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Nice concept! Good luck!

Thanks mixey

Awesome work, good luck with your first item! :)

Thanks mate :)

Looks awesome! Any way to expand the size of the content area?

No sorry, unless you did quite a bit of work to it.. It’s built around the current fixed size.

very unique, nice work!

Thankyou designesia

Live Preview Down?

Yeah, Its up again now.

Really innovative, clean and crisp :)

Thankyou josweb :)

Great job!! I will get it soon!!

Thankyou ovilpat00! I hope you like it.

great work! Welcome to TF!

Thanks joefrey, good to be here!

Nice Design !!

Thankyou ravi_allam!

Excellent work. Purchased, “hacked” and live inside 2 hours :-)


Thanks bungybun. Im glad you like it!

Great start with TF!

Thanks AmirAtiDesign

Hi there,

I really liked it… Is it possible for you to give me a help by converting the texts which are image to Portuguese? For instance, where you read “Get in touch” it needs to show “Entre em contato”, “Contact” must be “Contato”. It´s really simple and I don´t have the knowhow to do it alone, but it seems I can handle this template alone to a client of mine.

If so, I´ll certainly buy it.

Thank you.

Hi brenonunes Im glad you like it, Thank you. What you can do is open the Html file and change the text there. For example Contact is written like this. <h3><span>C</span>ontact</h3>

The only text that is an image is the logo. If you want to do something with that you can edit it in the PSD file. If you do have any problems I would be happy to help. Cheers

Guys, I am sorry for the (probably) stupid question I am about to make… Here it goes: Is this a WordPress theme? Sorry :(

Thanks mate!

Also, good question from the guy above…. I´ve got the same doubt as yours alfjmrodrigues… ;-)


Hey Guys, this is a HTML theme/template

Hi, The design is quite fine but we can miss space for data. I do not know if we can resize the global size of the book or not. This is why I hesitate getting this item. regards

Hi badrchouffai. At the moment you cant resize the book, Just thinking about changing that for the next version.


Very nice idea! Keep it up.

Thank you louiejie!

Hi, Just wondering if I’m missing something here, on the live preview if I click one of the links ie. ‘home’ ‘about’ it doesn’t open a page, instead it remains on the home page. I’m having the same issue when trying to edit this, I’m sure it’s something simple that I don’t understand, could you briefly explain how I can input my own info etc. Regards

Hi Nathan. Could you tell me what browser and version you are using? Cheers

Hi WebDingo,

nice work ! Are you able to get that released as a wordpress version too? Would be nice for people with no coding knowledge!?

Hi Shorty, Wordpress version is on the agenda. I think it won’t be ready for a while but.

Looks amazing. May I ask you where you learned to create that neat shadow?


Hey kev, just playing around in photoshop :)