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When I email this out its not centred. Is there a way to have the content in the centre of the page and not pushed to the left?

Hi !

Thanks a lot for purchase, in which email client is this happening? I tried the code again in the main clients and did not are giving that problem.

Regards, and thanks you again!

I´m having the same problem in Gmail, also when I import the template into mail chimps it breaks.

Hi !

Thanks a lot for purchase, I’m working on it.

My apologies.

Regards, and thanks you again!

First: this E-Mail looks great and is a good base for a lot of different purposes.

BUT : please let me know how to integrate into mailchimp. I tried it several times in different ways… it didn’t work. So in my humble opinion this template is not “Ready for MailChimp” as promised…

I would appreciate a new version with a zip-file for MailChimp upload.

But don’t worry, the design is just great ;-) I look forward for a reply.

The side article download and social icons sections break the layout (number 1) in Outlook 07

Would have been nice to know that before I had to re-code it

Also Campaign monitor ready would mean that it actually has CM tags

love the design , but it doesn’t import to mail chimp properly…any fix for that??

Are you still working on it? I purchased a “Ready for mailchimp” template and I hope to get one soon! Looking forward to an answer! Tnx!

matta – what was your fix for outlook 07?

This template is rubbish – no import no clear instruction – do not buy it. If you’re after a Mailchimp import go somewhere else – this is very poor.

My friend, I have purchased your template for using it in Mailchimp but it seems there is no way to do it!

Please give us a solution for this one or find a solution for returning the money back!


we don’t use mailchimp but the email template was broken in pretty much every email client we tested it in.. going to try to get a refund

Unfortunately, layout is completely messed up when imported into mailchimp via any method. I’ve been trying every way I can think of, and it still breaks. Wonderful layout though. Bought it for mailchimp, disappointed.

Well folks, I just got a solution to this mailchimp problem! I’ve been getting the worst headache today trying to figuring this thing out, and finally got it to work.

Grabbed the code provided by this template a plugged it into this site: http://fixmyhtml.com/

This fixed the html to mailchimp’s standard and hurray! Just copied it right into Mailchimp. Giving you 5 stars on this even so – just because I’m really excited to have gotten this thing to work!

Regards, David.

This is not campaign monitor ready. That is BS that you say that and very misleading. I want my money back as there is no way I would have purchased this if I knew I would have added the Campaign Monitor Tags myself.

Excellent Job man !! Good Luck with sales ;)

This is ridiculous, I blindly bought this theme and after hours of customizing it I realized that it actually doesn’t work in Outlook 2007…..it’s crazy….how is this possible???? Should I apply for a refund or you already have a fix for it?

Great Look;