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hola,una ultima pregunta,hice modificaciones en el theme para poner paypal y ajustar tamaños al footer y me gustaria conservar esos cambios ¿habria alguna posibilidad de que pusieses el codigo modificado aqui para copiarlo a la pagina que corresponda? o hay algunas modificaciones mas que me aconsejas usar.

un saludo y menudo trabajo…


Ehm, son dos o tres cambios que definitivamente te recomendaría aplicar. En todo caso, envíame un correo a través de mi profile. Yo te responderé con todos los cambios que debes hacer—o si prefieres, me das acceso a tu servidor y lo hago por ti ;)


I would like to know if its possible to remove the meta-description on each picture, but have the images automatically just open the lightbox/prettyphoto effect?

For a photographer, having a description on each image takes away from seeing their latest work right off the back on the front page.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Eric,

You want to ignore the single-portfolio page and have a lightbox/prettyphoto effect right on the frontpage, when you click any of the thumbnails, correct?

If so, I can definitely do that for you. Once you’ve purchased the theme and set it up on your server, shoot me an email and I’ll do it for you ;)

Thanks for the interest and kind regards!

Hi, This may be a stupid question, but are all of the portfolio pictures managed by wordpress? Because all the archives list the same pictures…great job otherwise though. It looks great!


Hey Patrick,

The archive you see on the footer only has dummy/filler content. I just created it so that you can actually see how the archive-listing looks like.

All of the portfolio images are managed by WP. You create a new post, add a featured image and voilá, as easy as that!

Regards :)

Anyone have trouble getting the main logo to display? I uploaded a new image and there’s nothing there.


Indeed, there was a bug when uploading your main/alternative logo images. This has been fully fixed in the upcoming UPDATE .

Please let me know if you’d like to wait for the update. If not, send me an email through my profile page and I’ll reply with all the necessary changes ASAP (or you can send me your login information to your server and I’ll apply the changes for you).

Kind regards ;)

can the large colored box be altered to work with my Logo? I was thinking about having it black with my blue logo on top? Is that possible?


That ‘large colored box’ is actually your logo. You can easily replace it with the built-in theme settings. There, you can see the exact size of the logo area, so that you can design a perfect match ;)

If you have any more doubts, please let me know.

Regarding the help file being only video screencasts, what if a user that needs help is DEAF ?

Also, sometimes I like to read instead of hear directions.

When you get a chance can you write out the steps with photos.

Last, I emailed you my details regarding the site that needs the preview images to link directly to PrettyPhoto/Thickbox (I forget which one you are using exactly).

The banner does not get updated when you create a page without a template, stays the yellow default banner.

Thanks for noticing! I will fix that ASAP .

No problem.

Also, it would be nice to have an option to have the “front page” images to be separate from “portfolio”.

IE: Let’s say I have images A, B, C. I want all three to show up in their own galleries and on the portfolio section (listed under “Portfolio) but I only want image A & C to show up on the front page (also listed under category “Front Page”).

Maybe add a checkbox option that when checked has a “Front Page” view drop down category select show up (or becomes usable).

I am putting lots and lots of images in the portfolio section, there are a few that have 2 or more of the same person and I don’t want those clogging up the front page.

Thanks in advance,


I cant seem to find the area that has the exact size of the logo space? Do you mind sending me that info? My logo is square so i want to make sure it fits nicely before i buy the template.


ahhh just one more question before i buy

i see all portfolio items are just showing one pic… is there on option to add more then one pic with the zoom function as well ?



Do you mean have several ‘main images’ on the single-portfolio page, where each has its own zoom function? Sorry, I just like to be very sure what you mean ;)

If so, yes it does (view example).

Viele Grüße,


Please download the latest release (1.2) as this fixes several bugs (view changelog for more information).

Thanks to your kind suggestions, the coming update will include:
  • Ability to hide certain images from the frontpage
  • Default’s page logo fix
  • A core-related caching fix
  • A few more ‘superficial’ fixes

I need the ability to have a page that does not have the right-side widget column.

So an example of pages that HAVE the right-hand sidebar: Services, About, Blog.

I need a page that takes the whole space up. Currently, when I selected “DEFAULT TEMPLATE ” the sidebar still shows up.

Here’s an example:


Hi, Nice work!

I am wondering if pictures can be added to the top on the regular pages below the main links and above the page title bar?

Also could the homepage have no thumbnails under the slider and just a regular full width area to add content?

Last request, I would love it to be able to have a white background and black or different font colours?

Thanks so much, this is a very nice site you have put together!


Sorry for the late reply, but as you may be aware, Practica is going through some mayor (and great) updates. The whole theme will include some fantastic new features and its core is being cleaned out.

As for your concerns:
1- Currently you cannot add images to the ‘top area’ of a page. However, this might be an interesting idea to incorporate (eg. have gray-to-color thumbnails on that area as well).

2- I will make sure you have the capability of displaying a full-width content area instead of the gray-to-color thumbnails in the upcoming update.

3- For the time being, I don’t think a ‘light’ version of the theme comes up. The idea is great, but it involves a lot of tweaking and customizing. Hence, the more performance-related features will be worked on for now.

I am really glad you like this theme. Please let me know if you have any more doubts.
Kind regards,

Chris ;)

I guess chnages are being made cause it has an error now…

Yes, sorry about that! There was a problem with the uploaded file. However, everything is fixed now! Version 1.3 will be submitted today and it has some amazing new features.

Stay tuned!


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyt! So is v. 1.3 Uploaded to the test site yet?


I also noticed the categories aren’t formatted right… might wanna look at that also.


I have installed the theme on a vanilla WP 3 .1 install. When importing the sample data, I get an error (5 times) saying: ‘Failed to import menu due to missing menu slug’

The theme has worked but the menu’s are a mess. Please help!

You can see the installed theme here:



Also, part of the logo is hidden behind the previews like here:

and some of the top content is missing from the main page here: (compared to the demo). It looks like it’s not showing all the thumbnails either? I might try to re-install the theme…

No, don’t re-install it!

Have you checked out the ‘First Overview’ video-tutorial? There, I explain how you must, before anything else, create your home and blog page, and define them in Settings > Reading (ie. your home page as the static main page, and your blog page as the posts page).


I’ve done that already. Still looks wrong! The only other thing I did was change the permalink structure from Default to / postname / but I’ve put it back to default now.

Please note that ALL bugs have been fixed in the upcoming update: Version 2!

View the Live Preview for a sneak peak at what’s coming!

Hey Dan, I assume you accidentally flagged your comment as inappropriate. Either way, I cannot reply to it anymore, so I’m replying here.

You could give me access to your WP site (via email) and I’ll look into it ASAP . From what I see am 100% certain of what’s happening. (create the categories for each of the corresponding sections: slider, portfolio, featured area).

Kind regards,

To go back to what @ioama said about the “categories being off” when you are viewing individual categories, I noticed you ALMOST fixed it completely.

When you are at the blog and then click on the “featured posts” you will see that on the “featured posts” page that the content is pushed down about 100px.

Clear your Cache ;)

When i upload the dummy content, things dont look right… why is that?


One thing that might happen: Did you install the theme first, and then import the dummy content? If not, make sure to re-import the dummy content now that Practica has been installed.

If that’s not your issue, could you be more precise as to what is not looking right? Remember that the import tool does not include menus.


Oh okay. Thanks.

Love the theme so far but I’m running into a couple problems.

The archive just doesn’t work. Any month I click on displays the same posts regardless of the actual month of the post.

Also the thumbnail links to navigate from one portfolio item to the next (below the zoom) results in 404 on default link style and randomly sends me to blog post style version of the portfolio item when I use custom permalinks.

Thanks for the help. Great job otherwise.

Hey, the issue you’ve also mentioned on another comment is being taken care of. However, could you send me a link to your site to check out that navigation-404 issue?