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A friend of mine bought this theme and cannot figure out how to get the slide show working nor can she change the logo. Can you assist in any way. I tried to get documentation but I think she out of town and its on her desktop. the website is:

The buyer has the same name…

Login through the account which was used to buy the theme as support is only provided to those who have “PURCHASED” label next to their username.

Hi there, not too sure it if this question has been asked:

Does this theme work with WP Multi-site?


I haven’t tested it WP Multi-site setup and then it is not a standard type of WordPress theme so it might not be what you are looking for.

thanks for your reply.


Can you please answer my question? The Theme is removing the <pp> paragraph tags so I can’t use the returns in my text. How can I solve this problem? My text looks like 1 big block of text now.

Also is there a place i can put my blog items?


Edit the functions.php file by commenting out the following 3 lines:
remove_filter('the_content', 'wpautop');
add_filter('the_content', 'wpautop' , 99);
add_filter('the_content', 'shortcode_unautop',100);


How do I change the “experience” stars to go further than 5, or five years?

Would be great to get some help on that!



You will need to make/update the star graphics to have more stars than 5.

Ok, thanks… where can I find the star graphics?

Let me change the question a little – can I skip the stars and only use the text formatting?

How do the formatting work..? For example, instead of shaping the text I see something like this:

Some More

Why doesn’t it create a larger headline?

Sorry… seems like it’s done from within the Wordpress interface..Ok!

the words I put onto the page don’t fit it properly? as you can see here Please help!

So I’ve kinda fixed it.. putting in the home.txt data in there but the first bit of gibberish stays as gibberish?

I’ve installed everything in the documentation.. Still doesn’t work properly.. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong? Sorry for the spamming of comments. Didn’t think!

Try to open the .txt files in a text editor e.g. TextEdit on Mac and Notepad on Windows and then copy from there.

If you still see gibberish text in the text editor then contact me via contact form on our profile and I will help you out.

Hey just made contact then, In case it didn’t go through could you email me at ?

Hello, we have some issues with this theme. First, I have to say that this has really been a complete nightmare. Importing default settings is one thing, but importing the actual options for the theme so that I can apply settings is really not the best way to do this.

1) The front page displays a massive padding on the left. I want to use text, but this causes a massive gap on the left.

2) The theme seems to insist on being a page by page display, which is damned hard to manage as I need to manually set the page start and end locations. When new test is added or existing text is edited, it has to be tested and tested again just to get it right. Why does it not know when the page should end? Surely it can know how much content can fit in the area. A better idea would be to make it scrollable. Just one example of this is a gallery. The gallery needs to be split if it runs over one page in length. This a nightmare as it involves constant tweaking.

3) Slider Where are the controls for the slider speed?

4) Headers How can headers be split? If it is too long, it pushes it onto multiple lines. Moving it manually does not seem to work and the theme just rejoins it.

Many thanks


If you contact me via contact form on my profile page then I can help you with the setup.

Note: no free help will be provide for any kind of customizations.


I would also like to know where the settings are for the cross slider speed. I have a lot of text on the page and it could not be read if the slider fades too fast.

Thank you

Where is the documentation? It was not in the download and I don’t see a URL. Thanks.

You need to design and add 6stars.png and 7stars.png images in the “images” folder.

Thanks that worked perfectly. I undated it to reflect a max of 10 stars.

you welcome!

Hello, fantastic theme thank you so much. Could you let me know why on my F.A.Q. page below the arrows aren’t working? There is a lot of content below but I can’t scroll down using the arrows.

Many thanks, Rob.

Sorry ignore my last question, I figured it out! Great theme, very easy to use. Rob

Can you walk me through the update process, i’ve got 1.1 now and want to upgrade to 1.2

website is


Hi, I get this message in the preview:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.../wp-content/themes/theme/index.php on line 276

Do you know what is wrong?

Have got that message since installing. Thanks

Hello, Help!!!! Waiting for a response from you regarding slideshow not working for me. Looking through the comments, I see that a number of people have had the same issue. Wish you had posted the fix for all to see… I need to get this working asap! Thank you~


There is no issue with the slideshow so no need to post the fix. The previous buyers were making common mistakes and not following the instructions in the help file.

Hi again, got that working by reading through all the comments and different problems that people have written here. So I changed the menu name. (Why not write such info in the documentation, less hassle for you and us..?)

But the welcomeslide isn’t working. I see that it has been a problem for others too but there was no solution from you. I’ve pasted the text in the text field, not the visual-field. The text is properly formatted, but it doesn’t slide to the secondary.



I can take a look if you get in touch via contact form on my profile.


I’m really impressed with the theme! I only have one problem – I have followed the manual, but cant figure out why the slider on the front page is not working for me.

Please check my site: contact me at mail(a.d.d.) if you need the login details.

I hope you can help me, thanks


Make sure you have chosen Slideshow option under the Slideshow Type option at Appearance->Theme Options. And then make sure that you add at least two slides from the Slideshow menu.

Never mind, I found the shortcode declaration in code myself.


No [section] wrapper required.

Hi there, I have been hired to update this theme for a client and add a contact form. Updates are now done. Can you tell me how to get the contact form working on this as no other contact form seems to be compatible with this plugin? Thank you.


Post using the account through which you/client has bought the theme.

is there a step by step tutorial on how to make changes to the theme?