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I solved the problem with the thumbnail links by adding my URL to the single.php template in front of each link. I still have the problem with the archive though. How do I get it to only show posts within that month?

Hey, this issue is being sorted out. I’ll submit an update as soon as I finish fixing it.

Stay tuned ;)

Why arent things properly arranged?



On the first video-tutorial I mention that the top admin-bar needs to be disabled for the theme to look properly. I assume that’s your issue ;)

Kind regards,

EDIT : I see you solved it. Glad to hear!

I fixed that problem… The template shifts because of the Wordpress Admin bar on the site…

But… Categories are not working…


Kinda same on the test site…

(as mentioned on my other comment, I’m glad you fixed the inconsistency related to the admin-bar).

As for the archive/category bug, hanks for noticing. I’ll look right into it and fix it ASAP .

I’ll keep all of you updated!

How long do you think that would take… Laziness is why i havent done it myself…

Also.. Look at my dropdown menus

Especially the one under Blog… whats going on with the spacing cause i notice its different on the test site.. there is padding left and right.


Read my latest comment ;)

Hey, I run a website called I am looking to simplify it and clean it up a bit. This template would be the ideal template for me if i could use the slider on the home page and display the blog. I have read all the posts and understand this theme was designed for photographers but is there anyway to make the main page a blog? Can I change around the pages IE: home to blog…. portfolio to main gallery ect..?

I have an online art gallery that would look bad ass on this theme but i also sell clothing and apparel is there a way for me to incorporate that into this theme? Do all the pictures in the portfolio section show up on the main gallery?

Can I add widgets and modules to this theme? IE: Advertisement boxes on the left or right columns?


1- This theme is not limited to photographers. It can be used by all sorts of persons that want to display visually, beautiful content. So sure, you can adapt this theme to anything you want (eg. change the metadata: ‘camera type’, ‘location’, ‘date’, etc. with whatever you feel like). And of course, you can choose which names to use for your links/pages (eg. instead of Portfolio put Main Gallery, and so on).

2- You can convert the homepage into a blog. It would require a bit of customizations, but it’s definitely possible and easy to do ;) Just contact me once you’ve purchased this theme and I’ll gladly do it for you.

3- For the clothing/apparel site: You can choose to hide posts/thumbnails from the homepage gallery. Also, you could organize your posts/thumbnails within categories so that only the images relevant to the category will be shown.

4- And yes, the bottom and right areas are fully widgetized.

If you have any more doubts, please let me know!


Version 2.3 has been submitted and should be ready for you to download in the upcoming hours. Please view the changelog for more information!

Thanks :)


I want to remove the zoom and replace it with e text field!!!! Can i do that ?

thanks :)

Hey, send me an email via my profile page or using the email provided at the help file.


I send it to the gmail from the documentation of the theme :)


I’m glad you are happy with the modifications ;)

Hello there,

I know this is going to sound very elementary but I want to make my own blog to post alot of video and some of my own photos… I have fallen in love with this theme and was wondering if its too much for someone who has no blog experience but is a quick learner?

The layout is so clean I really want to make it work for me



Hey Mike!

I’ll put it this way: The theme has been clean-coded, it has an extensive video-guide, it comes with a user-friendly admin panel and you can always ask for any sort of help. Just shoot me an email, or post a comment right here, and I will reply ASAP .

And of course, if you’re a quick-learner, this should work for you beautifully. I can only ask you to watch the videos first, as they will teach you everything you need to know :)

Kind regards,

Thanks! I’m in…

Glad I could help!

You should look into offering cufon text ready styles (like mine). Definitely makes the site look better!

Hey, great idea. I’ll list that for the upcoming update.

Oh and the ability to change the text for the Contact Form’s “Successful” submission via the Control Panel.

Hey Crozer,

Thankls for getting back to me so soon! Its great to meet someone online that is supplying us with such great customer service. your theme has been the coolest looking and most effective lay out for my needs and its good to know your around to trouble shoot. I have never used wordpress. right now im using a drupal site a designer had made for me but he is MIA and i need something a little simpler and easier for me to use.

I am signing up for wordpress today and im going to mess around with it a little bit to get familiar but once i do i will most likely be buying your theme!

Keep up the good work!

That’s awesome, I’ll be eagerly waiting :)

Is there a way to have my logo be the ‘Background Pattern’? I have a simple logo that would look great!


Mike French

p.s. I want to say that this has been a wonderful experience and so far you have done an amazing job at explaining all the necessary components in your tutorials!

You want your logo image to be the actual background pattern (i.e. having it repeat throughout the website’s background).

If so, shoot me an email and I’ll do it for ya, as it’s currently not an option by default.
Chris ;)

Hey what is the real specification for the slider banner?

With specifications you mean width and height dimensions? If so, it’s 800×318 pixels, although you should not worry about that as the theme generates an image of that size automatically.


I came across this wonderful theme and must admit I’m pretty close to buying it.

However I have one little question about the theme. The content pages for the individual pictures, are they normal posts or how is that set up? And if they’re just normal posts, is it very difficult to re do the post pages to remove the zoom view and the arrows to other posts, and adding possibility for the uploads og more pictures than just one for each post?

Now I’m no code-jockey, but I know a thing or 2 about php & css. So I might be able to figure it out. But it would be nice to know if it would be bigger project or if it could be done fairly easily.

No matter what its still a great theme.


The way it works is very simple. You define which posts belong to which category (eg. Blog or Portfolio; there are more categories to this, but let’s only use those 2 for this example). Now, depending on which category you set the posts to, they are automatically assigned to a specific layout (eg. for portfolio -> the zoom page, for blog -> the regular post page). And so on..

It’s as easy as that. And of course, much more information is given throughout the video-guides.

Concerning your doubt, I’d ask you to wait maybe a day or two, and I’ll make sure to implement what you’re asking into an upcoming update. Sounds good?

Chris ;)

No I don’t think it sounds good, it sounds awesome!

Hey I sent you an email regarding setting up Custom URL ’s for Nivo and how I accidentally lost the feature once I upgraded the site.

I also realized I need the ability to hide posts from showing up in the Blog section (some of my “slider” posts are only going to be images that link to another site or a single video).

Thanks in advance

Hey I actually figured out that I needed to have “PrettyPhoto” slider selected to use my Custom URL . No Need to worry about that.

Yep, simple as that ;)

And remember that to hide posts from the Blog you can simply set the posts you want to hide into the Uncategorized category.


Hi, You’re doing great things with the site!!

Are you able to make a function so that pictures can be above the headers on each page instead of text?

Thanks so much!

Hey Rory, for the moment this feature is not available.

I will let you if I include it within an upcomnig update ;)
Best regards,



Version 3 has just been submitted. As soon as it’s approved you will see the V3 on both the thumbnail and preview images.

Version 3 includes:
  • Gallery Mode!
  • Customizable Contact reply-message (succes & error)
  • Scrolling/Floating Sidebar
  • New Zoom Style: Reversed!

Chris ;)

Hi Chris,

First I would like to congratulate you for the great job you have done with your theme so far. I just recently updated to version 2, loved the new features and just reading about your newest release.

One thing I would like to point it out: search box and footer comment box. You are using placeholders which are very limit compatibility cross-browser. There are several different approaches you can overcome this problem. If you would like to see I implemented a simple javascript solution.

Best Regards

Hey, thanks for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me.

I did think about implementing the ‘placeholder’ attribute twice. I was unsure whether its simplicity and greatness would balance with the incompatibility it has towards certain browsers.

However, now that you bring this up, I will add a fallback for all the older browser versions and IE.

Thanks again!
Chris ;)


Love the theme and love it even more with all of your improvements. I have never seen a author more willing to please than you.

Now for the problem I am having, after updrading to v3 I get this message that seems to shut every down.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /home/content/r/i/p/ripperart/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/practica_wp/functions.php on line 735

i can no longer get into wordpress at all. Not a big deal to me as I have no content yet.

any ideas? I used the theme installer from within wp.

Thanks, Don

Hey Don, do you know if your server supports PHP5 ? Either way, send me an email with your FTP login information.


Whats up Crozer,

I bought the theme and have been playing around with it a little bit. I love the arrangement and set up. However there are a few things i wanted to talk to you about. I would like to customize the general theme set up and seeing as im a novice as best at wordpress I would like your help. I have a general idea of how I would like to rearrange the setup of the theme and still keep it “themed” so to speak. Please contact me at maybe we can ichat/skype or something and talk about my ideas? I would just like to set this is up to optimize the efficiency of my website.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

ps- great job on the instructional videos!


I understand it is much to much to do for free I am willing to negotiate payment for your time and skill. How should i go about contacting you?

Hey, we could chat via Skype. Send me your Skype username via Email and I’ll add you.


I have sent you my skype info. Any idea on when we can set up a time to discuss these changes?

Hey, Is there a way to make any page a full width page at the bottom? Maybe make the about template just have a fullwidth bottom?

Thanks so much Crozer. Best,

Hey Rory,

What exactly do you mean with ‘having a full-width page at the bottom’? Are you thinking about having the usual layout at the top (i.e. left column and sidebar) and once the sidebar ends, make the page full-width?

If you need an all full-width page, you can easily set one up by creating a new page using the default template.

Kind regards,