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I followed the directions for my slideshow and its not working. Everything else works can u guide me in the right direction. I cant get the slideshow to work…

did u get my email and Facebook message with the info?

I checked out your website and noticed that you are using old version i.e. 1.0 while the latest version of Precision theme is 1.2. So please download the latest version and update it on your website.

where do I download that at? I downloaded the file from my purchase through theme forest. How?

Do button shortcodes work on this theme?

Hi, i purchased version 1.0. where I get version 1.2?

Please update the theme options because new options have been added in latest version.

how does it work? could you help me?

contact me through my profile page.

Hi, Does this theme work with russian language? Cause I create menu with title on russia and it doesnt work But pages with english title in menu work well.

Hi, I installed the Theme. All is working. But when I install the Plugin “Wysija Newsletters” and insert the form to the page, the POST doesn´t work. I can´t send the Form. No error message, no send nothing. When I choose another Theme all is working. Who can help me?

Man this is so Acrhiach..Where do I add my google analytics info… Why cant you just have a google analytics id field.. jesus


Please look around first before starting to complain. Read my reply above.

1) I cannot get my slider to work and I followed the documentation, 2) I dont know where to put my Google Analytics code?

Please help Thanks..

Thank you I emailed the credentials to the back end.. please set up the slider and the google side..enter any values or images and I will readjust ..Thank you….

Did you get my login info?

Hi, Does this theme work with russian language? Cause I create menu with title on russia and it doesnt work But pages with english title in menu work well.


I haven’t tested with Russian language but I will checkout your website and get back to you.

Did you already test it?

I need help…

I cant get this theme to work, and I m quite an experienced user. What am I doing wrong. I just have a blank booklet graphic. I do not seem to have any slideshow settings in the admin, I cant publish any content on the theme, the background graphic is absent and the slideshow moves through once and disappears.

The current version available for download is 1.0. I would like to get a refund or a solution for this.

I just found out that I have to install a third party plugin and on top of that I have to go copy paste code… that is a joke at this price level… no wonder it did not work. Please issue a refund thememates


That third party plugin is mentioned in the description tab and also in the help file. There are lots of themes here on ThemeForest which uses OptionTree for theme options. It is official plugin of Envato (themeforest).

If you have any issue then I can assist though.

Greetings,, I have been waiting patiently and I sent you my information to the back end of the site….did you receive it?

Thanks the slide show works great.. thank you… BUT… the homepage now is broken.. ;-(... WHAT TO DO?

home page is fixed.

Thanks for your help..

Hello. I’ve seen the same question posted a few times before but not answers yet. Does this theme have a blog option? If not, would you reconsider it for an upcoming update? I really need more info on that before I buy it. Or maybe you can recommend me a similar theme. Thanks for your quick response and support in advance.


This theme is not a standard theme. It is a small vcard/resume theme hence doesn’t support regular blog. You can setup blog using a different theme in a subfolder/subdomain.

Ok. Thanks a lot for your quick response and support. Have a great day!

I found 1 snag on the videos. for some reason the youtube videos control radio buttons do not function. When I slide the mouse and depress on the volume or any button on the video it takes me to the next video rather then the button function Go to then go to any video and depress volume or control button and you shall see…

Another question would be: 1) How Can I resize the Videos Size Dialogube box as well. I want the video to be larger..

Help is only provided for bug fixes not for customizations which are beyond the scope of support.

I see, Thank you.. Can you at least tell me where the code is? Also There is a FIX i need in the about Thread… Something is wrong with my Video player… please read above thread..

Does youre theme work with Russian language? I bougth this theme month ago and cant resolve this promlem: I create menu with title on russia and it doesnt work But pages with english title in menu work well.

instead of the normal Russian letters I see these characters “?” in titles…

I fixed this problem. But if you know some better solution… I will be appreciate

Greetings! Is it possible to write a link on page which redirect on another page, which doesnt exist in menu?


Try “Page Links To” plugin from WordPress directory

I explained the situation poorly…

I created the page on website, but not created link in menu for this page. So, is it possible to enter on this page without clicking on menu link? I want use only url. Now if I using page url, website redirect me on home page…

For exemple: I create page with url But if I enter this url – website show me Home page

No help? p.s. “page links to” doesn’t resolve problem

1)I made all steps which you have written in manual, but home page still doesnt work. I copied the contents of home.txt file and pasted in the text editor of Home page in WordPress admin panel, but home page doesnt look like on the preview…

2)Can you advise some plugin for guestbook, that will be work with your theme? Because “DMSGuestbook” and “Comment Guestbook” doesn’t work on your theme.

Please help…

I just sent you a direct message regarding the following, PLEASE let me know.

1) I can not get the home page set correctly. I have followed all the instructions. Right now it shows with the scroll on the left side, I want it to display a clean white page with the text like in the demo – no scroll bar.

2) I cant get the “Home” link set correctly in the nav menu. When clicked on it does nothing – I want it to take you to the clean white page with text (as mentioned in point # 1 above).

3) I can not get the menu to center. I have chosen the option to center menu but still it does not center.

Please check my direct message – I would appreciate a fast response.


Please view my direct message for more details and log in information to my site.

I have chosen “center the menu” in theme options but it just will not center. I Dont see what I Can be doing wrong as I am doing exactly as stated in the documentation.

You had me at hello. From a future buyer, this looks great!

Nice job and much success with sales.


Guys I have asked numerous times..I need a fix to my video player…

try it… please…!! The video radio buttons do not work.. when press the volume control or anything on the player it wiggs out and sends me to the next video..Users have no controllability on the player…..

Please…solution fix….