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Hi Chris,

No worries, none of these feature suggestions are deal breakers. I’ve noticed that with WordPress it’s always better to not have too many 3rd party plug-ins, as it saves you from many headaches, and of course once the theme is already out there, it may not be so straight forward task to implement more plug-ins (to the theme itself).

However, there’s few minor modifications that I would like to see in this theme: -Portfolio categories visible by default (maybe optional) -Someway make the info field scroll bar more apparent

Thanks, Sami

That can definitely be done ;)

Hi Chris,

Great theme, and it is really nice to see that you are so happily willing to help with any issues. Keep up the awesome work bud! :)

Regards, Nam

Hey Nam,

Thanks for taking the time and leaving such comment. You know I greatly appreciate it!

Chris ;)

Hi Chris, Firstly, this is a really awesome theme – looks fantastic!

Your documentation is amazing and easy to follow and understand.

I am having an issue with the homepage thumbnails. I have done everything as you have suggested, and can not get them to show. I have enabled them on the homepage as per your instructions etc. but I have only ever seen a thumbnail once. It appeared and then vanished as soon as the page was refreshed.

I have deleted every image and post, emptied the junk and then started again, following the slider image creation process again and can not get them to show. Please help!!

Thanks in advance – :)

Hey Andrew,

First and foremost, thank you very much for your purchase and your kind words! Please don’t forget to rate Practica once we have sorted everything out ;-)

Please send me an email from this account, via my profile page, with your website’s URL as well as your WordPress login information. This issue is very, very rare, but it has happened to 2 or 3 buyers. As far as I recall, it was related to the hosting server not supporting PHP 5 or above.

Either way, just send me an email and we’ll get your site rocking!
Chris ;)

Hi Chris,

I have emailed the information to you. Thanks again,


And replied ;)


love you theme and im about to buy it. just need to ask something, i want the theme for a photography cliente.. and on “post”, its possible to upload multiple images?

showing some how.. on vertical alignmente or a gallery.


I am really glad you love the theme. By default, the portfolio post-template only allows you to display that ‘big’ image on the left, with its zooming-area on the right (if you enable the gallery mode, then the zooming-area is replace by other posts’ thumbnails). Please view the Practica V3 video for more info ;)

So you would need to customize the theme a bit to get that done!

Kind regards,

Can find the vídeo, can you give me the link? So, to do what I want, multi-images (gallery) on post, i have to modify the post page, isnt?

I can’t insert it manually on the post like a simple image? Not setting that “main” image and just posting images.. like the wordpress gallery.

Would be a nice featured for next update.. and sounds easy for you.

Hey, whoah, sorry for the super-delayed answer. I got hit by a lot of comments and replies, and completely lost track of the older comments. I am sorry for that!

Yes, that’s exactly what you would do. You can watch the video here.

Hi Crozer, I purchased your tema and it works all fine, but one thing: in the portfolio area, when I click on the arrows to move to the following or previous artwork, i get an error message: “Not Found

The requested URL /wp/campi-di-grano-vellutati was not found on this server.”

The “campi-di-grano-vellutati” is the name of the following art work. can you pelase help me?

Thanks! Lucia

Hi ! I still need some help on the question I sent you 9 days ago..can you please help me? Thank you very very much… Lucia

Oh wow, I am very, very sorry for that! It seems that I completely overlooked your comment.

Now let’s get your issue solved ASAP ;) Send me an email with your WP and FTP information via my profile page, and I’ll fix it for you. This issue is simply related to your website’s permalinks structure, not the theme itself.

Take care and please pardon me for the delay!

Dear Chris, thank you very much. I sent you an email from your profile with the data you asked me. ML, Lucia

Done ;)

Help Please

I am trying to setup the very first thing – the Slider – and it’s not going very well. I have followed you instructions to the letter. I have made a category called ‘slider’. The Slider category is set to Slider and each post that I create (with its featured image) is also linked to Slider. Still the posts are appearing on the homepage as normal posts, stacked one after the other and not grouped in the Slider area.

Please help! I have a long way to go in the build and to have fallen at the first hurdle is disappointing to say the least.


Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate that! You are working on a local server, so there is no way for me to access your site. However, take a screenshot of what you are seeing and send it to me via email. I am almost sure what the cause of this might be, but having screenshot present will save us both some time ;)

Have a great day,

Chris what is your email address for the screen grab? I can’t find it anywhere.

Just go to my profile page and scroll down a bit until you see a contact form on the right hand.


I just bought your theme, but I quickly some problems: The slider and portfolio images are not displayed. Yet I followed the steps in your tutorial video. The “slider” does not appear, and the portfolio either. Do you think it comes from my wordpress? or may be a permission to access the ftp? I really do not understand.

here my wordpress

i can send you my login and password of you want check my setting, but i think Thats Not the problem.

Sorry for my bad English, I’m French, and i do not speak English very well.

problem solved when i reinstall all wordpress.

Hey Adrien,

I am very glad it worked out ;) If you need any further help please let me know!

If you would not mind, I would really appreciate it if you could rate this product (1 star=bad, 5 stars=good). Thank you!


hey Crozer,

I want to buy your theem and make some modification on single, for fit with photography posts that have more that one photo.

When i check your theme in preview, on post.. there seems to have some problems on text and have an “i” on the middle.

Looks like you having some problem on preview.. can you check it?


Thanks for your interest! You are completely right, and I truly thank you for finding this issue. Apparently the new jQuery updates broke some functions. I will take care of it ASAP and let you know when it’s done ;)

Thanks again and stay tuned!

I’ll wait for the new version.

Would be nice if the single (post page) display some kind of gallery of photos from the SAME post would be amazing. (required for photographers)

Any date prevision?

I have just submitted the updated HTML and WP versions. They should be ready for download within the next hours.

At the moment I am completely focused on releasing my upcoming Era WP theme, so I sadly cannot add the custom modification you are mentioning. However, once Era WP has been released I would be more than happy to add that feature!

Take care,

And both the HTML and WP versions of Practica have been updated! ;)


I am working with your theme and the menu is not working properly. The drop downs are conflicting and they all drop down when I hover over just one of the menu items.

I have done some custom bits so it may have been me!!

Thanks for the help

Hey, sorry about that!

It tends to happen that jQuery gets updated, and certain bits of code stop working. I have now updated the theme.

Because you have already done some custom work to the theme, please send me an email (and mention your username) with your server’s FTP login information. I will then go ahead and update the specific part that fixes this issue, leaving all your custom code untouched.

Hope that helps!

Hey Tim, I replied and fixed your site’s issue. I cannot reply to your email, as it keeps bouncing back to me.

Hi Chris,

First I love the theme, but I have 2 issues.

The first is that I cannot get the prettyphoto plugin to work with the theme. I have installed the plugin, uploaded the files via FTP and activated it. I ticked the boxes on the page, but when you click on the portfolio item it just goes to a black screen. I’m running the latest version of Workpress and prettyphoto. I need this because all my portfolio items are videos.

Second is the alignment with the side bar where the logo is and the other block that shows the page title, they are on top of one another.

Hope you can help, you can see for yourself at


Thank you for your purchase, please do not forget to rate Practica once we have sorted everything out. I’d truly appreciate it!

1. You do not need to install the prettyPhoto plugin! It comes packed within the theme. Having installed is most-likely the reason for the conflict you’re experiencing. Deactivate it and try again.

2. Yes, that was just recently fixed. If you like, send me an email via my profile page (bottom-right contact form) and I will send you the precise fix. It is super easy!


My theme has a problem. It could be me though!! The heading on the child pages overlaps the logo.

How do I fix this.

Hey! Thank you very much for your purchase. Please consider rating Practica once we have sorted everything out ;)

The issue is not your fault; it is a minor bug that popped-up due to an update to the code-library the theme is based on. Please send me an email via my profile page (or from anywhere else, mentioning your username) and I will hand you the single fix that is required for this.

Take care and have a great day!

I have the logo issue too. can you please help? I sent the email via form mentioning my id

Replied ;)

Thank you so much chris. Just one issue remains. I sent you an email and extremely sorry for misunderstanding. Its silly of me to forget the most important step :(

No problem ;) I have just fixed that issue for you as well.

Concerning your first issue, just reading the documentation calmly is always a good idea.

Take care!
PS. Don’t forget to rate!

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much. You are a real life saver

Can you please let me know what the issue was so that when i deploy this theme on live site, I can fix it

Updated the style.css file.