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I have to say, you guys are making some pretty amazing stuff these days. Keep up the good work.

Thank you

Hi Virusnac,

Great theme. I’ve been looking for a them featuring a search at the top—like the Sellegance theme for opencart.

I’ll have many events and would like to see how it would work. You have the mock event only. On the home page you say you can create a list of events. Could you add a page that links from that phrase “Set a specific event or a list of events as your mainpage” (add click here”) that would go to alist page, that way it’s only a one page change for you.

Sorry, I would not ask, but many buyers might want to see this for multiple events.

Are you using a shopping cart? If so, what is it?

Also, what is the difference between my cart and my items?

Cheers, J


here are more examples how you can display more events on a page 1) using post’s list widget –

2) using short code:

3) showing all posts of type event:

The shopping cart is integrated in the theme and works only with PayPal.

My cart shows the items in the shopping cart at the moment, while my items shows all purchased items.

Hi Virusnac,

is the theme localization ready (.po .mo files) ?

Hi, yes it is. The theme ships with a .po file that can be translated


Does this theme work OK with Wordpress Multisite? Im looking for a theme that keeps it clean with login/register on my blog-portal.


As a matter of fact, the demos sites (multiple events and single event) are installed on a WordPress Multisite. The users registered on one site should not be able to use the main site.


I purchased yesterday this theme. How can I upgrade to the 0.2 version?

download it again from themeforest and replace the files

ill be getting this on Tuesday and to get the newer version just download it again Eionut

Hi I purchased the themes and re-download the file again to upgrade to 0.2 version but still got 0.1 version. am I download the right file?

Yes, you are downloading the updated files. We just forgot to change the version in style.css. Sorry about that.

Hi again, I instal the theme and when I visit events, slideshow, speakers, sponsors and pages menu in dashboard, I got this message:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /wp-content/themes/pressevent/lib/classes/hierarchy.php:189) in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 861

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /wp-content/themes/pressevent/lib/classes/hierarchy.php:189) in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 862

can you help me with it?

Can not reproduce the issue on our installation, but try first to disable any plugins you have. Also, try disabling the debug option for wordpress.

When will be available the updated version?

it is already available

Beautiful work. Looking forward to utilizing & adapting it to our site. two quick & easy questions: 1. The PayPal integration looks good, but is it possible to include WP Stripe Payment as it is not intended to be used as an e-commerce solution, but rather to handle single payments? 2. Same question for Dwolla payments? (i.e. linked by button to their outside systems) Thank You for your time.


if you have a plugin that does that you can use it, but we can’t do that.

Great theme! Just 1 question. I’ve installed the XML file included in your package, but the final results do not match your demo site. What’s wrong?

Thanks in adv.

In order to make it look like in the demo you have to import the settings as well. And use the same widgets and menus .

You have to assign the menu like here:

And also you have to use the same widgets:

cant view the live version.

try again, it’s working now.


Well, I tried to piece together a top selling theme with some plugins and had conflicts. So, I back looking at pressevent. It’s looking pretty visionary on your part. Your sales should be much higher.

Can the logo and search center upon resizing the browser at desktop FF?

I’ll be sending an email asap.



you can center the logo & search like that:

Hi, Another quick Q. I’m guessing I can bulk upload users and posts. Is this correct? Have you tried it? If yes, which upload tool CSV importer, etc. thx j

The standard import/export wordpress tool can be used

I am having the same issue with the error in the headers every time I try to make an edit in the administrative backend, and it telling me to upgrade to a newer version…

I should be solved now

Hi, Can Pressevent make an event and/or speakers or presentations private for those who register for it? Thank you, J

No, it can’t.

Hi, Thank you. Can I adapt Page Restrict plugin or a .htaccess method? found under: Cheers, J

you can use a membership plugin and instead of our registration you’ll have to use the plugin functionality

Just google for Wordpress membership plugin and you’ll find something.


Pre-sales question: Can you set the blog page to be the homepage?

I’m trying to reproduce this site:

Thanks! -Jack

yes you can do that.

Great, thanks!

Any problems, i’ll be in touch!

I saw it’s showing past events. Does it come with a feature to show future events?

It shows posts of a given post type (event in this case). There is a option to archive the past events, and in this case only future events will be shown in the widgets and shortcodes

Might be a silly question but on the main page it shows three images, is it possible to have this four column layout instead of three?

No , it is not possible .

I apologize for my first answer, I guess I did not understand it correctly: so, yes, the frontpage text is using the columns shortcode so you can use 2, 3, 4 etc columns.

Hi, Is there any chance to change the caption color in slideshow from white to black?

Thanks in adv


you need to tweak the css and change values here: .cosmo-slider .content .row .columns:first-child

instead of rgba(255, 255, 255, .5) use rgba(0, 0, 0, .5)