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Would like to use this template and wondering if the right navigation can be made to be ‘static’... in view all the time…?


Hi, this is possible but need further editing of the code which will be a customization.

Thank you – will check with client…!

hi, when use ”.popup-image” to create popup image, this will popup the image for sec and then go to hyper linked page. Seem like e.preventDefault() something no working. Code like below.

//<//a href=”url” class=”popup-image”>click<\\/a\\>

This will work with your original code but not custom, what I am missing?

Hi, please open a support ticket. We will check this in detail and update this template as needed. Thank you.

there is no a quickstart with the 08: With Standard Navigation (White Version) ???

Sorry I installed the quickstart, and i want to do a web very similar to the “Editions with Optional Standard Navigation”->08: With Standard Navigation (White Version) But i experience several problems, the menu bar is not fixed when i scroll down. I also installed 2 additional languages, item + menu, but i do not see the flags !

sorry i refered to the joomla version, i post the question there !

That’s okay.

hi, is it responsive? mobile, tablet friendly?

Yes, you can see the live preview.

Hi, Can you provide recommendations for SEO optimization when using just one page? The site is working great, getting great compliments, etc. but Google is not ranking it well. I’ve had some SEO analysis already done on it (so we’ve done everything else SEO-wise) and the main issue left is that that since there is only 1 html page for the site, there isn’t enough pages for Google to index. Any suggestions or tweaks?

Hi, as far as we know, one page websites with best practices of SEO optimization can do best on Google

Can I use “Standard Navigation” with fullscreen BG Video?

Yes, you can mix / modify the variants by editing code

Can this template be edited and authored in Dreamweaver for new content?

Yes, surely.

Its a great template, but if you need any support they will not respond ;-(

I found it ! about an hour ago: Please note, our HTML5 support team is offline for a couple of days, all pending support tickets will be answered once the team is back.

I’m looking forward to your support in a couple of days.

Hi, we have replied to your email. Actually the proposed modification is technically practical, but it goes under customization of this template.

Support email received. I understand. Thank you.

Hi, I can’t find my purchase code. I tried a link that was in this thread of comments but it is no longer available. I just need general instruction on setting up the layout of the theme. I want to create theme style 08. All of my pages, when clicked, open in a new window. Update* I am moving this comment to the presence theme section, rather than template.

Hi, please see this demonstration to get purchase code. Also please contact us via our support system:


mql Purchased

Hi, very nice job. the documentation PDF in the theme it has hyperlinks that don’t work, eg: page 21: “Apple’s prescribed high-resolution modifier (@2x)”

Hi, we will check it and update soon. Thank you.


mql Purchased, has a zooming-in effect on the image in the “Team” Section: Where is the documentation for this?

Hi, this is JS triggered animation for background image. Please see line 128 onwards in original file: [ROOT]/JAVASCRIPTS/MAIN.JS the region is:

  $('.about-inner-bg').waypoint(function (event, direction) {
        if (direction === 'down') {
                'background-size': '150%'
            }, 15000, 'linear');
        else {
                'background-size': '100%'
            }, 15000, 'linear');

    }, { offset: 150 });

Hi, I have changed the video files in the videos folder but it is still showing the video file which came with the package at the top instead of the changed one. I am using index3. Kindly help.

Hi, Please open a support ticket with your site as ZIP pack, we will surely check it.

Having the following problem @colorRGBA:rgba(255,214,0,0.8); SyntaxError: Result of expression ‘this.flattenReduce.bind’ [undefined] is not a function.

Is it possible to have a mobile and am ipad version and that too with bg videos ?

Can i upload a video as the back ground instead of linking toutube or vimeo ?

Hi, as we have already described, Mobile devices are incapable of playing BG videos hence a poster image is displayed instead

Where is the wordpress version?

We are working on a new major update for PRESENCE WordPress theme and it will be back online soon. Thank you.

How to change the text colours ?

Hi, please read PDF user guide. The topic already covered

After making installation variations How can I change homepage

Hi, will you please make it clear? In case if you are looking for support please open a support ticket

Is it possible in this theme to have the snap scroll function to images when scrolling?

If it is, I will insta-buy this theme :)) But only if you agree to show me how to do it AFTER I buy the theme. It looks great.

Hi, this feature is not included in the template. It needs a customization to implement it

Hi, it is simple to setup a fullscreen static overlay in front of the video, à la ?

Hi, please open a support ticket

sorry but I can’t find the PDF user guide in my PRESENCE folder. Where is it?

Sorry, I found it. Now my problem is with images: I upload them on the media library but I don’t see them in the pages (same thing happens with logos, etc)

Hi, please open a support ticket via

Please tell me when Joomla version of PRESENCE will be avaliable ? should i better buy it WORDPRESS ? why you dont have it in Joomla ?

Hi, Joomla versions are not available as we do not have Joomla developers in the team. We recommend you to check WordPress version instead.