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Please could you tell me if you’re going to manage your finished WP theme for this one… it’s okay if you didn’t , then I just look further..

Hi Guys, the precision wordpress theme is available now. It has been released by “Thememates” this is a shared account I have with my programing partner. Cheers

Hi. Great theme and very interested in purchasing; however, one question prior to: is there capability in adding an additional widget to the contact form via the i option pop-out?


Hi virtuallynit, it is possible to add another link and pop out there.



Sorry about that… I cant do refunds

Great theme; found it incredibly useful. One question though… is it possible to link to a section of a page? In other words, a link that would scroll two ‘content’ sections down?

Hi FatPanda, this won’t be possible with external links. If you want to do it with links from within the site could you contact me via my profile page? and I will explain.


Just how much content can be added to this site? Im looking for a simple and sleek template that will allow me to add content regularly. If this template will not allow that, could you recommend one. Thanks

Hi MaddisionBritt. There is no limit to the amount of sub-pages that can be added under each of the main sections. Adding an extra subpage/slide is just a matter of adding a new div with the “content” class.


Is it possible to install a forum on this template?

Hi MadisionBritt. It would be possible but would require a lot of customization, as the sections of content are broken up in to individual slides. I have designed this template mainly for the purpose of showcasing some basic personal information. Thanks

I like it. I just think theres alot of wasted screen estate. Now if the brochure actually covered alot more of the background image, i.e a larger brochure, it would just make content stand oit that little bit more….and not sure how you coded it to change the size easily.

Thanks xtopher. I haven’t specifically coded it with resizing in mind but I think anyone with an average knowledge of css would be able to resize it without too much trouble…It might take a bit of work but (more than changing a couple of lines)


i have issue when trying to pull down the john doe card on IE 8 . i’ve read there will be a fix available, but it was 3 month ago.

Any quick fix available ?

many thanks !


this is a great work!

but its seems that the contact form is not working, and it has errors (i.e. “deprecated, etc.”

can you help?

Hello, I bought this theme but is not compatible with Wordpress 3.3.2 Slideshow does not work, it is not possible to display text pages and other resume. Can I get a refund?

please in my country Slovenia we have ?,š,ž letters please i need your help to put it in my website


Thank you

hello, is it possible to add some hover text on the portfolio images as titlepreview? like captify?

thanks for your help/answer

Hi John

I am really a big fan day by day i discover how amazing you are with anything you do. Very pleased to be able to buy this.

i have one question. Can i get the screen to be bigger?

Hey, great work! i really like the design u have chosen! but i got a question and i hope u can help me with it.

i want the right side, where it says “hello text here” working like the left side, how do i do it?

thanks for the help

Hi – I have a client who likes this but needs to display quite a lot of portfolio items – does the portfolio only scroll to 4 pages, or will it be possible to scroll further to more displays?

It doesn’t appear possible to have spam protection on the contact form due to space. Is this possible for the future? Or have you left it out for a reason?

Hello, I`m trying to install the theme and a have some troubles with ” style.css” . Can you help me? please.

Hi – I’d like to purchase this template, but Need to put a captcha on the form. It doesn’t look like there will be room. Can this be achieved?


Before purchasing I’d like to know if its possible to add a captcha to the form. There does not appear to be enough space without completely changing the template structure.

Hi Webdingo, Thanx for the great work ! I have an issue, under safari 6 (osx), the loader page doesn’t work… first you have the Booklet that appears, then the background that loads as a normal display (no opacity effect) ...

Can you help on this ? Thanx.