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WOW ! Beautiful!

10x better than listening to a Josh Groban song on Christmas Day! (which should tell you how great it is)

Ha, thank you. I was listening to Joshua Bell with Josh Groban, very nice!

you guys are great with landing pages!

Thank you very much sir!

Please explain how I can turn the TRY NOW button into a hyperlink that I can make leave the page. Thanks!

a href=”#” Sorry, I’m not a coder.

I guess you only respond if you get compliments on your Landing Page.

I desire to keep the css style for the button in place. When I replace the # with a url, I loose the style on to the button. How do I get both in the code. I really hope you guys can do better than 2-3 days support.

Hi robanderson, All you must do is replace # w/ a valid URL , e.g.

For example:
<p><a href="#" class="button default"><span><span>Try now!</span></span></a></p>

<p><a href="" class="button default"><span><span>Try now!</span></span></a></p>

That’s all there is to it.

Thank you kindly!! I don’t know what happen before. I was not getting this result when I entered the link. Thanks again for responding!!

You’re very welcome.

How can I remove the video not the container? I would like to stream my stuff from vimeo into video player. I’ve tried changing everything.

Please assist.

Hi robanderson,

responded to you via email


How can I add Latin-1 characters to the Cufon font? When I try to regenerate the file I get really small size? What were your configurations, please

Thanks and great design btw!

You can find the purchase code in the downloads section of Themeforest. It is located in the downloads under License certificate.

Support is in another place because we can help you better and quicker there.

Best regards, GoThemeTeam

Ok. Done.

You would have already answered here. Needed this for tomorrow.

This is an awesome theme… unfortunately, I just realized I need it with inline CSS … dont suppose you have that already??


Thank you for your interest in this landing page! Currently, we don’t support inline css here.

Best regards, GoThemeTeam


I purchase this theme, but is possible to install in wordpress?

How I can install this theme? instructions?

Thank you


This is not a Wordpress theme but a HTML theme. If you want it to work in Wordpress we can help you with that, just send us a mail at for that.

Best regards, GoThemeTeam

Love it! This is a great, clean template – easy to customize for my needs, and I had it up and running perfectly in less than 4 hours (even with customization!)

Sorry, I guess I’m a bit confused. How do you input this landing page onto your wordpress site with links and everything?

Additionally, instead of having the “sign up here” button, I would like to add a sign up form. Is this possible?