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Hi there,

There seems to be an issue on the mobile version of the site, at least when viewed on an iPhone 5 in Safari and Chrome, that the website glitches and a blue bar along with other elements on the page kind of freak out and cover half the screen. Didn’t know if it was an error on our end, so we tested the live preview of this design on an iPhone and it does the same thing. Is there any sort of fix or work around to this that you are aware of? Thank you for your time.

Can i see screenshot please.

hello, my client asks me if it is possible to make visible the logo in the menu even when the page scrolls down and the menu bar moves to the left. Can you help me solve this request? thanks

I am sorry you need to play with you html and css as its part of customisation as its not an error .

Hello, I have purchased your them. The theme seems to have a bug in IE 11 for the rotating words. I have tested the demo listed here in IE 11 and the error occurs with your demo as well. The issue is the rotating words above the mobile phone in the demo, the one associated with class rotate. The words are displayed as a mirror image in IE 11. Do you have any suggestions on how to correct?

I am experiencing the problem in IE 11.

Do you have an email address I can send you the screenshot to?

Hello. How to insert a video from vimeo in light boxes where the photos?

Does we have shown in demo if not then its not possible currently.

Hi, Great template love it thank you. I have just one problem that I need the top menus clickable as well as the menus below it clickable. At the moment the top menus do not click into a page, is there anyway of changing this please? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Sam

Hi, Sam here again. Not to worry I have put in an alternative menu system. Kind regards, Sam

Great thanks

Hi, Sorry sam here again. I have just noticed that the rotating text which you can see from your index.html showing the rotation of text in this sentence “The PRESSA Retina Flexible Website Template” on the ipad it only shows the first word in blue text when loaded and then all the other words following show in white so they cannot be seen. Is there anyway to change this please so all the words show in rotation? thank you for your help, kind regards, Sam

Your twitter widget isn’t a widget, its static html. Where is the widget functionality?

Hi, Yes twitter section is static html if you need widget of this part please send email and we would send you code via email.

I sent you an email via the support contact form. Thank you!

Yes i have got it. I would reply you very soon.


I’m using the Facts Counter feature. my question is: Can I do some change to do this function faster?, the thing is because I have a big number to show and I want show this function faster.

It’s a different author product

Please put question there.

Ufff.. sorry. I confused the product…

No problem glad that you got it finally :)

I can’t figure out where to insert my location coordinates for the map on the contact and index page.

For Homepage Open index page into any HTML Editor goto line number? 2009 . For contact page go to line number 460.

latitude: -37.801578, longitude: 145.060508

You have to replace these values to your own location.


Nice work ! This theme is very great.

I see a bug on my projet and on your Live preview:

In resolution between 780 and 960 pix, the header logo is not show. Can-you help me resolve this ?


Hi, Thanks for helping us, We have fixed issue into live preview. You can do it by adding this code into style.css at bottom “pressa/style.css”

@media screen and (max-width: 960px) { .site-header .col-lg-9.col-md-9.col-sm-12{ clear:both; } }?

Thank you very much !

Your Welcome :)


This is my second post here. sorry for that…. I second issue is about video feature. We want to use this feature but with a local video, I mean, with a video in our server. Do you have some function to do that?


As i said it’s a different author product please put question on their wall :)

Hello, I’ve your good work also purchased and now want to change the contact email address, but not looking where, where can I change this exactly?

Hi, Open contact.php on line number 60 you can see the email address.

And how can you add more exam questions, so come the more bills, or is removed when the obligation in the phone number?

You mean the question for submitting form?

hi, I am interested in your plugin no Contact Us – Advanced (Radio button section) is it a database to install? Is it a book with admin panel. for management? not find the shortcodes modal Lightbox Content Boxes etc ….. compared to other thank you

Hi, I am always interested Extract the full source code of a portfolio page with css? I wonder if I can extract the full source code integrated to another html page how to do?

Thank you

Could you please buy the theme first?

HI, Could you please Could you please buy the first theme?

okay, buy the first theme? help Thank you

Hi, i have the same problem with preload image can i also get the js code??

Could you please share the screenshots? So we can see what exactly you are talking about?


sifandi Purchased

Night, I have downloaded but the file is damaged, there is a solution? thank you

Could you please share the screenshot of issue? Cause i just double checked the files are working for me.