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There was a tiny coding error in the WP3 release, which resulted in an ‘unexpected ?’ error message. This was caused due to a minor typography issue and it now has been fixed.


Hi Chris :)

Just bought the theme and downloaded the .zip folder named 201642

Tried installing it on my WP blog, by uploading the .zip folder in the themes menu, it took awhile for it to install but by the end it was completed…and after installing it I tried to activate it, but it was giving an error saying the theme was broken, reverting back to the default WP theme :S…So I went into the .zip folder and saw a folder named Dummy Content and in that it had a .txt file named instructions...I looked at that and went through what was written, but still no luck ?!? :(

I was wondering if you could help me get the theme to work please!! XD

Many Thanks,


Hey Masood,

The Instructions .TXT file is a simple instructional guide only related to uploading your dummy content. It has nothing to do with the theme’s upload itself.

Also, the ‘broken-theme’ issue is very common. In fact, it is so common, that Envato has recorded a quick video on how to fix/avoid it. Watch it here.

Finally, always look at the main instructions first, which are located as an index.html file within the Help folder, to avoid any further problems. Practica comes packed with tons of instructional video guides, which explain every step from scratch to setting up the whole site.

Regards ;)

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the tip, I had a look at the video you attached, It really helped and now it’s working perfectly :). I appreciate that man!! :P

Thanks again!! ;)


No problem ;) If you wouldn’t mind rating the file; I would really appreciate that!

Hi there!

Could you help us? We purchased your gorgeous practica WP theme. We are really proud and happy on chosing your template… congratulations, great job!

We are having problems with the homepage. If we save the reading settings as you explain at your tutorials, the slider does not work. If we leave it as “last entries”,the slider works fine but the “blog” does not work as it should.

I guess you do not have to give us any kind of support, and that we have tuned everything, but could you give us any advice? Do you have any idea of which is the problem.

Our website url:

Thanks in advance for all.

Yours sincerely,


(We sent you an email yesterday, to the gmail account)

Thanks Chris, we’ve just e-mailed you the info.


Crozer you’re the fuckin’ crack man!!!


I am very glad you’re happy with my services and support :) Please don’t forget to rate the file!


Hey Crozer

I’ve been tinkering around with your theme and wanted to put the portfolio page as the front page. I changed the reading settings for the front page to show the portfolio.

The only problem now is that the portfolio doesn’t show right neither when I’m on the front page or if I click on portfolio in the category.

Suddenly theres a thumbnail on top of the header image. There’s no description anymore when I roll the mouse over the images, and it takes the same post/thumbnail and shows it 5 times. So the whole grid view is 5 times longer.

Is there anything you can do to help?

I am sorry but the default functionality of the theme does not support having the portfolio on the front page. That’s why the front page already offers a portfolio-like area.

By changing the reading setting in such manner, you are confusing the theme. I could only offer you to set the site back to what it’s supposed to be.

Currently I cannot offer you any customization services, as my schedule is full. However, if you still want a full portfolio on the front page, I could ask around and see if a WP developer is willing to do the job ;)

Kind regards,

Oh alright …

Well I figure I might be able to work around it. Could you tell me which file puts the slider on the frontpage? Cause I figure if I can remove the slider, then I’m just a few steps from my goal.

Thanks alot

Hey, that’s very easy. The slider’s DIV is located on the bottom part of the header.php file.


Hi there!

Firstly – amazing theme, cannot wait to use it.

Slight issue in that I have been trying to upload it from the Wordpress theme installer built into the admin dashboard and have left it ‘uploading’ and 2.5hours later it is still in the same place? Am on a mega fast network at work and cannot work out how to get it to go faster, seems to fail.

Any ideas?



First and foremost, thank you for purchasing it and for your kind comments :) It’s definitely strange that the installation process is taking so long; installing a theme through the dashboard or via FTP should take 1-2 minutes (and that’s already for huge themes).

In any case:
  • Make sure you’re actually installing the practica_em ZIP file, and not the whole PracticaWP3 ZIP file.
  • If that was not your issue, I would suggest uploading it via FTP inside of: root folder/wordpress folder/wp-content/themes
  • And if THAT did not work, I would suggest you try again and contact your hosting provider, as something is definitely not right with your server

Good luck and please let me know if I can help you out with anything else ;)

Small typo there, I meant practica_wp ZIP file.

Hi I have an issue with the links from the portfolio section on the front page. When I click them the zoom function works fine but when I click the navigation buttons to see the next or previous they do not work. something is also going wrong with the URLs. It seem that it keeps adding to the URL , but the images still shows but the zoom does not. After clicking the navigation 3 time I get a 404 error.

Any ideas?

My url is a temp one here johnford/”>

Somehow my url is getting messed up when posting?

Thanks Ben

Hey Ben,

I checked your site, and there was nothing wrong with the theme. You had to set the front- and blog page under your Settings > Reading panel. Once that is done, the CSS styles and functions for every page are properly set.

With no intention to offend you whatsoever, please read the documentation first. It’s always a great practice to do so, as it explains every step you need to take in order to get Practica up-and-running ;)

Kind regards,

Hi Chris,

I did look at a few of the videos when I got stuck. But now I am still stuck on the logo sizes and also the links on the zoom screen. Could you at least tell me which video I need to watch to find out the information I need as there is no way to text search the videos. I have looked at the reading panel but cannot figure out what “You had to set the front- and blog page under your Settings > Reading panel.” means


Hey Ben, I did the Settings > Reading part for you.

I now understand what your issue is about, and it’s very easy to fix! You have set numeric names to your posts, and that causes the little function which takes you to the next/prev post to break.

Simply change their names (which I assume you would do anyway) and more importantly, their slug-names. I have done two examples for you. Of course if you’d like to keep the numeric names, simply change their slug-names and that will also work.

Take care,


Great to see the WP version up and running.

Can you tell me, how easy is it to change the font throughout the template – I need it to show sans-serif type instead.

Many thanks,



That’s actually very easy. If you want to set absolutely everything to a sans-serif font, go to the style.css file and find the body { .. } statement. Within it, simply set your font like so:
body { font-family: Arial, or, any, other, font; }
There are specific sections that already have a unique font set-up. For example, the service’s columns, or the page titles. If you would like to override these as well, you could add an !important statement to the line above, like so:
body { font-family: Arial, or, any, other, font !important; }

Hope that helps ;)

Hi… how can I change the size of the video player?...


Do you mean the video player that pops-up when you click a thumbnail from the home/portfolio page? If so, you can change the width and height inside of the front-page.php file, aprox. in line 80. If you can’t find it, search for:

<a class="videoBlock"

.. and you will see the width and height options just after that ;)



1.I have an issue with the homepage : all the new pictures uploaded are not plublished, only two pictures are showing. I can’t understand why because the portfolio showing all the pictures i’ve uploaded.

2.You cans see the website there :

3.other issue : the twitter feed not showing the feed and i can see the message “No public Twitter messages.” It was working the 5 frist minutes, and after nothing.

4.Is it possible to have 2 different portfolio wich doesn’t linking with the same category ?

Otherwise the theme is excellent and is well adapted to the astronomy domain.

Thanks, and sorry for my english if i made some mistakes.

Hello crozer

Excelent theme and very well adapted to astronomy domain. however i have 3 issues withe the theme :

1. the homepage portfolio does’nt work. Photos appear on the real portfolio, but not on the homepage. I sometimes one or two photos that appear, but never more. “portfolio category” is set to “portfolio”. All photos are well set in the porfolio categogy + sub category. I can’t undersand why all photos in portfolio not appear on the homepage …

2. My my “twitter feed” worked 5 min, and after nothing, the following message appears “No public Twitter messages.” And i have public message on twitter.

3. Is it possible to have two different portfolio set to two different category ?

Many thanks,

Hey, thank you very much!

Please send me an email with your website’s address, FTP and WordPress login details. I’d have to take a look more carefully.

At the moment, the portfolio can only be assigned to one category. However, if you like, I could customize this for you ;)


Hello crozer

I have sended you the details on your email. Thank you very much for your help

Hi Chris,

Love this theme and planning to buy it for a client. Just a few questions if you don’t mind.

1. Can the images on the homepage be opened as jquery lightbox items instead of going to a post page?

2. Is the site compatible with iOS? iphone and ipad. Any known issues with the jquery and ipad?

3. On the homepage, can the slideshow at the top be turned off or removed so the grid of images can move up below the header?

Thanks for your time!


Hey Lee, thank you very much for your interest!

1. Indeed they can; you can choose to open up the post-image or a video (local or external). You can even create slideshows, as I show you here:

Basically you can choose to open up images directly with PrettyPhoto from the homepage and/or portfolio, you can unite several post-images with slideshows, you can display videos as well, etc. etc.

2. Nope. In fact, it’s impressive how well the site behaves. And I say impressive because most effects in Practica Portfolio are quite advanced (eg. the grey-to-color, or the zoom effect). But again, they all work flawlessly both on your IPad and IPhone.

3. There’s no switch to turn on/off the slider. But it shouldn’t be too hard to customize ;)

Thanks again and take care!

Thanks Chris!

I’m recommending this 100% to my client tonight and hope to buy it soon.

Best, Lee

Awesome! Glad to hear that.

Take care,

Having an odd problem that I can’t quite figure out.

The theme seems to be shifted to one side which makes the menu bar and the Twitter and RSS feed icons drop into the slider area on the front page of the theme.

What happens is that the RSS feed and Twitter icons appear and then the RSS feed changes position as the slider begins to work

It also causes the slider to show lines through the images where the folds happen in the fade effects as well one image sticks out underneath the other when they change images in the sequence

Any idea why that would happen?

Annnd since I can’t put the URL in the previous message: Is where you can see it happening

Hey, First and foremost thanks a bunch for purchasing my theme!

To address your issue: Even though it looks so critical, it takes only a few very simple steps to fix it! Send me an email via my profile page with your WP login details. I’ll be glad to help you out ;-)

As a hint, what’s basically happening is that your navigation menu is too wide, therefor it does not fit in the required space and pushes the slider down. Furthermore, the logo image you uploaded it too short (unless you did that on purpose).

Kind regards,

Many thanks Chris! It’s perfect!

You are very welcome Tera!

Hi! I love the theme, thanks so much! I have gotten everything set up on my site for the most part thanks to the very helpful video tutorials but still cannot get any of my logos to load. I designed a logo to put on both the homepage and all other pages and tried to upload them on the Practica tab. I have them in my media library and have tried copy and pasting the URL into the spaces for the logo and just uploading it from my computer into that spot. Nothing seems to work. The file is a jpg. Does it need to be a certain format? And do I need to put something specific in the “show” part of the picture settings? I apologize if I missed where to do this is the videos but I just cannot figure it out.

Thanks! Katie

Hello again, the problem I was having went away as soon as I asked about it and I got my logos to load fine. Now, I tried to upload different ones and it won’t show up again. I have tried every combination of putting the post url/regular url, changing the size, etc. Also, when it uploaded before, it was always a different size. On some pages, the logo wouldnt align with anything, it would just half way fill the space for it and other times I would look at it, it would be perfectly aligned with the bottom of the flashing caption (on the home screen). Please help…I just want my logo to load on all the pages and be perfectly aligned with the bottom of the caption (homescreen) and bottom of the first line of thumbnails (on every other page). They are the latest uploads in my media library…some are actual size and some are not. I’ll send you my log in info…thank you so much!

Oh, and the top right thumpnail on many pages is shifted down a tiny bit and doesn’t line up with everything. I think it is because I have too many catagories, but I need them. Is there a way to to not show the catagories right above the thumbnails and only in the drop down menu at the top? Ideally, I would like to make a menu that says design and photography and then when you hover over each, another menu with more catagories (the ones currently in my menu)pops out to the left for each. I tried this, but it didn’t do anymore than the first drop down for design and photography, no secondary drop down. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!


Hi Chris,

This theme looks super awesome, and I’m seriously considering buying it.

I would have few questions/feature suggestions, if you could possibly consider adding these:

  • 2. You have nice option to insert Camera type into the post details, but since this is a photography theme, wouldn’t it be really cool to pull out photo EXIF meta automatically from the picture itself (ISO, shuttrer speed, object etc.) and set that feature as optional? ;)
  • <
  • 3. Is there built in music player? (Maybe with HTML5 it could be added easily)
  • 4. You have ‘Play arrow’ on video links, could you add ‘magnifying glass’ to post images which have been enabled to be viewed directly in ‘PrettyPhoto’? Or maybe even better let the visitor decide what to do, like here:

If these features could be added, I would have no doubts buying this theme, and I’m sure that there would be many happy customers in addition to me :)

Best regards, Sami

Hi !!!

I need a few changes to the theme, can you give an email to send you the specifications!!!


Hey, you can send me an email form my profile page (scroll down a bit until you see the contact form to the right).

Thanks for purchasing Practica!


Hi Chris,

One of my questions above disappeared when I posted my comment. So here’s few questions/feature suggestions:

1. Could you think to add Quicksand filtering for Portfolio categories, and leave categories visible by default (these could be optional features). I think that the icon to open portfolio categories is so tiny, that some people might not even notice it.

2. You have nice option to insert Camera type into the post details, but since this is a photography theme, wouldn’t it be really cool to pull out photo EXIF meta automatically from the picture itself (camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, focal length, ISO speed, and even geolocation if camera is equipped with GPS ) and set that as optional feature? ;)

3. Is there built in music player? (Maybe with HTML5 it could be added easily)

4. You have ‘Play arrow’ on video links, could you add ‘magnifying glass’ to post images which have been enabled to be viewed directly in ‘PrettyPhoto’? Or maybe even better let the visitor decide what to do, like here

Anyway, this theme looks super awesome, and I’m seriously considering buying it. Could you please let me know what you think about these suggestions?

Thank you in advance!!

Best regards, Sami

Hey Sami,

Thanks a bunch for these great suggestions.

1. The Quicksand filtering module would mean the re-creating of the whole frontpage and portfolio’s structure. The way Quicksand works is very different from how the current thumbnails work.. therefore, I’m sorry to say that this would take too much time!

2. Woah, if you are aware of any humanly possible way of doing that through WordPress, please let me know! Otherwise, the metadata you see on the live demo is an example of how a photographer’s portfolio might look like; you can swap the icons as you like so that they represent something else.

3. There is no music player as this theme is oriented towards visuals and not audio. It should be hard to implement, though, depending on what/where you need it for.

4. Yep, changing that image is a no-brainer ;)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your answers!!

Ok, the Quicksand feature would just have been a cool addition, but not necessary, though I would like to have an option to keep the portfolio categories visible by default.

About implementing the photo EXIF meta, I don’t know as I’m more designer than developer… However, at least this theme pulls out the metadata from somewhere:

There’s also few plug-ins, one being PhotoQ. But if there’s possibility to type additional EXIF meta manually, I could live with that :)

Music player isn’t a problem either, because there is music player plug-ins available. It’s just always better to keep as few plug-ins as possible ;)

Anyways, I think that after my two weeks vacation, I’ll give this theme a go. :)

Thanks again for your answers!

Regards, Sami

Hey Sami, you are totally right. To be honest, I have no idea how I missed websites that actually extract the EXIF information and display it. I say this because I am actually an avid user on deviantArt, and they have that feature all over the place! Implementing the PhotoQ plugin to the actual theme is something that, again, would take too much time. The main problem here is that Practica already has a few months, and I am quite busy working on my next theme.

So, I am very sorry that I sound all ‘oh no I can’t, I don’t want to, too much time, etc.’ but you must understand that it can be quite difficult to manage dedication and time between older products and your new babies (i.e. my new theme).

Anyhow, I would offer myself to customize Practica with the PhotoQ plug-in (or any other for that matter) for you, and I am really excited that you are interested in purchasing this theme ;)