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hello djwd. i have a question!! i wana change ?...?this one to ?read more??like this!! where should i change? yhank you.

Hi kazumann, thank you for your purchase.

I’m not quite sure I got your question, although personal customizations go beyond regular support, if you want to change the “Continue Reading” text it’s located in content.php.


Hey, I’m going to be purchasing your theme for the first of my magazine conversions :) We’re even going to play with some full width masonry options too. I’ll show you once we’re done.

Will the theme have Google authorship support too?

Hi and thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

I had something similar in mind either so I’d really love yo see your changes! :)

Google authorship it’s supported although I didn’t test it yet, you need to enter the right link in your social profile though.


Great, give me a couple weeks and I’ll show you what I came up with. I already got it working just with Inspect element and a couple css changes. You did most of the hard work already ;)

Thanks for your purchase, looking forward to it ;) Good luck with your project.

On my recent posts widget on the homepage the first post is not the most recent: http://puu.sh/3xUsK.jpg Link: http://www.modpaste.com

How di you set it to display the latest posts? Honestly I don’t know it’s hard to say just looking, as it works on my side. Try to play with the posts dates to see how the widget behaves and you may find out the reason.


Hi djwd, I wish to change the final review rating to a scale of 10 instead the existing 5. What should I do? Also I wish to increase the font of Review Final Thougts Box. What should I do? Please do remember of my non-coding background.

Hi there,

1. That would require some pretty good coding knowledge, you should hire someone to accomplish this.

2. Try by pasting this:

.rw-end .rw-summary p {font-size: 16px!important;}

in the Advanced > Custom CSS textarea

Thanks djwd, it is always hard to hire someone when it comes to the money bit. But for the starter can you give some idea where to start for the changing of OVERALL SCORE to a scale of 10? I am ready to bleed my hand with some coding. Thanks again.

I understand but people cannot work for free either :)

Btw I think the easiest way I think it would be to edit partials/partial-review-percent.php, remove the ’%’ and divide the final number (on the front-end) per /10. Keep in mind that changes to core files will be overridden in case of update.

Hope this helps djwd

Hi, created a few pages and a menu has appeared over the network icons even though i have the top menu disabled http://celtsarehere.com/index.php


Hi, if you don’t want to display any menu up there create an empty one and assign it to the utilities menu in Appereance > Menus


Yeah cheers got it – I deleted the menu which means anytime you add a page it re-creates the top menu. The newsletter and twitter widget won’t work from google and twitter canceling their services ?

If you mean the social counters, they rely on the SocialBox premium plugin and it will be updated in the next version. As you say the feedburner support will be removed due to Google abandoning, twitter just changed its api instead.


hello djwd, thank you for your help. please send me your sql database. hopefully this can solve the problem of import.

Thanks again

good, I would wait until you send that file. if you do not mind, please cultivated rather quickly

Sent ;)

Hello, I am trying to update the theme but i am getting this error when i try and upload. any help would be great. please note that i am not a programmer and just trying to update the simplest way.

thanks, will

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi and thank you for your purchase.

Please have a look here:



hi. so i looked at the video you sent but know i am getting Destination folder already exists. /home/content/S/t/e/Stephen77/html/wp-content/themes/powermag/

forgive i am not a programmer and was hoping this was a up grade would be something quick. any other guidence would be great. thanks will

Hi, if you have access to your FTP just log and delete the previous folder, then try to re-install the theme. Another installing method is to upload directly the theme folder in wp-content/themes

Please use only one or two textdomain to facilitate translation, currently has 15 textdomain and change the file admin / metabox / inc / common.php line 36 to load_theme_textdomain () Thank you

Hi JotapePinheiro, what’s the difficulty on translating multiple textdomains? Using a software like poEdit shouldn’t make any difference. Although I agree 15 seem to be a bit much, I preferred not to change plugins textdomains.

Thanks for your feedback

I use the plugin CodeStyling Localization in which I translate all my themes and plugins with it, so I translate your topic I would need to change textdomains What did affect the possible updates PowerMag theme. I like to use the plugin CodeStyling Localization because I depend on third party programs.


Thank you Sorry my English

I’m working on WPML official compatibility with WPML creators, I think both plugins work in the same way so hopefully when this is released also your troubles with that plugin will get sorted.


Hi djwd,

just a couple of suggestion:

1) Remove the h1 format from menu. This will strenghten the SEO performance of posts when only one H1 headline is used.

2) Please consider an improvement of the sidebar function. It would be fantastic to be able to add them to categories.

3) Please consider the aggregate review markup for user ratings and a switch in the theme options so that the admin can decide if either the author rating or the user ratings should get marked up.

4) It would be really nice to display the user ratings and the sales button even if there is no author rating.

Last but not least I would always like to have the newest version of the visual composer. is it possible to activate the real plugin and disable the build in function of the theme?

Thanks so far for all the good work and the improvements of the theme.

Cheers, Norman


1. This is an old belief, multiple H1 tags do not harm serp, or at least there is no proof about that. The fact that the twentyeleven theme itself uses the same headings tags as I do makes my opinion stronger. The h1 on ‘menu-toggle’ has accessibility purposes too and it’s a guideline from Automattic (WP creators)

2. Agree

3 & 4. I’ll consider both, thanks for your feedback.

5. I don’t recommend this, but you could remove/comment out the theme visual composer initialization (functions.php, line 261). Then activate the standalone plugin if you own it.



thanks for the fast reply. Also thanks a lot for considering some of my ideas. I am looking forward to your next updates.

About #1: It’s up to you. If it not comes within the theme than I am going to modify it myself. No Problem. I definitely observe a connection between the number of h1 headings and the google ranking. But sure, its just one single onpage factor.

About #5: I see. Will the visual composer in your theme automatically update when the plaugin is updated?

BTW: As I have no possibility to donate some money directly to you for your support and constant updates I will recommend your theme to some of my friends and colleagues.

Cheers, Norman

1. Really? That’s interesting.

5. Well it depends on what you mean by “automatically”. I (djwd) will update that along with theme updates. ;)

*BTW: This would be more than enough don’t worry, thank you so!


Hi, just to quick questions:

- Will you be able to give me a quick guide on how to allow the logo to change colors like it does in the demo?

- The previous comment says the visual composer is out of date, would you be updating the one in your theme in the next updates?


Hi mikel305,
thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

1. That ‘trick’ is already explained as a FAQ, here

2. Well it doesn’t really say it’s out of date but rather a wish to have it always updated in real-time. Alhough this is not technically possible, yes, I will update the Visual Composer along with theme updates.


Hi… thanks for fixing my issue today.

Any chance you can test woocommerce integration?

I have added and cannot get the sidebar to show. I created a new sidebar with widgets just for this shop page but it wont show the sidebar at all. Thanks.

Hi, you’re welcome :)

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to test it at this time, I hope I can do that soon. I had a few user’s using it successfully though, but I don’t know about sidebars specifically. Maybe their support can help better than I can do right now.


I got this error.

Warning: file_put_contents(/www/htdocs/w01088b4/wp-content/themes/powermag/css/less.css) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /www/htdocs/w01088b4/wp-content/themes/powermag/functions.php on line 307

What can i do to fix this?

The fans counter relies on the SocialBox premium plugin, it will be updated in the next upcoming version.

About the ads widget I’d need to have a look, re-check the ad code and permissions as the widget itself only outputs the code inside it. Also try to place the same code in the default text widget to see if it works.

I know why i dont see them. Adblock Plus is blocking the ad widgets :D I have to deactivate it for my site.

Alright, thanks for the update ;)

And also is there a way to mark a featured post like making a featured post bigger or any other way for it to stand out?

Hi again :)
There’s not a specific feature that lets you do that, although you could mark the post as ‘sticky’ using native wp functionalities and/or change its color with some simple custom CSS.


Thanks for your replies, gonna buy this!

Footer3 is named Pooter3 in fr_FR.po this make that Footer3 is not show on front ;-)

Thank you very much for sharing this mate!

Hi djwd,

I understand the problem SocialBox widget, but the plugins page http://codecanyon.net/item/socialbox-social-wordpress-widget/discussion/627127 the author and solved the problem by extracting the information from the mobile version twitter.

We have that change with this in PowerMag plugins?



Hi jilabaca,

I’m aware of that, the SocialBox premium plugin will be updated in the next upcoming version and will hopefully fix all the recently reported issues.

Thanks for your feedback.


thank you very much!

hello djwd,

I have another consultation, when I add the widget text-only content appears transparent box. examples http://nt.noc.cl

As I can do to make the Text widget wordpress itself has the margin of the box as is the recent post widget

sorry but my English is bad



Hi there, try by wrapping the content like this:

<div class="boxed">

Here goes the text widget content



Thanks!! .


Using PoEdit, how can I use the default.mo and .po files from PowerMag to make one for Spanish (es_ES) by merging it with an es_ES file from WordPress.com [http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress-i18n/es_ES/trunk/messages/es_ES.mo]. The references/links you added in previous comments here are not working. I just tried. I’m new at using PoEdit.

I think this could save me time in doing an es_ES for PowerMag. Oh, do you know if someone is already working on it?

Hi there, I’m sorry I don’t know how to merge .po files I’m not a poEdit expert either. I’m trying to seek for language files as I know some customers did it (especially Spanish), but they won’t share for some reason :/


Hello, I need some help, im using classic blog home style with side by side boxes but i would like to have an option to show the blog using a menu button as regular list post under post. ( still use the boxes at home and use the list at blog link) is it possible ?

Other point, opening the mobile web site (via iPhone and Galaxy S3) the main page (home) fits 100% of the screen (perfect) but the posts page works just in 80% of the page and i have a blank space in the right like the screenshot in this link ( http://imgur.com/rsqEvD9 ). How can i solve this ? i see that your model works perfect and dont know why it happens to mine, i did not changed nothing in the post page .. its just happen in the posts page.

Website test url: http://teste.canaliphone.com.br

Thanks in advance and congrats for the nice theme.

Best. Flávio Almeida

Hi there and thank you for your purchase and compliments :)

1. Unfortunately this is not possible without editing pretty heavily theme core files.

2. Yeah I know, sorry about that. It’s a recent bug caused by the Facebook share button, it will be fixed in the next upcoming update.


I there :)

Really usefull theme, nothing more to ask.

Just.. since last update, my post show on homepage the date “AGO”

That was translated before.. :(

Same, can you translate the “continue reading” on end post?

I want use a translator pluggin, but don’t have permission to modify the french file

Hi there, thank you for the nice words :)

I’ll check the strings you mentioned and update the .po file if needed, thanks. I’ll also check about the fr_FR.po file as I didn’t do it myself but was kindly provided by a customer, perhaps it will be enough to change file permission in your OS.


Hey, as I explained earlier that we have that function problems but we did install the theme twice however the problem remains..what do you suggest we do :( because this is effecting our readers and our site as well.. could you please try to fix this up as soon as possible,

thank you Mr.Djwd

i have tried by reinstalling theme as well as disabling plugins, but still unaware..please do update me on my email since this is really hard to get notified by mohammed(At)gamerekon(dot)com :) no worries please try to fix this up since we are facing a big issue here

Ok I’ll get back to you via e-mail in a while.

Thank you!