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Hey rock on man! I saw this template earlier when you were discussing it on twitter. Glad to see you got it all sorted out :) Best of luck, very cool template!

Yeah, it did. Thanks for this comment and for always being ready to offer support. I really appreciate that ;)

This is very cool and unique layout! :)

That’s what I was aiming for when first designing it! Thanks ;)

Beautiful man!

Thanks man ;)

You know.. this one is really interesting and creative and is one of the better templates that got launched today.. but some of the features are just on the borderline of “hokey / gimmicky” – which is what I pay attention to… Not into gimmicky…

But then some of the features are just on the edge of totally brilliant! I like the blog. There are some features that I think are missing; such as “about author” “recent posts” “popular posts” etc..

I wish there were multiple home page options.. Esp Blog on the home page… I’m sure others would want other things… It’s interesting.

Hey, thanks for your words ;)

Since the main purpose of the theme was to focus on the portfolio and the overall display of media (images and/or videos), more blog-related features (such as about the author) and so on don’t really fit a corporate/personal portfolio.

I may understand what you consider to be hokey, but gimmicky? I don’t think there’s any sort of gimmick within the theme.

Either way, thank you a bunch. It’s always great to know what users/buyers think!

Chris ;)

wow man, your onto Wp themes! Thats awesome. Good luck mate with it all, you will kill it!

Haha, I sure hope so. Thanks man!

Great work buddy. Good luck with sales! :nerdy:

Thanks man ;) Really appreciate you including this theme on your site.

yo chris…

this rocks hard …

will def. buy soon ;D

keep up the fresh stuff

gran trabajo,una pregunta, ¿hay algun problema en añadir un plugin de paypal?

great job, a question, is there any problem in adding a paypal plugin?


[spanish] – Todo depende del plugin de PayPal; asegúrate de conseguir uno bueno y estable, que no vaya a crear conflictos con el theme. Pero en general, no debería haber ningun problema en implementar un plugin así ;)

[english] – It all depends on the PayPal plugin you would use; make sure it’s reliable and stable so that it won’t generate any conflicts with the theme itself. Overall, there shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever with implementing a third-part plugin to the theme ;)

Gracias por tu interes!

gracias por la respuesta,la compraré entonces,un saludete

How come the top slider images dont link to anything? Can they be linked to posts? or gallery portfolios?

Hey, thanks for the feedback. This feature is available on the updated version of the theme (1.1). You can purchase the theme now and then download the update, or wait for the update to be approved. It’s already on the queue ;)

Kind regards,

PS. You can already view the working example of the live preview ;)

The theme has been updated. You can now purchase/download the new version which includes the linking of slider-images.

Regards ;)

Great theme, love the design!

Hey, thanks! Huge fan of your famous theme, too. Keep it up ;)

Excelente tema y guapísimas fotos de Cubita la Bella!


Muchas gracias! Si te gustan aquí está el resto de fotografías que tomé en ese viaje ;)


una pregunta,el tema es genial pero me pasa algo que no comprendo,si pongo una imagen para el portafolio cuadrada(400×400) me sale perfecta, pero si es una como por ejemplo de 400×900, me sale con calidad muy mala y no se porqué….¿una manita?


some preview images for the other color schemes would be great….

yes…exactly what i mean :D

Done ;) Click on the Click to view a view style examples box in the item’s description.

yo thanks …

will buy soon … ;)

Nice work Crozer. Before I begin customizing the theme could you look into a couple glitches…could be me, not sure.

1) portfolio detail page does not format correct in ie8

2) can’t cycle to the next image in portfolio detail (blank screen)

thanks a bunch, Don

Hey Don,

All the jQuery from Practica is being pulled from Google, but incredibly, Google’s source presented some issues ( – crazy, isn’t it?)

Anyhow, to fix this, you simply need to change the direction the jQuery is being pulled from. This fix will be included in the new UPDATE . However, if you’d like to do it now, replace (line 19 of header.php):

wp_register_script('jquery', '', false, '1.5', false); //load jquery from google api, and place in footer


wp_register_script('jquery', '', false, '1.5.1', false); //load jquery from google api, and place in footer

Kind regards,
Chris ;)

a question, the theme is great but I do not understand something happens, if I put a picture for the portfolio square (400 × 400) I get perfect, but if for example a 400 × 900, I get very bad quality and do not know why ….

look at the difference: bad:


i use firefox

Hey Juancho,

[spanish] Por favor no postees el mismo tema dos veces. Estoy haciendo todo lo posible para arreglar ese pequeño problema y te avisaré ni bien esté solucionado ;) Actualizaré el theme y podrás bajar le versión arreglada gratuitamente.

[english] Hey, please don’t post the same comment twice. I am aware of this small issue and I’m working to get it sorted out ASAP . I’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed ;) I will also update the theme as soon as I have fixed this so that you can download it for free.

mis disculpas, lo puse 2 veces pensando que poniendolo solo en español no lo entendias, creia que usabas un traductor hasta que he visto que eres de peru,lo siento, estaré a la espera hasta que termines, tranquilo. un saludo

No te preocupes ;)

El update que corrige ese error ya ha sido enviado. Debería estar listo en una o dos horas.