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Hi, thanks a lot for your great theme.

There is one little thing in combination with fancy-Gallery. I can´t click from one pic to the next one as shown in your sample-gallery.

I have contacted the author of fancy and he gave me the tip to change rel-attribute. The pic must have the same one.


But I can´t find where and how. Plugin recommended?

The text of the contact-Page is changeable via shortcodes? Change to a different language.

Visit libraries/shortcodes.php line 64 if linking to the thumnbail, you can edit the link at that point. You may also want to give the default [gallery] a try as well:

The contact form has attributes for to, subject, button, sent and error message you can control when you enter the shortcode (see the documentation) but if you want to dig in further, visit libraries/shortcodes.php starting at line 125.


I looked for a post addressing this but could not find anything.

Is it easy to modify this so you can apply captions to each image in the gallery? I see that they carry over the title, but I want to possibly add 2 lines of descriptions to it as well.

Hey there, you could probably modify it to pull in the_excerpt() vs just the_title() in the gallery areas. :)

Hi Curt,

Great theme – I enjoy it very much!

Please let me know whether the [cudazi_contact] shortcode works with the SI Captcha plugin. If yes, how to make it running?



Hey Mattki,

As they are two separate scripts, it may just be easier to find a nice free contact form plugin alternative with Capcha.


Hey Curt,

Almost ready to go live with this theme for a client, but I’m having trouble with the Contact form.

When I send email with the form, the reply-to address is incorrect—it’s not using the address entered in the Email field of the form, but rather a generic (non-existent) one from the server.

Any thoughts?


In libraries/shortcodes.php, change this:

$from = $_POST["cf_name"];

to this:

$from = $_POST["cf_email"];

My apologies, I will get that in a theme update.

Excellent! That worked perfectly. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


Hello. I am building a site for an artist to display his portfolio. ( I have a problem with the header galleries. I am using them on the Home and Bio pages. I DO NOT WANT THE GALLERY PICTURES TO LINK TO ANYTHING , NOT POST , NOT ORIGINAL FILE , NOT ANYTHING . Can you please guide me how to do this? Kind thanks Hela from 8Web

UPDATE Found the option under theme settings. Sorry to bother!

Regards, Hela

Please note
The live demo site is now running WordPress 3.1


1. On the home page recent news. How do I only display an excerpt?

2. How to remove the comments for “pages” only. Do I have to edit page.php?

Great theme and thanks in advance.


1 – When editing a post, go into the screen optons tab and enable “the excerpt” and add the excerpt there.

2 – When editing a page, go into screen options and check discussion/comments, a checkbox should appear in the main editing area to enable/disable comments.


I use this theme on one of my websites. But it doesn´t fit to my beolingingd anymore. I would like to use on one other site. Not at the same time. That would be ok for you?

As long as you’re only using it on one site at a time I don’t think there should be any licensing issues, you may want to check with Envato support to be 100% sure. Thanks!

Hello. Can you please help me to remove the words and the grey background that currently says: Category: Blog

The site link is below

Many thanks,

Hey there,

.pagemeta { display: none; } will remove all boxes like that.

.category-blog .pagemeta { display: none; } will remove it where you’re viewing that blog category.

The body has a unique class you can hook onto per-page.


Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

Great template. Could you please help me to load these scripts on only one page (home) via your header because there is jquery conflict with other plugins

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/js/jquery.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/js/jquery-1.7.1.min.js” /></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/js/jquery.easing.1.3.js” /></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/js/flowslider.jquery.js” /></script>

<script> jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(”#slider”).FlowSlider({ mode: “horizontal”, animation: “Elastic”, startPosition: “0.0”, position: “-2.5” }); }); </script>

Thanks in advance

You would need to look into the is_home() WordPress conditional:
<?php if ( is_home() ) { ?>
Your code here
<?php } ?>

Thanks… I’ve figured it out that same day of the post! Sorry for the noob-kind-of-question. Wicked respect for the template

Hello, when I click a thumbnail in the custom gallery/wordpress gallery either a loading-symbol shows up for a second and then nothing happens (need to reload the page otherwise can’t do anything), or the picture opens on a blank site. I’d probably like to purchase the theme, but that’s a crucial issue for me. Thanks in advance