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Does your demo homepage have a sidebar? The reason I ask is because I notice a lot of your columns are different sizes. How did you accomplish that? I understand how to add rows and change their layout within the page builder. Your demo is different. For example the demo’s first row is 2 big Post Sliders with a skinny 3rd column. Do you accomplish that with the HP widgets?


Hi DutchHill406,
thank you for your purchase.

To set the home page you don’t need to create pages. Simply set your frontpage to display latest posts, and select the widgetized homepage from the ThemeOptions > Basic Settings.

The layout is made automatically, you just need to move to Appereance > Widgets and drag your desired widgets in the HomePage ‘sidebars’ (Big, Medium, Small).

Hope this helps,

I also noticed the issue with the search bar. Additionally, the register link displays under the main menu.


Also, the home page shows 12 references of H1 tags being used (24 including the closing tags). On other areas of the site the H1 tag is used for a menu.

There are no H2 tags except for a mailchimp form that is hidden.

How much control do we have over thumbnail sizes? Is this something that is fixed i.e. can we make thumbnail sizes larger or smaller if we want to, or would this mess up the website design?

The search bar button and the register modals have been fixed, thanks.

A major SEO and speed improvement is in progress, in which I was considering changing secondary posts to h2 already. I’ll evaluate the best option thanks.

Well sizes are editable of course, it still depends on which ones you want to edit. But I think this is common to every theme out there.


Thanks djwd. Appreciate you responding about these issues.

You’re welcome, and I appreciate you came back to say it ;)

Very good job !!!!

Note: Tracking code (e.g ga) doesn’t work ;)

Thank you Psykel!

Sorry, Tracking code work ;)

Thanks for your great job :)

Glad it was sorted. Thank you again Psykel! ;)

Hi…Is your template support Hindi (Indian Language). Please let me know I want to buy this theme.


Hi htmlartists,
Thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

There shouldn’t be any problem with Hindi Language. Check this out


sounds good…thanks

Hello , as the user Nestor Munoz asked you before and even after update the script still many words are not able to be translated (his case was Spanish ,(mine is Arabic as my site is rtl): such as: I translated the pot file but even though they are not showing

I have some questions and I hope you help me solve them:

— my page is in Spanish and I have some fields I can’t translate with a po editor: “About the Author”, “Continue Reading ->” and the login widget. Is there a way to translate them?

—The search field at the top say (by default) “Search…”, is there any way to change that default value?

—The breadcrumbs in the article say “Home” at the beginning. Is there a way to change that to “Inicio”?

—socialbox : can not translate the worlds( followers, subscribers, fans , etc….)


Hello , the answer to your question is : Because they are the same issues

the word : “Home” in the breadcrumbs

the word “search” in the search box

the words : “fans”, “followers”, “subscribers” in social box

the words “login” , “register” ( in login widget tooltip) and the words “username” , “password” in the login form

the word >”continue reading” and all the date related words “seconds”, “minutes”,”weeks” , “week” , “day” , “days” , “month” , “months” , “year”, “years”, “ago”, the words >”name”, “email”, and “website” in the comment box

now regarding all these I think you can please give a link to a file so we can download if you think you can do this before next upgrade .

regarding theme support rtl , as you know since we first speak and even before I saw any demo in rtl ,I bought directly because I think it is one of the impressive themes recently added , I found many issues in rtl design , but I was able to fix most of them , I can send you the rtl fixes I have done , so you can include them if you want in your next update .

but still 1 issues in rtl support I am finding it hard to fix and that is the widget : A carousel widget. 1- PowerMag – Double Ads Widget the issue is that it is not scrolling . upi can see here in the top left side bar : http://www.ts3a.com/?p=513

I fixed the A carousel widget issue by changing some thing in the rtl.css that comes with the theme

.carousel ul { float: left !important; }

cause if it is right then we have to change the js file I am guessing

Thank you very much for the effort in writing the list. I’ll update the missing strings. Translation edits needs to be done in every file, they could be many so it’s easier to bundle them in an update.

If you want to send me your rtl.css you can drop me an e-mail, I’ll look into this and implement your fixes.

Thank you.


If I want to have a static homepage can I get rid of the big HOME word? I turned off the breadcrumbs display so I’m not confusing it with that. I like how clean the homepage looks when it displays recent posts. Anyway to do that with a static page?


Hi DutchHill406,

I’m sorry what’s/where’s the big word HOME?

I tried to take a screenshot but I can’t paste it here. When I have my homepage set to static page. I created a page called Home. When I’m on that page it appears in the in the upper left hand corner but below the menus. It is above the content I would add on the page, almost like a header for that page. In the Theme Options > Color tab it inherits the same color as Secondary Color > Body Copy Color. Hope that helps. If not I can submit a screenshot to you via email.


Ok I think I got it. Try by pasting:

.home .page-featured-title {display:none}

in the Advanced > Custom CSS textarea If that’s not it feel free to drop me an e-mail through my profile page.


@djwd : If you want, I can create a french translation :)

Thank you psykel, if you already did it I would love to bundle it in the next update. Sure I don’t want you to work for me though!

Very kind of you indeed. :)


Hey djwd,

I was looking at the demo and I really like how the “Not To Miss” sidebar widget has a black background, how did you make so it did not inherit the color of the category

I think I set a hidden category and assigned the black color to it, then assigned the main category + hidden category to the posts I wanted to be there.


Nice design. I’ve been thinking about starting a sort of magazine site. This theme would be a good choice.

Thanks for your interest in PowerMag kudosweb. I think it would be a good choice too. ;)


Hi Djwd,

I am new to wordpress and purchased this them thinking that it would be formatted for me exactly like you see in the image and then I would have the opportunity to modify it from there. I have literally spent the last 3 days trying to get it to look like what yours does and I am not versed on each feature so my site looks pathetic. Please help me

Hi thomasbarber,
thank you for your purchase.

What exactly are you having troubles figuring out? Have you imported the demo.xml file? Did you take a look at the documention?

Not having a link it’s hard to assist, feel free to drop me an e-mail with your login info and I’ll get you started.


You can send me your login details through my profile page contact form.


Hello! Amazing work!

I tried to locate the language file, I changed the name, everything and I cant make it work. Where I should locate the defoult.mo ? Or I have to change the name to powermag-es_ES.mo? where?


I’ll reply to your other comments ;)

Sorry, Just found it! Just chancge the default file to es_EN.mo and es_ES.po (or whatever your language is).

I found a lot of errors/bugs, I will make a list for you and I will sent to you.


Hi MikSamaPower,
thank you for your purchase and compliments.

If you found missing strings during translation please send me the list in an e-mail through my profile page. I’ll fix them in the next update. Thanks.


First BIG problem: http://xiahpop.com/

Font went crazy check the titles… I tried to deactivate all plugins, optimize, clean database, everything and still showing… I thing your theme has no 100% foreign characters compability… Is there anyway to fix this asap??

Also stuff like “Continue Reading” and in the admin has no translation in the .pop file….

Thank a lot!

I can’t see much problems on the posted link. By the way characters compatibility depends on the chosen fonts not the theme. If you find issues with the default fonts you can choose from over 500 others. Just ask Google for wich ones have latin-extended support.


Hi djwd

Theme looks brilliant and I can’t wait to dig in to see what it can really do.

It’s running very slowly though, have other people had similar issues?


Hi leerthompson,
thank you for your purchase and nice words.

If you mean the live demo, it’s my server that is terribly slow. I’m moving to more powerful servers though in these days. Also a general optimization update is in progress that will bring dramatic speed improvements.


I don’t mean the live demo, I have purchased the theme.

I’m definitely in the same boat as woorms below.

Look forward to updates.


Really Slow too… Any idea why? Not have this problem with others themes.

edit: wrong account sorry ;)

edit2: Don’t speak about the Demo but on my website ;)

Panel admin / Home page etc, all is really slow..

I’ve this problem since I install your theme, all my pluggin are off.


Hi woorms,
a general speed optimization is in progress, although if you are experiencing issues on your admin panel it’s unlikely to be theme related as it doesn’t add anything to the default WPadmin that could slow the back-end.


Ok, i will check that. But really strange, since install, Validate an option can take 10-20sec.. :(

Btw, really a wonderfull job ! You’re the second theme i’ve bought on themeforest !

Great thank you. ;) I’ll look if there’s something I can do too.


Hello, Awesome theme! But I have one problem: When somebody tries to register, it first (always) says “sorry this username is already taken” and after about 2 seconds it switches to “registration complete, your password will be emailed to you”.And after then, it won’t email the password. Is there any fix for that? Because the registratin module is just awesome. Or can you recommend me a different plugin where you can better register/login but the design stays the same? Thank you!

Hi artworkbyliquid, thank you for your purchase and compliments :)

I wil do some tests about the “username already taken”. About the e-mail sending, the login module simply makes use of wordpress default settings, so if your wordpress install is able to send e-mails, the login module will too, otherwise it won’t. That depends on your hosting/wp settings.
btw: other plugins + same design = much work! ;)


Hey djwd, I don’t think it’s on the hosting. It’s wordpress optimised hosting from Arvixe.com. Are there any other wordpress options I have to Check except “Anyone can Register”? Thanks!

Another question.

How do you change the title website color like the demo when swith category?

Hi woorms,
Please post from the account you made your purchase from in order to get support.


My theme is working perfectly now thanks,

A little suggestion, A styled table short code would be a fantastic addition to the theme.

Great. Thank you for the update and the suggestion, I’ll see what I can do ;)

I post back my question ;)

How do you change the website title color like the demo when swithing category?

Thanks ;)

I’ve already answered this in detail a few days ago but I can’t find it anymore! Basically it’s a png image where the last part of the name (Mag) is a transparent ‘hole’. Then I style the image background to match the category color.


thx ! ;)