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Frigging awesome, Orman! Will be picking this up shortly :)

Just absolutely top top theme, same as your others.


Cant believe you released the premium pixels theme. I have sat and admired that design many times.

Awesome theme!! I will be purchasing shortly!

hey, this is your previous design of your blog… Awesome! :)

Yes Sir it is. I thought it a shame to retire it so early :)

That awesome man, Good luck :)

Selling your old blog design…what a great idea! I’m sure lots of people will be stocked to get a hold of it.

Yet another great and beautiful theme – jut purchased and eager to start tinkering with the design. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST GET THIS – the support is absolutely awesome plus the included extras (PSDs, widgets etc.) are just great.

Thanks Orman :)

Thanks buddy, I appreciate the purchase and of course the kind comments – love it!

Nice theme, can the sidebar be switched to the right?

Yes, yes it can!

Amazing theme mate :)

Is it possible to add a Facebook like button next to the twitter button and does it come with a gallery page linking to the individual posts?


Adding a FB button wouldn’t be toooo difficult. You could add it by plugin or by placing the code directly in the template.

Doesn’t come with a gallery page just yet, what did you want to see, just a page showing every post as thumbnails?

Ah k, well then I think I’d be able to add it.

As for the gallery page, yes that would be nice. Could just be a paginated gallery with post thumbnails and the post titles.

Again, great work :)

on my to buy list for sure ;)

Then you’re on my Christmas list :)

is there any portfolio page ?

Doesn’t come with a gallery/portfolio page just yet, what did you want to see, just a page showing every post as thumbnails or something more elaborate?

Thanks for your reply

I’m not quite sure, prob just a page shows some pictures. Showing every post as thumbnails sounds a good idea. (like the new blogger design? i dunno is that possibile) I love this theme, I will buy it later.

But i found the structure of your theme is quite similar with (without more features?)

If you could add some great features, that would be perfect.

I will have a look into your suggestions. Yes, that other theme does look remarkable similar, I wonder where the author got their inspiration from I wonder ;)

Just a couple of days ago I was on your blog, and thought “Why did he changed the site theme? The old one was pretty sleek.”, and the answer is here. ;)

Haha, I changed the design for many reasons that were particular for my needs over at PP. I just couldn’t retire the previous design so soon, it has served me so well, maybe it can do the same for others.

Great Theme ! As your new one Orman :)

Definitely on my to buy list too !


We’re quite keen on squeezing 3-4+ article headers in prior to the page fold, so that our users can see there’s more than 1 article (without having to think). Obviously the whole page-fold thing is a bit of a myth, but our folks here would feel more comfortable ensuring a few posts can be seen on the homepage immediately.

How easy would it be to use a thumbnail on the homepage, with the full image displayed once you move through to the post? Is it possible to easily seperate the two, or is just a little too custom for config?



That wouldn’t be too much work, essentially you would tell WP to create an additional thumbnail and use that thumbnail in place of the full image on your homepage. Could talk you through that in the support forums no problem.

YOU ARE THE BOMB !!!! I love your blog too. You’re definitely a great accessory to all us busy designers. Thanks so much for all you do for this community…hence you should be president for a day. 8-)

Woohooo, I’m the president! :)

Dear Orman Clark, Thank you for this amazing theme. I’m already working with it on my new blog

I ‘m doing some some little… big changes…don’t ask me why, but i like it more minimal :) Keep the good work! You’re a great source of inspiration!

Oh very nice, I like that! Very clean!

Thank you Mr. President…:) it’s not finished yet…i need to work on it. In the next phase i’ll put twitter and a “continue reading” below the post. I’ll only have date/categories on the Entry-Meta below the tittle. Cheers

You have done it you great job

awesome work!! I was waiting to see something new from you guys before start shopping more around TF….

Omar, this will be my first ever purchase on the envato marketplaces, I have drooled on this design since it was your page. I did send you a e-mail with a few questions I have regarding this theme, can you please check this e-mail ?

I wanted to know, does the “Featured Image” of the post have to be a fixed size? Or can I use whatever size I want? For example, thumbnails?

Best regards, Paul.

Ah yes, just seen your email. Replying….

Uuuuu!!!! Can’t wait!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!! :)