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please add a button/icon on the page: Contact

Where visitors can actually download our vcard. Right next to the blue “i” (Info-Icon) would be awesome!

Otherwise, very nice design! ;)


Hi, I baught the HTML version just yesterday and i did lots of customization..

Now I found this.. arrrrrrg.

anyway, my question is, does this support sub menu?

that’s all.. if it does, then i will buy the wordpress version as well

hope u can get back to me on this asap..


Hi! It is a very beautiful design.

I have one question. Can this theme write blog?

Is there a HTML version? I’m definitely interested by the HTML version. It would be perfect :)

Thank you. I’ve looked for it before asking and didn’t find. Perfect :-)

Can this fix the full screen?, on a 24” monitor it looks small.


It’s a fixed size layout which can be modified to a larger or small size with some knowledge of css.

Nice theme, love it! Congratulations.

Some errors: I can’t change the background?! I upload another image, than after I hit ‘add to OptionTree’ that window stays blanc. Am I doing somethign wrong?



What is the WordPress version on your website? Do you get any javascript error (May be you should test in firefox or chrome with firebug or similar debug tool to see if you get any errors)?

It’s working! Fixed it. Thanks for the quick respons.

Another thing: The Welcomeslide doesn’t slide and stays on one text section

Make sure that you give the class to first shortcode as “welcomeslide” and to subsequent shortcodes as “welcomeslide secondaryslide”.

If you have assigned right classes to shortcodes then contact us via contact form on our profile with link to your theme setup and we will look into it for you.


very interesting theme. Just a few questions:

- are submenues possible?

- are different pages possible for different portfolio sections?

- can I easily change the background?

- can I use Cufon fonts?



Following are answers to your questions: - Submenus are not possible (we might implement it in future) - Yes different pages are possible for different portfolio sections - Yes you can change the background - This theme doesn’t use cufon fonts, instead it uses ”@font-face” css rules which means you can use any font.

Congrats, great Theme! I will make it in our Top-10 of the month on our Website :-) Wiching you lots of sales!


What does this mean?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/62/9114662/html/wp-content/themes/theme/index.php on line 276

Have you created a menu from the “Appearance->Menus” section as described in the help file?

i am having a hard time installing

I wanted to resize to a slightly larger size.. Quite honestly when people squint to see any webpage..they loose intersted… How complex is the css to modify to make it slightly larger book..??

2) Can i seel products on it? or add a plugin to sell single products?

The primary purpose of this theme is to be used as a personal virtual card, small personal portfolio or may be just a personal bio page.

1- This is a fairly simply design so the css and javascript code is not that much complex. Anyone with intermediate level knowledge of css and javascript knowledge should be able to resize the interface to his requirements.

2- Any kind of advanced functionality like selling products etc. will surely required customization either by yourself or hire someone to do so for you. We provide paid customization services as well.

Yes I have created the menu and I am still getting this error. The install read me says

Yes I have created the menu and I am still getting this error.


Contact us via contact form on our profile page and include link to your website in the email so that we can take a look.

Vom Design her ein schönes Theme! Leider wieder einmal mehr eine Bastelei wie so vieles hier – Wieder einmal 20 USD zum Fenster herausgeworfen. Einfach zu kompliziert in der Anwendung für den einfachen Wordpress-User! Anpassungen lassen sich auch nicht so einfach machen, besonders was den Text auf den einzelnen Seiten betrifft. Ich gebe es auf, hier bei Themforest finde ich einfach keine einfachen Themes. Themforest sollte ihre Angebote der Entwickler selber testen, bevor sie fehlerhaft zum Verkauf eingestellt werden. Dies war mein letztes Geld das ich hier investiert habe!

Hi, I don’t understand why it’s not working, but after I import the XML successfully, I can’t import the theme options data. No matter what I try, it says “theme data can’t be imported”. Am I misunderstanding something here? In your instructions, it says to copy the code over to that box, then I click on import data and it just doesn’t accept the code. Please help – I just can’t get the theme to work.

Nothing is working – I don’t know if it’s a result of the data not importing. I can’t get the menu to show up, no pages I add content to are displaying either, even in preview. The content just doesn’t show up.


Contact us via contact form on our profile and we will look into for you.

All those who are getting “Invalid argument” error should name the menu in Appearance->Menus as “precision-main-menu” then you will not get that error.

I have the menu showing, front page, contact and about working, but nothing else, sorry given up on this one.


I also got your email and another with few minutes difference so may be you should provide us a little info so that we can look into your website and see what is wrong.

Looks like someone bought our file just for the purpose of giving the least rating to our file which is injustice to the support we have been providing :(

Have to say support is great and with a little help from thememates all sorted, many thanks