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Hi, do you have the documantation on russian language? Thanks

Hi, we are having only English documentation. You may use translate the PDF.

I’m not clear if this template is usable with wordpress. Can anyone clarify me about this? Thanks

Hi, this template is not WordPress theme. It is HTML5 site template. A WordPress version is currently under development.

Awesome work! there is a bug in the portfolio, it jumps back to homescreen (top of screen) when you close a portfolio item. not always, but often. is there a reason for this? how can i avoid that?

Hi, thank you for your message. This is happening only on when triggering the Lightbox view of some portfolio blocks. We have identified this a minor bug, we are fixing it, update coming soon :)

Good luck, my friend!

Thank You ovabig :)

Hi Designova,

this theme rocks big time. I’ve been looking many many many hours for a theme that fits our needs. Fortunately, I found your Presence-theme. Presence is the one for our company so, off course, I can’t wait for your wordpress version. Hopefully you can finish the development asap and make me a happy buyer ;-)

Thanks in advance!

Hi, thank you for your kind words :) We are already in the mid of WordPress theme development, we will release it soon. We will tweet the progress, please stay in our circle via Twitter




Hi, thank you for your kind words :) we are on final stages of PRESENCE WordPress development. Please stay in our circle, we are trying our level best.

Hi !
  • Fresh
  • Nice
  • Fun
  • Looking forward WP One Page, please !


Thank you for your kind words :) WP version is coming soon

I enjoyed the experience. Very thanks for you

Just one question, How to link the team part of the page to the navigation panel?

Thanks a lot.

By the way, thank you for your kind words :)

I did two tickets at support and no response.

Please again, How to setup my twitter username at the homepage instead of yours?

Hi, our support team is off for local holiday. We will get back to you by tomorrow.

Hey, Just wondering…I have a tight deadline for my next site, and really really love this template. I need it for Wordpress though. I see that you have been saying “It’s coming soon”, but do you have an estimated release date?

Thanks so much

We are on the final stage of development. We can release it within a week :D Thanks for your interest.

question before I purchase this theme (when you release it): is it possible to make the home page boxes lock to the top of the screen? So, when the user scrolls up or down, it perfectly aligns the box to the window?

Just bought the HTML version but I wanted to buy wordpress? Is there a way we can work around this one?

Also, will I have to pay additional for a wordpress versions, considering I have already bought the whole thing. Am hoping its not at an extra cost.

Hi, PRESENCE WordPress version is already released here:

We hope you may have missed our tweet.

WordPress and HTML are different products on themeforest


How can I run the HTML /CSS with LESS.js locally on my Mac ? Also any chance that with Wordpress or Joomla I would be able to combine different page layout as I can do with HTML (Index01 as homepage then links to index02 as another page etc..)

Thank you,

Hi, for advanced layout possibilities you may check the WordPress version here:

Guys what would be the address to contact you by email ?

When will the Wordpress version be available again? I noticed you took it down today.

It will be back within a day.

How do I add Parallax slides more than 8?


Thank you.

There are two errors in main.css.

Line 1323: background: rgba(255,255,255,0.5); !important;
Line 1352: background: rgba(255,255,255,0.5); !important;

Both have an extra ”;” before !important.

It was a typo, we will fix it on very next update.

How do I change the main orange highlight color in the template? I cannot find where the code is..? The color is used in loader, and explore more button….

My website is video heavy…Is there a way to better optimize the videos for the web? do they preload? Tips?

Hi, please make the file size reduced and if possible supply it from Vimeo. Since video performance is entirely depending on server and connection speed, there is limitation from developers’ point. Also preloading is not practical in the case of videos.

Hi, what’s the best way to change the logo (emblem) ? Thanks a lot.

Solved, thanks!

What’s new in this update ?

Do I need to upgrade?

Thank you GrafAS :)