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Where are the layered PNGs located? I dont see them in any of the folders.

Please advise,



could you please be more specific as to which ‘layered PNGs’ you mean? There are several images with a .PNG format used throughout the site ;-)

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The description in the right sidebar here at themeforest says “ThemeForest Files Included: Layerd PNG ”

Basically, I need to customize some of the inner pages and I need the native files to do so.



Indeed, this theme comes with tons of layered PNGs. However, these are not the native images for the theme’s inner pages. If you like, I can hand you the PSDs (these are the native Photoshop files which you can modify to your likings) over.

Anyway, if you would like the PSDs files, please send me an email through my portfolio page telling me which pages you are interested in.

Chris ;)

Hi, love the design. Desperate for the wp version. are you close?

Thanks, Don


The theme has actually been submitted. However, ThemeForest has been experiencing some bugs with the upload and update queue lately, so I guess they will fix that and then continue to work on the queue.

Thanks for the interest, though! And again, stay tuned, as the theme is already finished!

Chris :)

awesome timing for me. I am sure it will be a hit. best of luck. Don

The WP has been approved for sale! Buy it here! ;)

I am really interested in purchasing the item but, I would like to edit it within Dreamweaver CS5 to use as my portfolio website. Will I be able to do this? I apologize if it is a silly question but it says ‘theme’ so….I would like to be sure before I buy.

Thanks, Anna

Hey Anna, as I replied to your mail: The HTML version of Practica, which is priced at US$12, can be customized with any coding program, such as Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 . So you are on the right path.

However, if you are not too fond with coding or do not have much experience with websites, I definitely recommend you to take the WordPress version. As I also mention in my reply to your email, it offers many more features, options, styles, etc. and you won’t need to touch a bit of code.

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ANy way to customize the footer menu?

You can customize anything anywhere you want! ;)

When I add header tags h1 and h2 the text shows up in black and not white, any way to change this?

Could you show me an example? Not quite sure I can re-create this issue on my end.

WOW !!

What a positive experience I’ve had since purchasing the Practica theme….

Crozer, my serious congratulations on a fantastic design, and the excellent professionalism and technical support you have shown throughout. Second to none!

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing your future works on this site soon.

Divebel :-)

Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly appreciate it!


I really like this web design and want to purchase it but I have a few questions. I want to purchase the HTML version but want to make sure it has the blog option like the wordpress version.

How easy is it to modify the information in the pages? For instance I would want to change the services page completely to cv/resume. Would that be an easy modification?

My last question is on the home page can I change the speed and transition types for the pictures? I would want it to stay longer on each photo and have the same transition for each.

Sorry for so many questions!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Hey Alyssa,
Thank you for your interest ;-)

The HTML version does not include a blog functionality because it is a static HTML template. You need a dynamic system/platform, such as WordPress, to implement and use a blog properly.

The services page is a custom template that allows you to list services (or anything else) in such a fashion. However, you could use the default template and create a full-width page with the content you want it to have. That’s completely up to you ;)

Yes you can; there are a lot of options for the slider, including the ones you are asking for.

I hope this answers your questions,
Take care!

Thank you for being so prompt in getting back to me! I really appreciate it! (It also restores my faith in customer service :) )

I have a few more questions, if that is alright. :/

Is it a one time charge or annual?

Can I make two portfolio pages? One for my landscape architecture portfolio and then one for my photography. I just want to duplicate the portfolio page already existing and make another one with all of the same links and options.

The only thing I am really hesitant on in purchasing this is the fact that it is black and most of my friends think it does not fit my personality. Is there anyway to make the background white? If this is possible it will seriously be perfect!

I apologize for all the questions!

Thank you! Hope your monday is going well!


Hey Alyssa, there’s no need to apologize. I’m here to help, so cut the shyness ;)

It is a one-time charge. You pay for a product (in this case the Practica HMTL template) and get my full support for it. Further, if any updates are released, you can freely download them. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable with code, you can hire me for a one-time fee as well, in which I set your site from the ground up (if interested, send me an email via the form at the bottom).

You can make as many portfolio pages as you wish. It’s all a matter of duplicating the respective file.

Haha, indeed! You can change the color by changing a few CSS values (black to white).

Take care!