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I know others have had this problem (and solved it themselves), but for the life of me I can’t. After I activated your theme, I only have a few widgets that show in the Widgets Admin and they won’t move. I’ve deactivated all plugins and it’s still not working. Please help.

Hi there, please provide admin access through my and tomorrow I’ll have a look myself. Thank you.


Already did. Would like a reply soon.

Ok, I can’t check before tomorrow (GMT) as I had kind of an emergency today and I only have a touch device available. Your patience is appreciated, thank you.


Sorry to comment again, but if I view in Single Post view, I get this error message where the sidebar should be:

Warning: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /home/kim247/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 608 Warning: strip_tags() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/kim247/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 968 You selected an empty sidebar, try populating it with some awesome widgets!

Hi there, does the custom sidebar have widgets in it not displaying? Do you have wp debug mode ‘on’? If you’ll provide admin access I’ll have a look at this too. Thank you


Emailed you with the admin access. No widgets or sidebars are showing up

Hello! I have a little doubt of the main sliders. Where can I define what categories I want in the primary slider and how many in the second slider? I didn´t find the place to choose this.

Example: Slider 1 (videogames, gadgets) Slider 2 ( hot news, reviews)

I have found how choose a single post into the primary slider or the second slider, but what I want to see in the web is diferent news in each slider.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, Thank you for your purchase.

Please a look at the theme documentation > Single > Post options

You need to check the desired box in the metabox under the post editor.


Is it possible to get a refund, since we basically bought a theme that doesn’t work and the developer hasn’t been around for 8 hours?

The theme does work as hundreds of customers are successfully using it. It can happen to have some issues, and I’m here to help the best I can mate. Although if 8 hours delay is too much for you to wait there’s not much I can do about it, I cannot work 24/7. :( Btw you are free to ask for a refund if you want to of course, I don’t handle them though but Envato support does. Thank you for choosing PowerMag anyways.

Best Regards


Purchased as promised! And I gotta say there are really some cool features in this theme, I think the addition of an affiliate link and clickable backgrounds as well as how ratings from 1 to 100 get converted to 5 star ratings is just genius. I hope we will be getting more cool features over time(I love little cool features).

I thought maybe you could open a forum or something similar; where we could vote for the top features/ideas suggested by users, that way you would know exactly the top priority features requested. Personally, I think the “subscriber only” feature and post color option in the post edit would be pretty cool and some other ones I read earlier but can’t remember atm.

Anyways great theme, thanks.

Hi mikel306,
Thank you very much for you purchase and kind words mate, appreciate. :)

I’m working to move to an external support forum as a first step, then adding polls or user suggestions section will be easy.

Thank you for your feedback, more juicy features are coming by the way :)




There seems to a thumbnail problem with the Homepage Medium widget. The image is not re-sized well. Please check our site nilkantho.in and find the right side column of Let’s Go / Blog. You could see some portions of the images are missing at the bottom part. We have used thumbnail re-generators also. It did not solved the problem.

Ok sorry. The ‘concept’ is the same though, the thumbnail size for that column is 220×246px so all images will get cropped to that size.

Friend, we are not at all bothered to which size it is getting cropped. Please check your demo site and our site. The image has not been placed rightly this time. We have managed though, we have deleted the excerpts from that widget.

Not sure yet what the problem was, glad it was sorted though :)

Hi, what are the files that fix the problem of motion of the slider in chrome? Thanks

I modified quite that part, could you tell me more?

I remembered it wrong, I addedd ‘useCSS: false’ property to the JS sliders initialization in functions.php.

lines 647 – 666 of the latest theme version.

Hope this helps

Yes! Thx

Hey djwd,

First off, fantastic theme! So good I bought it. :) Anyway my problem is I can’t get the homepage sidebar to work on all browsers. It works with Safari, Chrome but no Firefox. (all mac browsers). HOWEVER I can see the themeforest default powermag theme with the sidebar in firefox. So confused right now! HELP!

site: www.slowtorture.com

Hi otisflick,
thank you for your purchase and compliments :)

I checked your website in FireFox and Chrome (on win, as I don’t have the chance to test it on a mac right now) and it looks fine, it displays the HomePage small sidebar with the Popular Posts widget. I don’t think sidebars can be related to browsers in any way though, unless there is some cache to clear.


Hi djwd, I noticed that on the demo of your theme in the main menu tabs display a color chosen for each category! But in my theme, these colors are not displayed! Viewing the menu here: www.funixo.fr. Any idea?

Sorry I have found! It should enable the description field in “Configuration> Menus”! 8-)

Exactly ;)


I need to completely reset the theme. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it remembers some of the settings.

Can you please advise how to do a fresh install ?

At the moment I can’t get into some of the tabs in the theme options page and hoping a reset does the trick.

Thanks Ash.

Hi there, theme options are stored in the wp database so deleting and re-uploading the theme folder won’t be enough. If you really need to do this you should empty your database tables related to PowerMag.


Hi djwd,

In a new install, the widgets dont show in admin panel. There are a few (standard ones) but they won’t even move. Also there are no sidebars located in admin panel > widgets.

This is really weird

I just reinstalled wordpress and used an older version of the theme (1.1.2), and it the widgets have no problems. After installing the 1.1.2 version, I updated the theme to the latest version. It works good now.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll test this out as it sounds pretty weird as you say.

Hi djwd, I’m amazed by how you respond to all these comments.

Here are a couple of more :) Is there anyway to hide the date and author details on the category page thumbnail / previews. And also, on my homepage I have the Hometab activated cycling through latest posts etc. How can I change the background color of the tab? I tried .cat-tabs ul li.current a {color: #hexcode} and it changes the text color which is good to know but i need to change the tab color. Oh and if some of these questions are considered extra support let me know i Need to change a few things and I wouldn’t mind paying to get the answer / direction. Just let me know how you want to handle things. Thanks alot

Hi there! Thank you, I’m amazed myself, definitely not an easy task ;)

1. Try with

.archive .entry-img-info {display: none!important}

2. same thing but instead of ‘color’ the property is ‘background-color’

Well they actually are ‘extra support’ but since are quick changes and asked politely I don’t mind providing them, don’t worry ;)


Hi djwd, How I can show the sub-sub-menu in three columns? The site is redacciondeportiva.com. Thanks

Hi Redacciondeportiva, thank you for your purchase.

Could you please be more specific about this question as I didn’t understand it. :) Thanks


Sorry for english level;-) I want something like 11metros.tk. The categories of sub-sub menu (on my website would be “fútbol” -> “Primera División” -> ...) are seen in three columns, because there are many categories. thanks

That’s not possible with the native wordpress menu function. You’ll need to rely on some plugin to achieve that like ‘megamenu’, it’s untested with the theme tough.

Hi, another question: I set the login button, but how I have to put the register button? thanks

You need to enable the option ‘anyone can register’ in wordpress general settings.


Hi djwd,

I sent you an email about an issue I’ve got but will also list it here in case anyone else has had this problem or can suggest a resolution.

I am using the Classic Blog style with Box blog entries but when the home page initially loads it looks like it tries to load the one column blog style and then switches to the box style.

Due to this I am having delays and some memory issues. The site is http://www.TizenExperts.com



Exactly, not happening on the live demo so it means I am not responsible for that ;) Seriously I explained, that’s the reason, the option I told you about is enabled, no other stuff or special tricks are running on the live demo, only PowerMag as it is. Same thing about site speed, the theme is coded with every possible practice to make it load the fastest possible. Analyzing with Google page speed seems that the biggest problem is the Server Response Time, which I can’t do anything about. Btw I played around with your site a bit and I don’t think it’s that slow for me.



To be honest the site has seemed to speed up a bit lately. So I can try getting my heard around your thinking but if you say that there is slow server response, then why is it that I have this problem with your theme and not others ?

Any suggestions are welcome as I just want a fast theme?



Well I could twist your question and ask you why then on the live demo the site is very fast? :) There are just too many reasons why a website can be slowed down, that is why even though the theme is coded with the best practices to achieve a fast site, I can’t guarantee on that. Btw I had again a look at your website and it doesn’t seem slow to me, really.


I don’t know what’s happened, but since updating to the latest version and installing buddypress, I get this


I’ve removed Buddypress, I’ve removed it from my database. I’ve deleted the theme and I’ve reinstalled and it still seems to be trying to use buddypress or something to mess it up.

How can I delete Powermag completely from the database to flush it and reinstall? I have a huge exclusive article going up tomorrow that I need to get this looking normal agian.

I hope you can help!

Hi there, I don’t know what happned but it looks like the css files won’t load. I suggest to temporary disable the CSS minifer, clear every cache you have from external plugins like WP total cache or CDN services, and also delete any file you have in inc/bwp-minify/cache.

Hope this helps djwd

Hi , Im trying to change the bg color of widget title ;

.widget-title-bg{ color:#ffffff; }

But it does seem to work . I’ve also sent a mail to you for personal customization of the banner. I would appreciation a quicker reply . Thanks

Yes that is a custom/external/not in theme CSS, that’s what I meant ;)

By the way try by adding the ’!important’ declaration, like this:

.widget-title-bg .widget-title span.inner{ background-color:#fff!important;}

Thanks , it works now . I appreciate your quick response .

Great! :)

Hi djwd,

Which file do I need to edit when i want to be the usernames/avatar (in comments) to be clickable?

Hi there, the related file is located in inc/template-tags.php