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I have a quick pre-purchase question: Is it possible to show the last post (or posts) with a big full width picture before the 3 column latest posts on homepage?

Or is it possible to configure the carousel (right under the welcome block) that way?

best regards

Thank you for the reply, Andrew! One last question about the carousel: What posts does the carousel show? Is there a customizable filter for it?

yes. you can filter posts by category and to change some parameters to show (Type of text to show:: category/title/none).. other options: - Show related category posts - Random order - Animate carousel automatically

and Number of posts

you can send me questions via email and I can you answer with screenshots

Hi, thank you for the wonderful theme. i would like to know that can we use wp bakery visual composer with this theme, i am using this for my tech website

Hi. Thank you for your interest. Yes, you can use WP Backery Visual Composer with this theme.

hi I like to change theme for this website https://dslrcamerasearch.com/ to this will this work with wordpress 4.9+


Thanks for your question.

Yes, Pravda works with 4.9+ version of WordPress. Now demo (http://wp.color-theme.com/pravda/) is working with 4.9.8 version.

Hello, I’m getting the mixed content error, it’s the fault of gravatar and google fonts that are like http and not https how do I solve it? I also have problem with the header that the selected color does not work.


Show me your site. Please send to scream81@gmail.com

P.S. Can you provide access to the WP admin panel?

People are getting this error since I installed the theme: Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available. Do you want to proceed?

It only happens when I use this theme. I tried it on anther site with different hosting and receive the same error. If I change to a different theme the error goes away.


I can’t generate this problem on my testing servers. Which a browser are you using? As I understood correctly this problem appearances only in IE browser?

Maybe next links will help you:

P.S. That’s the first I’ve heard about it. You are the first who has this problem with the theme.

The problem is, I can’t see it either. I’m getting this from people to visit my site. For the moment this fixed it:

Solution: On the server ( and on clients ) go into Internet Explorer Select Tools menu Select Internet Options Select Advance tab remove check mark for “Check for server certificate revocation” click ok close internet explorer

I’ll keep you posted.


Zakezz Purchased

IS this theme ready for Wordpress 5.0? Gutenberg support?


Zakezz Purchased

Any news when the update is coming?

You want a very quick result. But we have 50 themes and Themeforest gave us one year to update all the themes for compatibility with Gutenberg. I think it will be after new year, not earlier


Zakezz Purchased

Sorry for the rush, just worried about WP5.0 and the changes coming along with it.

Hi, Can you tell me what is the size of the featured image on blog posts please, (when the post is open)? I want to create uniform sized images so that all the posts on the home page are the same size.

Thanks in advance!


1. Homepage – featured images doesn’t has fixed sizes. It’s 369px by wide and unlimited height (depends from your image sides)

add_image_size( ‘blog-thumb’, 369, 9999 ); //369 pixels wide (and unlimited height)

2. Single Post has two types of featured image. Go to “Appearance -> Pravda Options -> Single Page Options -> Type of Featured Image” (https://screenshots.firefox.com/q9u1q28R1Qd2UWUs/wp.color-theme.com)

a) Cropped (770×514px) b) Original Ratio (width 770px and unlimited height depends from wide)

add_image_size( ‘single-post-thumb-crop’, 770, 514, true ); //cropped single add_image_size( ‘single-post-thumb’, 770, 9999 ); //770 pixels wide (and unlimited height)

P.S. If you want to change sizes for images on the Homepage just change line 40 in functions.php file to this code (for square images):

add_image_size( ‘blog-thumb’, 369, 369, true ); //369 pixels wide (and unlimited height)

and after all changes you must to regenerate all thumbnails. See next links:

1. https://ru.wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ 2. https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails-new-image-sizes-wordpress/

Kind Regards, Andrew.