to 24/48h before bumping a message, especially on weekends. I replied to your email though.


Hi djwd, FANTASTIC, this theme is AWESOME. I just bought it and used it on my site. To tell you the truth I have never seen such a fantastic flexible theme developed for Wordpress. I am a no-coder man but it took only 15 minutes for me to set the theme to my need. Thank you for creating such beauty.

Wow thank you very much for you great compliments and for taking the time to post this! I’m really glad about it :)


my site does not work well the middle column does not appear and the articles are all left

my site does not work well the middle column does not appear and the articles are all left

my site does not work well the middle column does not appear and the articles are all left http://misturadigital.net/

Hi and thank you for your purchase.

I think cthe problem is caused by the login widget you placed in the body, it’s not meant to be there. Also for best results only place widgets starting with ‘HP’ on the home page (a part from social feeds an carousels which are also fine)


I have a problem with post pages. The page numbers are all messed up and don’t take you to the right page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page: http://modpaste.com/category/minecraft/1-4-7-hacked-clients

It doesn’t work right: http://puu.sh/3y7n9.png The fourth button takes me to page 2 and the fifth button takes me to page 24.

Because the fourth button ( > ) takes to the next page and the fifth button ( >> ) takes you to the last page mate.

Oh. it looked like the numbers were cut off or something


my website kys-er.com does not load POWERMAG HP Category Regular widget in the front page when a user does not register and sign in. Can you show me how to fix it?


Hi there, first time I see this. Please disable all your plugins to see if this is still happening, otherwise I’d need admin login to have a deeper look. Thanks


Hi… Issue 1. How do i get the coloured dropdown page options from the top menu? If a category is red, the sub-categories menu background to be red too, how?

Issue 2. I have tried the #HEX in description in menu but my HOMEPAGE menu category buttons are not showing the corner colours?


OK, i have sent you a message with the login. Thank you for your time on this matter.

I got it I’ll get back to you asap, thanks.

great, look forward to it. thanks.

Friend, we have sent you a private message. When you get time, please check that. Thank you.

I know but since I use to handle support questions first, then personal customizations requests, it could take a little longer. I will reply asap though, thanks for your patience.


Sure, we know that also. Keep your excellent support go on….

Dear djwd,

Can you help me? I have trouble when importing xml demo. when I do the import, it seems only the category and tag all I get, but the post is not correctly imported. I had to add memory limit, either in php-fpm, nginx and wordpress itself, but it still can’t.

I’ve been fiddling with this all day, but did not find the problem, I hope you are more experienced in this case could break the deadlock.

all credentials have been sent in the contact form author. and has been in a state of fresh install

If you find the problem, please let me know, I’m very curious

thank you

thank you for your help. please send me your sql database

Please contact me through my profile page.

I’ve contacted you through your profile page.

Hi, I really dig the theme and I’m one step from purchasing but I have one question. Is it possible to get a full instal version so after installing it looks like the demo or similar? It is much easier for me to edit than build from the ground up. Is it possible for you to create such an installer for instance using the Duplicator plugin?

The thing is I used xml demo content in different themes in my life and they rarely did the trick. I think many users would appreciate such an option.


djwd it’s not like I’m rushing things, but I’m really kind of postponing the purchase wainting for your answer since the option to get full instalation would really make things easier for me (and the decision to purchase obvious)

Hi there, I didn’t know that sorry! I read very carefully and I was evaluating the best thing to do, I would also love to work out a complete solution on this matter. I’ll reply to your e-mail.

Sure thing, thanks for your reply

hi, just a bit more feedback/help – I’ve just noticed now I look at the site as a user (have been working on content as admin) that the site has a few quirks.

1. on mobile view the homepage rotating banners are tiny and covered by the text – would it be better to place the banner text below the banner so it can be viewed?

2. the header area is a bit too dominant (im on iphone) and the blog title and top menu followed by social icons then a search box means you dont see any of the content in the first screen.

it may be better if in responsive view social icons were positioned in the bottom to save space, and the search box is very big could that not be a magnifying glass that creates a sliding panel like the newsletter ribbon? that space saving would draw up the homepage content into view as every page starts with a huge header.

3. desktop view: show todays posts always brings up a whoopsie page – I get why thats happened because theres no posts today but woudl a better message for that type of page be – we’ve yet to write an article today; he’res our current articles…

whoopise implies somethings broke.


Hi there, although this isn’t really a support request, thank you for your valuable feedback. About point 3, I agree, I’ll see if I can work out some solution about it.


Sorry forgot to also add that the wordpress login grey bar runs across the site – this is fine when you are logged in but I noticed its even there when logged out.

I have applied the latest version of wordpress last night maybe thats new functionality thats crept in as I notice its not on your themeforest demo.

Hi, sorry what do you mean by ‘runs across the site’? Btw I always run the latest Wordpress version on the live demo.


I meant the WP Admin Bar which runs across the website header when you are logged in and has theme options and dashboard links etc, this was still showing even when you werent logged in.

So the general public saw the wordpress login, logo help documentation etc.

I’ve investigated this myself and the reason is due to the Buddy Press feature – I accept thats a third party plugin but it may be useful to add this to your setup documentation so customers are aware.

Under Buddy Press settings theres a tick box saying – show toolbar for logged out users. Disabling that restores the site as per your demo – this must have been something you disabled when you created the demo.

Oh you’re referring to the BuddyPres top bar. I didn’t update the documentation file about this as it’s not a theme setting but Buddypress, I took for granted BuddyPress users are already aware about that. I may add it as a FAQ though. Thanks for your feedback.


Excuse me,please.This fonts of the theme is very beautiful ! Does this theme support Chinese ? Can I use .po file to translation it? Thank you very much.

Hi thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

Yes you can use poEdit to translate the theme in your language, although I’m not sure the headings font supports Chinese characters. if it doesn’t, you still can use the theme but you will probably have to change the font family.


Thank you very much.And Does this theme sipport self hosted HTML5 videos ?

You’re welcome. :) The theme has a HTML5 doctype if that’s what you mean, so all HTML5 tags are supported. I don’t know if any other requirement is needed though.


hello djwd. short code manager is not working. After selecting option it does not show anything.. ? any idea..? whats wrong..? thank you.

Hi there, please disable all your plugin first, if that’s still happening please provide admin access through my profile page and I’ll have a look.