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< Cool slide effect, Jogjafile..

Good luck and welcome on board!


Thanks mate..

Thank’s friend .. :D

Hey Great Theme! I’m just getting the hang of html and css…how specfically would I change the text for the entire site?


you can change the file fonts.css located in the CSS folder.

then you can change the name of the font to fit your needs. for example:
@ font-face {
font-family: 'Namefont';
src: url ('fonts / Namefont-webfont.eot');
src: url ('fonts / Namefont-webfont.eot? # iefix') format ('embedded-OpenType'),
url ('fonts / Namefontwebfont.woff') format ('WOFF'),
url ('fonts / Namefont-webfont.ttf') format ('truetype'),
url ('fonts / Namefont-webfont.svg # Namefont') format ('svg');
font-weight: normal;
font-style: normal;
or you can also use google webfont. for example: you put the code:
 <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> 
above the </ head> then you can mamanggil font with the format:
 font-family: 'Arbutus', cursive; 

hopefully can help you. Regards,


you’re welcome.. :D

Looks really awesome :) Good Luck.

Thanks mate.. :D

Great theme – but the image slides are not working in IE9? Any idea why that would be? I’m using this template as an invitation that I hoping to send to clients tomorrow :)

Let me know if IE9 is supported for the cb-slideshow – or if it can fallback to just one image for IE users?

I’ve replaced the javascript css file, it is still waiting for a reviewer. please look at the demo now. thanks.

ok – which javascript css file would that be? can you clarify please?

I change the background of the first slide using css with javascript, calling for the slide background image looks like the example below:
$( function() { $.imagesa( ‘slideshow’, { delay: 8000, backgrounds: [ { src: ‘images/7.jpg’, fade: 3000 }, { src: ‘images/6.jpg’, fade: 3000 }, ... ] })(‘overlay’); } );
hope that helps mate, :D regards.

The form fields placeholder is not working in IE.

to resolve the problem, please send to my email via the contact form at the bottom of the profile.

REALLY like your Design Style and Skllls (your themes look great on mobile also) ANY Chance ever get a wordpress version/theme out there from ya?!$

Thank you for your comment, Wordpress version is ready and I’ve uploaded, but was rejected.

NOooooooo!! Dam them! ha Did they say why? So there won’t be any of your Talents available via WP themes or…?

I am still trying to create a file in the wordpress version, while I was still working on a one page template.

i think this UC page is slick … need some help with changing out logo though. Using the WordPress version. Could use some additional tools in the Theme Options like logo, overlays and a few more social icons like pinterest.

you just need to change the value of “delay” in javascript, in the index.html file. example in the script:
$ (Function () {
$. vegas ('slideshow', {
delay: 8000, / / set the time when you want. 8000: milliseconds
backgrounds: [
{Src: 'images/7.jpg', fade: 3000},


thank you … what really happening is that the images in the word press slider appearing together and on on top of each other instead of fading in one and a time in the proper order. Any suggestions?

Sorry while I have no advice for you. thank you.

very nice work. can you help me with the subscribe field, I am new to this and I don’t know how it works

hey, thanks for buying my item, please send us an email via my profile page on Themeforest and please give what can I help you.


Hi, great work! A couple of questions:

Is there an option to hide the counter?

Where do the subscription emails get saved?


thanks for your comments and questions her. my answer:
1. if you want to hide the counter, then you only need to remove the script that is used to call the counter function.
2. Subscribsion email will go to your email.

Thus my answer, hopefully helping


Hi JogAfile. Great theme!! One question, is possible to add a loading image after click on subscribe button??

Many thanks for theme and your support.

Thanks for buying my item.
to add loader image as you want it, it’s very possible.
however, for the time being I have not been able to add these features.


:-( I need this because it seems no actions when you click on subscribe button and appears the text.

it should have been a sign, that the email entered is correct.
so, I think for a while leave it as it is, unless you can change it.
sorry I can not help you for now.
maybe next time I will discuss about this issue.

thank you.

Hi. Great theme. How to install fully original template in wordpress? Thanks

you can do it like you install wordpress themes in general.

Hi! I’m trying to upload the theme into wordpress and it won’t let me… I see that you’re saying it got rejected as a theme, so then how do I use it? Thanks for your help!

if you want to use the wordpress version, the file is located in the folder: Prambanan / WP-Themes /

The file is a version of wordpress.


Anyone know how to get the twitter feed working on this?