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Hi there, I want to know that can I set the top “Breaking News” section to fetch post titles from a particular category? Another thing I want to ask you is that can I set home page posts to fetch from a custom category whenever I wish to change?

You need to change the queries by editing some code to achieve that. For the first question I may add an option to select the category in the next update. ;)


Another problem!

Love the theme, but obviously all new releases have teething problems ;)

The site site is http://www.simplyxboxone.com

I’ve added my Google Analytics code into the “Tracking Code” box in the Theme Options, but it’s not appearing on the website.

Any ideas?

I’m using the new Beta code from GA (see below) <script> (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-13161629-19', 'simplyxboxone.com'); ga('send', 'pageview'); </script>

Removing the script tags doesn’t fix this problem from what I can see.

The GA code still isn’t inserted.

Looking forward to the fix :)

I’ve added it into the “custom javascript” box and it loads in the header, which at least means it tracks it for now :)

You were right there were a bug that has been fixed already in the next update that will be released tomorrow, sorry for that. In the meantime placing the code in the ‘custom JavaScript’ text area is a smart solution ;)


Also, do you know how often the Social Media sidebar widget updates?

It’s the PowerMag – Social Box widget.

I’ve got around 11,000 twitter followers now, and the widget is still only reporting 1.

Same goes for Facebook, it’s reporting 0 fans when we’re now up to 24 fans.

Appreciate your help!

Cheers :)

Glad it works now. Sure it’s slightly different as the results are retrieved and cached for some time not to generate continuous api requests each time a page is loaded, slowing down the entire website.


Tell a lie, it seems to be back to where it was before.

It’s reporting 0 fans and 1 follower again which is quite wrong.

I’ll send you a private message and give you admin access to see if you can resolve this for me.

I got it, I’ll check it out and reply asap.


Wanted to ask if there’s any option in the theme to remove the all-caps from the article headings?


Hi Shishev,
Thank you for your purchase.

As nikebee says that’s the default font choice which has only that style. If you dislike it you can selet a font of your choice between hundreds in the typography tab.



The reasons it’s uppercase is because the font the CSS is using is Bebas Neue Regular.

In order to stop this, you’d need to chance the font over in the CSS.

Thanks for clearing things up guys. Just asking my people if they like the theme and I’ll be ordering it.

Cool, thank you for your interest Shishev.


I am new to Wordpress. So please forgive me for this very noob question. I bought your theme and it is amazing by the way. My question is how do I put thumbnail in my posts? For example I have a very huge image file in the post and in my homepage I want to show only a fraction of the image. Is it possible in your theme?

I already gave your theme a 5 star :) I’ve got another noob question. I followed your tutorial in the documentation about uploading a video. But in my front page it shows an X in the thumbnail I’m using the classic blog format. With Auto Trim. my site is guzubox.com

Nevermind I figured it out. You were using a thumbnail picture for the soccer post. Thank you very much!

Exactly that ;)

Hey guys, it’s me again. Just installed the theme and I’m loving it so far but I need some help. I’m migrating from an old theme ( Gonzo ) and I really want to avoid installing the dummy content. However, I’d love to get the homepage to look exactly like the one in PowerMag’s preview, any chance to get some help? Perhaps some screenshot of how the homepage has been structured?

Cheers, Stoyan

Hi Shishev,
thank you for your purchase in the end! ;)

First of all if you still didn’t, please take a look at the included documentation.

The demo homepage basically has the widgetized home layout, and the 3 ‘sidebars’ are populated with the widgets you see starting with HP, a carousel widget and the social counter widget.

Dual Slider + Vertical Carousel enabled.

For further details I’d need some more specific questions to help you out.


I just went through the documentation and everything became clear, it’s super easy! No more questions, thanks! I’ll post a link to our site once it’s live for you to take a look :)

Great glad to hear..!
If you like the item I’d appreciate if you could take a sec to give it a 5stars rating.

Good luck with your work and thank you again for choosing PowerMag,

I try now to start your theme but I’m stuck I try and import your demo.xlm then when I’m in Home > Games > Xbox 360 in my sidebar it say You selected an empty sidebar, try populating it with some awesome widgets! but if I click Home > Games it okay the sidebar only when Home >category >itempost The sidebar I cannot see

This feature was added in the last update (v.1.01).

You should see the dedicated metabox under the ‘review stuff’ when writing an article:

I rate you 5 start for quick response to solve a problem. ..once my site finish I will promote you…thank you again

Thank you mate, appreciate.

Good luck with your work

Hi, I have a couple of noob questions that would I would appreciate being answered.

1. I guess what I’m talking about is the Collapsible Box feature. I don’t see where to remove the text saying any other content can also go here.

2. The carousel widget never appears no matter what row I add it to. The only time it appeared was when it was set in the options for the top right.

3. In your demo you have drop down menus is that supported natively in the theme, or is it another plugin/manual code?

4. In your demo theme type one, on the bottom left, you have a widget displayed that has latest news and also scrolls through categories. I was wondering what the name of it was. Edit: I see that’s the home tabs feature. I activated it but along with the carousel it never showed up.

Sorry for all the noob questions, and thanks for the awesome theme! Edit: just discovered the documentation file. Will see if that answers some of my questions. Jeeze, sorry about that.

Please make sure you have posts in the selected categories for both the carousel widget and the “Home Tabs”.

For the “Home Tabs”, make sure you’re working on the “Widgetized (magazine)” homepage.

If you’re still having troubles please drop me your login info (or create one) through my profile page and I’ll have a deeper look.


I think it was just having install pains, the home tab finally started showing up, and the slider category overlap doesn’t seem to be happening very much now, so that’s good.

I have a couple more questions/comments now though :D

1. The text size slider doesn’t seem to work, tried it on a couple fonts. I want to keep the default fonts at least for now, but just make the article text size a little bit larger.

2. It would be nice to have an integrated share on facebook button as the integrated facebook like one doesn’t seem to really have any functionality for actually spreading an article, it just seems to be a number counter.

3. On a lot of mobile devices like the s2x, and I think the iphone, the site displays half-width, and doesn’t load filling up the screen. The problem seems to be the top banner ad. The sidebar ads aren’t a problem because on small devices they show up later down the page and aren’t as wide.

1. In order for the text size slider to work you need to set Custom Post Types. Fonts I’ve chosen as defaults are not available in the Google Fonts library therefore you cannot keep the default font and edit the font-style without editing the CSS.

2. Well when someone likes a post it appears on its message board. I will look further into this though.

3. Not knowing the site it’s hard to tell. Although the Top Ad system will be improved in next updates.


I just purchased this theme, installed it, and now my homepage does not load as it gets error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /home/content/........./wp-content/themes/powermag/index.php on line 17

i am running latest verison of WP.

I read that link, when I activate default theme the homepage works fine, when I switch and activate this theme, I get the error message on homepage.

Replied to you’re other thread. Let’s keep it there ;)

also, when i activate it the widgets links on admin sidebar goes away. is that normal?

no plugins active, sent message with login info

ok, is working now. issue is the “installable” version when you download from themeforest was missing files compared to the other download.

Thanks for the update. Glad it was sorted ;)

Hello! I really love the theme, but I have a question. Is there a way to have the menu to be ‘sticky’? Just like in the Minimosity theme.

Hi weremijp,
Thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

The sticky menu was in plans originally but the design doesn’t really allow that so I decided to remove it. I’m working to some alternative solution for future updates though. Stay tuned ;)



I purchased your theme, please help me how can I change the Upper Case of the Menus, Headers? And also mention where to change and what to change, and what to write there. I am very confused regarding this.


Hi and thank you for your purchase.

The uppercase style is part of the font itself, that does not have lowercase characters. If you don’t like it you need to change the headings font completely, in order to do this move to Appereance > Theme Options > Typography and select the desired fonts.



I purchased the them and I love it a lot. Just a few things.

1. How do I remove/hide page titles?

2. There’s like a white/greyish page wrapper around the content which I want to remove, how do I do that?

3. I want to remove the background from the header so it is just transparent.

4. ”// Join our awesome newsletter! * You can also place any other content here” – How do I edit out the “You can also place…”?

5. And last but not least, how do I remove the border and shadow around the images?

Thank you in advance


Hi GrandLS, thank you for your purchase, glad you like it ;)

Those are more personal customizations than regular support, let’s see if I can help anyways…

1. Which titles exactly? The title on pages that overlaps the featured images?

2. The “Free Blocks” layout doesn’t work for you?

3. Try with

#full-top {background:none!important;}

(Paste it in the Advanced Tab > Custom CSS textarea)

4. Theme Options > Miscellaneous > Collapsible Box > Custom Content

5. This should work:

.entry-content img {
border: none;
-webkit-box-shadow: none;
-moz-box-shadow: none;
box-shadow: none;


Thank you. It worked.

In question 1, I was referring to the page titles but I found the code. Thanks for you help.

I will contact in future if anything else arises.

Great, you’re welcome ;) I’d appreciate if you could take a sec to give it a 5stars rating (if you like the item and support).

Good luck with your work.

Hi, I recently purchased this theme, really does look like a brilliant theme! Can you help getting started? I’ve installed the theme ans all the ailes. I’ve imported the xml demo file expecting the site to look somethink like the demo. Can you help with the next steps? I can see all demo content is there, but the home page hasnt changed other than pulling through the breaking news posts. thanks in advance

Hi garyalanmarsh7,
thank you for your purchase and compliments :)

What exactly are you having troubles figuring out? Did you take a look at the documentation?

Basically you need to assign your menus and populate the homepage sidebars with some widgets (preferably the ones which name starts with “HP”).

Other than that I’d need some more specific questions to be able to help you out.


thats great thanks for your advice and support

Thank YOU for chosing PowerMag. Cheers ;)


Just wondering if buddypress and bbpress forum are compatible with the theme?


Hi whitevox,
thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

Not at this time but BuddyPress full compatibility is in progress and will be available in the next couple of weeks.


Thanks! Looking forward to it!


Nice theme.. have three questions/issues.

1. The logo doesn’t show in the firefox (v21 i have on my PC) 2. I think I configured the home page widget for sliders..but they are not sliding. I see the slider icons, but posts are listed one below the other. I used “PowerMag: HP Category Regular” for the “Homepage Big” and selected a category which has posts enabled for the sliders. My home page is no way near to what I see in the demo. What could be wrong? 3. The posts showed in the home page doesn’t display any thumbnails. I downloaded the thumbnail plugin as suggested by you in the help file since I was using different theme earlier and moving to your theme.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi arunakodgi,
thank you for choosing PowerMag.

Please provide a link to your blog to allow me check the stuff you mentioned and help you out.


Thanks. Let’s see:

1. Did you activate the grayscale effect option especially? Just found out a bug on firefox about this option that prevents images to appear. Please disable this option (in the ‘Colors’ tab) for the moment, it has already been fixed in the upcoming update.

2. Are you sure featured posts have a thumbnail image? If yes It might be related to point 1 or to some plugin conflict, if you could send me your login info (or create one for me) through my profile page it would be much easier for me to understand what’s goin on.

3. Same as point no.1


Another odd problem, the CSS for post pages isn’t loading the skin color of the theme.

The skin colour of the site is the default (#8cc63f) green, and is loading fine on the home page, but on post pages it doesn’t load.

You can see the code just has ”#” for background color.

.page-nav .current, #comments .page-numbers.current, .breadcrumb .icon-chevron-right, #secondary ul li:before, #widgetized-footer ul li:before, #secondary ul li:after, #widgetized-footer ul li:after, .arch-chevron {color:#} .widget-title-bg .widget-title span.inner, .widget-title-bg .simil-widget-comment, .flex-cat, #full-site-info, #full-collapsible, footer.entry-meta span, footer.entry-meta a, .flex-control-paging li a.flex-active, #carousel div span.selected, .reply, #author-wrap .author-name, #ticker-wrap span.ticker-title, .img-frame, .entry-content .gallery .img-frame, .rw-end .rw-overall, span.criteria-percentage, .label, #wp-calendar tbody td#today, #widgetized-footer #wp-calendar tbody td#today, #wp-calendar thead th, #wp-calendar tfoot #next, #wp-calendar tfoot #prev, #wp-calendar tfoot .pad, #logo a.demologo {background-color:#}

Example page:


Can’t seem to edit that last post, but it seems to be because I hadn’t set the color for each individual category and had presumed they would just use the default theme color.

Well you presumed right. ;) I’ll look into this, thank you for your feedback.