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4th problem: The date displayed is not taking the timzone set in the settings. I am in USA-CST and whrn the actual date was 25th, the theme was displaying date as 26th May :( Couldn’t figure out how to sync theme displayed date with the settings I have enabled in the WP settings pages.

Thank you for your feedback. I need to do some tests about that and get back to you asap.


ssz Purchased

Having some trouble with the category background feature. I have a main category (Asia) and beneath two subs (Japan & Korea) I would like to have different backgrounds for Japan and Korea but the theme doesn’t seem to want to allow this. It will only display one and then uses that for the entire category (Asia) and then any other cats beneath it cannot be changed. I keep trying to edit the category color and backgrounds but they simply don’t show up. Is there something I am missing?

Hi ssz
Reading you’re message looks like you’re doing everything the right way. I’m looking into it, I’ll try to replicate the issue and will release a fix if needed as soon as possible. Thanks for your feedback and patience.


Hi, just bought the theme and I’m having two problems:

1. Disqus – I have Disqus comments and want to use it. But in the old posts it is not appearing, just when I changeto Facebook comments and then change back to WP Comments and update my post, the it appears, but I have more than 6 thousand posts and it is justs crazy to enter in each one and update them all, is there a functionality to mass edit this?

2. I don’t want for the featured images to appear on the posts, is there a way to do that?

Best regards

1. The only difference is that the old theme didnt have the option to change between Facebook comments and WP comments, it was set mainly on WP comments, so when I installled Disqus, everythng was ok. Right now seems that the old posts are waiting for a conclusion on which comment system they should use.

2. The thumbnails are generated automaticcally without setting any featued image? Including the imagens from the sliders?

1. Even though there is that option, the default is set to WP Comments so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’d need to do some testing about this to understand why this is happening to you, honestly at the moment I can’t think of anything theme related.

2. No, featured images need to be set manually though the default wordpress function. Featured slider posts in the post page metabox instead:

1. Disqus is ok now, it was something with my server.

2. Thanks.

Hi, just a quick update and another question. On the comment problem, I don’t need to change to Facebook, just by updating the post works. But I tried the bulk editing and updating something and it didn’t work.

And the other question is, on my previous blog, I had a code to puta youtube videos on the posts, the code was this:

[youtube id=”Enter video ID (eg. Wq4Y7ztznKc)” width=”600” height=”350”]

I have a lot of posts with this, how can I create this same shortcode to work with your theme?

Ok just saw the update. Were you be able to fix the problem or not? Please read my other answer.

Well the only way to have exactly the same shortcode with the same attributes would be to create it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.


I have a file called shortcodes.php from the old theme, is there a way just to update your shortcode file, with the youtube shortcode? Or just by uploading this shortcode.php file it will work?

Best Gui

Well it might work but I’m pretty sure it would require some editing other than including the file in functions.php. To put it in a nutshell, you need to know what you’re doing.

Video embeds are available through the Visual Composer already, which are shortcodes essentially. But I’m considering including it in as a standalone shortcode in future updates.

Hi there, great work with on this theme, before buy it, I would like to know if it’s multilanguage compatible. Thanks, pirolab

Hi pirolab,
thank you for your interest in Powermag.

The theme is fully localization ready if that’s what you mean.


Love this theme thank you!

Question: My header and footer menu seem to not have any padding between them, any idea why? (This is a fresh install of your theme and of wordpress)


Hi BusterSenshi,
thank you for your purchase and compliments!

You just need to set up your menus. Move to Appereance > Menus and assign your desired menus to the “Utilities” and “Footer” zones. Also check the documentation in Getting Started > Adding Menus.

Hope this helps,

Well that was an easy fix for sure, I had a felling that all I had to do was add menus.

Maybe as a suggestion for users that do not setup custom menus (Honestly I do not know any, I just am saying this to help you make this theme even more user friendly :P) make it so they are styled with the padding even without menus setup

I’m sure there was a reason why I did it so..but you have a good point, I’ll definitely consider it.
Thank you for your feedback BusterSenshi.

Question 2: I really like how in your demo site your Header logo changes color to the same color as that category, how is that done?

It’s easy, you just need to fill the description field of the menu item with the desired hex code. Please have a look at the documentation Getting started > Adding menus

Sweet thank you so much!

(At first I had the hardest time finding the “Help Folder” the file that downloads right after you purchase the theme is called “themeforest-4740939-powermag-the-most-muscular-magazinereviews-theme-wordpress_theme.zip” and it only holds the “powermag” folder

After re-downloading the theme I received this folder “themeforest-4740939-powermag-the-most-muscular-magazinereviews-theme.zip” that has everything, just so you know.

Uhm…that is weird, I’ll investigate about this with Envato. Thanks for letting me know BusterSenshi. ;)


Hello! I bougth the template and it is really great! Only I have a problem: in the Primary Menu, I can not bring up the small triangle of a different color in each category. When I create each category, I assign the color … but then I is not in the Primary Menu. I want it like www.gameora.com or as your fantastic demo. This is mine: http://oposnet.es/gigasdetiza/

Hi antoniorsc,
Thank you very much for choosing PowerMag!

You have to assign them separately in the description field, because menu items may not be referred all to categories, but you still want to give it a color. Please check the documentation on Getting Started > Adding Menus.


Solved! Thank you so much for your very quick response. One last question: I am unable to put avatar. Someone could help me?

You’re welcome antoniorsc. Easiest way is to register with Gravatar. Also take a look here http://codex.wordpress.org/How_to_Use_Gravatars_in_WordPress


Hey there, I am having the same problem as antoniosc. I can’t seem to get a different color for each menu item in the Primary Menu. Where is the documentation Getting Started > Adding Menus?

Hi DutchHill406,
Thank you for your purchase.

Documentation is in the Help folder of the downloaded package.


I found the Documentation section. However, I am still confused on how to get the colors assigned correctly to the menu. This is done in the categories right? But what if I want pages for the menus and not categories? How do pages carry a category color?

Because of that reason menu item’s color are set separately in the Appereance > Menus page, not in Categories. You simply need to fill the description field of the menu item with the desired hex code.

Perfect! Thank you

GREAT job on this theme! I’m extremely interested in purchasing this theme, and had just a quick question..

Does this theme support Aweber for newsletter management?

Thanks for your help! -Alex :)

Unfortunately I am unable to test it right now, it would also need an account subscription etc etc…I had a look at Aweber Integration plug-in description though and I can’t see any special requirements needed, so I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.


Awesome! Thanks for checking into that for me! Really appreciate your help and support, and I look forward to purchasing and using your theme!

Regards, -Alex

You’re welcome jablythe, sorry I couldn’t help more. Thank you again for your interest in PowerMag.


Hi djwd, we have successful configure all the theme, it work great!!!

We have now making full translation with WPML for multiple language management and we have a problem with: - Recent posts custom widget (display both languages) - Best reviews custom widget (seems filtered something) - Popular posts custom widget (display other language) - Primary and Secondary Slider (display other language) That not filtered the language of the post. We have try the original recent post of wp and it work filtered.

For the moment the custom Recent Posts & other widget displays posts in both languages. Its possible to retrieves only the posts of the current language?

Breaking News (work) it filtered the language. Hp Category Reg (work) it filtered the language.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Magoteau,
thank you for your purchase, I’m glad you like it :)

Not owning the wpml plugin myself, ain’t easy for me to debug it. On the official website says “Every theme or plugin that uses WordPress API runs multilingual with WPML.”, and PowerMag does. Also every hard-coded string in the theme already uses the GetText calls to make it fully translatable. Hopefully they will send me a free copy of the plugin as I applied as a developer a few days ago, so I can fully test it. In the meantime if you already know what is causing those bugs I’ll be glad to hear and fix, otherwise just have some patience please.


Hi djwd,

congrats on the great theme. I love it.

I am currently switching from a different theme to yours and face some minor issues. Maybe you can help.

1.) Is it possible to pre-populate the rating criterias in the post editor with values? Because I don’t want to paste the same values in there all the time.

2.) I used two different plugins to resize my images (the one from your manuell and a sec one) but still the second slider on my front page is broken somehow. e.g. http://www.brettspiele-magazin.de/

3.) I created special sidebars for my posts in the different categories. How can I assign them the the category overview itself. e.g. http://www.brettspiele-magazin.de/brettspiele/

4.) the affiliate link is not displayed under my ratings :( Is that a known bug?

5.) The value added in the input field of the recent post widget is not working. It is always saying “Recent Posts” on my page.

5.) How can I remove the search bar above the navigation. Did I miss something in the theme options.

I hope you can help me. Keep the good work going :)



I just tested the shortcode again, and it works as exected for me. If you look in the “Shortcodes” page, rows are fluds (set in % values), so if you resize the browser window they just resize accordingly. I tried also to place a big image inside one of the columns, and it fits without exceeding the container.

Now looks like you’re editing the page, but I remember looking at your code and they were fixed in pixels. Maybe some plugin is interfering with the shortcodes the generator pops out?


Hi djwd,

you were right. Thanks for the help. I just switched back to your theme and am very happy!

The resizing of images is working now, see http://www.brettspiele-magazin.de/augustus/

For everybody facing the same issues: Using captions in the images was the problem. The moment I deleted the captions, the images were resized automatically. Unfortunately I have to tuch a lot of images manually now, but this great Theme is it worth it to do some manual work.

Thanks a lot djwd!

Glad it was sorted somehow :) Thank you very much for the heads up, this will help other users. I will definitely look into why this is happening though.

Hey, I’ve just bought the PowerMag theme, first of all let me tell you: It is awesome.

I have some questions and I hope you help me solve them:

1. My page is in Spanish, the special characters áéíóú – ÁÉÍÓÚ – üÜ – ñ Ñ ¿? ¡! are working in Chrome but not in IE. I think this is a font issue or something like that, but I would like to know: Which font works in all the browser? Also, it seems that the font is changed as soon as one of these characters is shown.

2. Again, my page is in Spanish and I have some filds I can’t translate with a po editor: “About the Author”, “Continue Reading ->” and the login widget. Is there a way to translate them?

3. In the single post, I would like to hide the hightligted image… Is that possible? I’ve been looking for an option or something like that.

4. The search field at the top say (by default) “Search…”, is there any way to change that default value?

5. The breadcrumbs in the article say “Home” at the beggining. Is there a way to change that to “Inicio”?

6. How do I modify the text to join the newsletter?


Hi NestorMunoz, thank you for your purchase and nice words!

1. I guess you are talking about the headings font, honestly I didn’t make the font I don’t know if it support those characters. You have to search for fonts with latin-extended characters I think.

2. If you could send me a list of the missing strings you found through my profile page would be great, I’ll add them in the next update.

3. I’m sorry I don’t get this, which highlighted image?

4. It should be in the .po file, I’ll double check and update it if it’s missing

5. Same as point 4

6. An option will be added to change that from the options panel. In the meantime you can edit it directly in partials/part-collapsible.php


Thanks, here is my reply:

1. Done, I’ve found a font that works for me… Thanks.

2. Here is my list:

a) ”// Join our awesome newsletter! * You can also place any other content here” b) “Login”, “Remember me”, “Lost my password” and “Register” in the PowerMag login bar widget. And the “Hi”, “Profile”, “Logout”, and “Blog Admin” when logged. c) “Check out today’s posts” in the mouse-over the date (below the login bar), I’ve changed that in the .po file and created a .mo, but didn’t worked. I don’t know if this has something to do with the warning I am receiving from “CodeStyling Localization” plugin I use to edit these values: “Loading Issue: Author is using load_textdomain instead of load_theme_textdomain or load_child_theme_textdomain function. This may break behavior of WordPress, because some filters and actions won’t be executed anymore. Please contact the Author about that.” d) “Search…” in the search widget in login bar (I can’t modify that using .po file). And “Home” in the breadcrumbs. e) “Continue Reading ->” in the post excerpt. f) “View all post by…” in the MetaDetails over the image (front page). g) “About the Author” in the single post. h) “Comment using…” in the Facebook comments. I) ” Final thoughts”, “Overall Score”, “Readers Rating”, “Your Rating” and “Votes” in the ratings.

If I find more I will let you know. And if you need assistance translating the .po to spanish, let me know.

3. I used the incorrect word, it wasn’t “Highlighted” but “Featured Image”. I would like to have an option to disable (if I wanted to) to show the featured image in the single post, or to change it’s size.

2. Thank you very much for your effort of writing the list. I’ll look into each of them and update the .po file when needed.

3. No there’s no option for that. What you could do hide it is to paste a custom CSS in the advanced tab for example:

.postid-xxx .entry-img {

Place your post id number instead of ‘xxx’.


Just uploaded the theme, says it has a update available even though i just downloaded directly from here

There is a new version of the PowerMag theme available. You have version 1.01 installed. Update to version 2.3.

2.3?? If you don’t mind sharing your login info (or create one for me) I would like to take a look, you could to this through my profile page. By the way the latest version is 1.01, tomorrow version 1.02 will be available.


sent you a message :)

Hello Djwd,

I have just bougt your theme but i have a few questions, though some of them seems to be answered through the documentation.

I just can’t find it – I can download 2 files.

First file is 4ish MB and the second 10ish MB – In one of them there are a Help folder, but no documentation?

What I don’t understand is “that works as thumbnails.”

You mean to have the featured image displayed inside the gray box (let’s say half of the width) and not on top of it?

Ill try again hehe.

When we write a post, its possible to add several pictures into a post, thats working as intended.

On the right hand side, there is a box named “Featured Image” where you can select the image that will work as your thumbnail for that specific post. That also works fine.

My problem is when i go into a post that have this featured image/thumbnail its size is way to big, you have to scroll a bit to get past the image to read the content of the post.

2 Other issues we can’t seem to solve.

1.) On your Demo Website, at the top you have these pages: GALLERIES SHORTCODES SUPPORT

How do we add those? The only one we have is “Home” and we have no idea how it got there, lol :-)

2.) When we have marked categories with colors, like you have on the demo website, how do we transfer those colors onto the category tabs like on your demo website? We have read the documentation and can’t seem to find the way to do it.

Sorry for the trouble :-)

It’s a matter of aspect ratio of the images. In the single post page they are 770px wide. The height is automatic and depends on the original image proportions. To discuss this any further, I’d need a link.

1. Those are added through the default wordpress menus:


2. Do you mean how you add the menu items colored corners? Check the documentation at Getting Started > Adding Menus. Basically you need to add the desired hex color into the description field of the menu item.


Hi, some more questions:

1. my old galleries, made with the shortcode from wordpress itself [gallery] aren’t working and I was that when I put a gallery in your theme, it comes with a code below it.

How can I solve this issue?

2. What’s the ideal size of image in all slider forms 3, 2 and 1 slider?


I know but they actually don’t in the front-end. Try to link them to the attachment page > save and exit. Then open the gallery settings again and change the setting back to media file > save.

Hi, I had to search and replace [gallery to [gallery link=”file” – because the new wordpress has a different style of gallery that whenever you create a gallery linking to media file it doesn’t generate the code link=”file”. I saw that another buyer had the same problem.

Yes it’s a common problem…thank you for the useful info.

Friend, the Collapsible Box is not showing even if I Insert Newsletter Box and Insert Custom Content. It is the problem of your new update.

The search box is not clickable. That is, if I enter any search items there and click on the Magnifying Glass (search icon), nothing happens. Pressing Enter button on the keyboard works though.

Please incorporate that subscribe to view button on the post pages so that we can force the visitors to subscribe our website.

Please check the Back to Top icon. It is going behind the footer part while the page is scrolled down.

Fixed for the next update.

in the meantime paste this in the Advanced > Custom CSS text area:

.scrollup {z-index: 20}

As for the “subscribers only” thing is under evaluation. I need multiple requests before implementing a feature of I would go crazy to accomplish every user needs. I’m sure you do understand. I still suggest to check out some plug-ins in the mean time, as I think it’s a typical “plugin thing”, but that’s up to you of course.

Thanks for your feedbacks. djwd

Great work djwd.

Quick question: Does the theme have an import/export option for settings.

This would allow me to configure the design in a test area and then import it to my live website. :)


Thank you System0 :)

Well not bundled in the theme options. Btw the best solution would be to export your wordpress sql database from your testing area/local server and then import it on your live server once you’re done. This way you will have an exact clone with posts, pages, widgets etc..

Thank you for your interest in PowerMag,

Received an email today with the following details….what got updated (or fixed)..your theme page doesn’t list the update details.

-- An update to your purchase of PowerMag: The Most Muscular Magazine/Reviews Theme by djwd is now available in your downloads.

Hi arunakodgi,
The update has been approved during the night (GMT). The full changelog will be available shortly in your wordpress dashboard.
Thanks for your patience,