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Hi webdingo, thanks for the great template. Do you have a hint for the google maps format. My dedicated map location will not shown in the lightbox window. markus

Hi markuss, when you get the embed code from google you just need to copy the src URL and put that in. The rest of of the embed code you need to delete.


that can be add new menu just like add blog etc, and Can I delete one of menu? and this portfolio can be use filtered and pagination.

thx :)

Hey rileks, this portfolio is not filtered sorry. You can add and remove menu items in the html file.


the preview does not work in safari

Thanks lkpttrsn, update is now available for safari 3 and safari – osx.

Like the site. Is it possible for me to add reCAPTCHA to the contact page?

Thanks optime_uk, I don’t see why not.

Thank you amzee.

Really nice! Got my website running in few hours :) Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to other works of yours!

Kind Regards


Thankyou Marco, more work coming soon :)

Hi, Really wonderful design. I’d like to make an admin panel for this theme and sell it here, if you don’t mind. We can share the income. Admin panel will be done by PyroCMS. Waiting for reply, if it is possible?

Sorry immortality, I just prefer to work alone.

Hi Webdingo – first off, great template it’s really simple to use and very well designed. However, I would very much like to slow down the 3 sliders which are found on the right hand side of the homepage (the ones with the text on). Are you able to point me in the right direction as to where I can edit this timing setting.

Many thanks,


Thank you rjfreid. Lines 210 and 211 in “script.js” are the animation speed and pause times for those slides.

For Webdingo:

I love this theme… and… I love WordPress. I would totally buy this in a heartbeat if it was a WordPress theme. You stated earlier that it would be “a while” but do you have any sort of time frame on that (just looking for a ballpark figure – not something to hold you to). I just need to figure out whether I need to purchase a different theme or wait for yours (as I don’t need it right this moment, but will in a few months). Thanks!

Hi preengaged, I think it will be ready in about a month.

Hi webdingo.

Good job, nice and clean theme and no scrolling which is awesome. I am a bit OCD and found a few spelling mistakes as well as lines refrences in your documentation which are incorrect, let me know if you would like to know where & what they are.

I am having a problem with the ‘slider’, more specifically script.js on line 203, I tried changing the image as follows; { src: ‘images/slides/ubuntu.jpg’ , dir: ‘up’ } but only the grey overlay shows, and there is nothing in the log files – any idea?


Hi kingmilo. I’m not sure what the problem is here, can you email me a link to a live version? I will have a look. Also sorry about my spelling, if you could let me know what references are incorrect that would be great.


Hi, gorgeous site! Will likely buy.

Two questions:

1. How easy is it to alter the picture size on the left? Say if I wanted a bigger picture and the menu bar lower?

2. How easy is it to put a music player on the left hand page (perhaps above the menu bar)? Could I do that or would it completely screw up divs / alignment etc? Any suggestion on what one to use? I just want one that has the track name and can be paused stopped etc. Would this play while browsing the menu items (if the menu area of the page is static and doesn’t reload)?

Many thanks for your help!

Hi Xatonia, thank you. Changing the size of the image slider on the left is just a matter of changing the height value in the css.

I’m not sure what the best music player to use would be but you could put one there as long as there’s enough room for it. You can resize and reposition the logo, menu and image slider areas fairly easily and I can walk you through that. But resizing the book would be a bit more work, maybe you could put the music player outside the wrapper if it won’t fit.

You can play music while browsing the page doesn’t reload.


Hello John I noticed that with Firefox 10.0 sending the form please contact the error message you see evil. How can I fix the error. Hello and thanks

Hello garageadv, you can download an update now. I have made minor changes to style.css


Hi, how can i separate the example_groups if i have more than one gallery? I tried to rename the rel=”example_group” tag and also to make a new fancy box entry in the script.js with an according name. But it doesn’t work. Markus

Hi Markus, that should work. You can email me a link if you would like me to look or there is more information about this plug-in at fancybox.net


Very nice job! But I don’t want to buy anything more who contains Flash. Is it only for videos you use Flash effects or you use it for something else? thx.

Thanks largowin. Yes, anything else is jQuery :)

Hi webdingo,

I think there’s a bug in using I.E. When I tried previewing the template using an old IE 8 “John Doe profile” on contact page is not pulling up any window.

Thanks meyersph, a fix for IE8 should be ready in a few days.

Love this vCard but after testing it I get like 5 spam-mails / day. How can I prevent that?

Hi albinlang. I think spam cannot be stopped completely, but I’m looking at working a captcha into the contact form for version 2…which would help

Gorgeous template. Thanks.

Quick question, after sending an email, is there a way to close the “Message Sent” message without having to refresh the browser?



Thanks cory, you would have to edit the Javascript file to make it do this..I have left it fixed like this to help reduce a bit of spam.

Thanks Drew

Hi webdingo,

First of all: awesome job!

I’m having a little problem with the background-resizing in Chrome. Whenever the height:width ratio of the window is greater than the height:width ratio of the background image, chrome does not fit the image correctly, meaning that the bottom end of the page has no bg. If I resize the window just 1px in one or another direction, the bg-image fits correctly. Do you have any ideas why or how to fix this?

Hi FabianKaufmannUG I am having trouble reproducing this, I have tried several versions of chrome (pc) and can’t seem to reproduce this. Could you email me a link to your site?


Anyone know how to change the email that the contact form info is sent too?

Sorry, know its a VERY beginner question.

Hi 73Designs, you can find the instructions for this in the documentation.

Any update on a Wordpress version? Totally excited about this theme…

Hi preengaged. Wordpress version is ready now the author is “thememates”