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Hi virusnac,

How can I remove “My cart” and “My items” and “My sold items” from menu? I dont want to use any kind of payment on my website so I need to remove them.

Btw theme is perfect, nice job…

Hello virusnac,

I previously purchased your Evento theme and customized it for my needs. Am considering this theme as an upgrade to that theme since it is Responsive and has some additional features. A few questions first:

1. What are the significant differences between Evento and PressEvent?

2. Is PressEvent fully adaptable to a child theme for easier customization and upgrading (Evento is not)?

3. Does PressEvent lack any features found in Evento?


1. The PressEvent theme has responsive layout, different framework, possibility to create your own custom posts with own taxonomies, child posts for custom posts, integrated PayPal gateway for paid attenting to events, Custom CSS option from theme settings to enter in theme settings directly your custom css.
2. It behaves well as a child theme, just tested, but intense customization have not been applied.
3. It has the same features, based on events, but adds also other options.

Help virusnac! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! I registered with pressevent and with dreamhost to host. I downloaded press event. But I can’t tell where to start building my site. Can you help? thx

Hi. Please install the theme as described here then you can import the XML.

I found and zipped the file. Is screen shot of or

The screenshot is made from a self hosted WordPress installation, not You wrote that you have a dreamhost account, then you should be ready to go and install WordPress (if not installed already) and then install the theme.

Hi Virusnac, can you please answer my question?

zbalas 12 days ago Hi virusnac, How can I remove “My cart” and “My items” and “My sold items” from menu? I dont want to use any kind of payment on my website so I need to remove them. Btw theme is perfect, nice job…

Hi. You need to go in theme settings -> Payments and disable the assigned pages in “PayPal settings” and “Transactions statistics settings” (choose from dropdown the option “Select page”) and for “My items” remove from templates/login.php line 6 <li class="tickets">... </li>

Hi, please help, I’ve tried many many times to restart all things, installing the theme again and again…. there is an error when I’m trying to buy something on the site:

SetExpressCheckout API call failed. Detailed Error Message: Short Error Message: Error Code: Error Severity Code:

It appears when I’m trying to redirect to Paypal, all settings are okay… ID, secure keys, etc… I dont know what to do anymore. Help please

We have received your email, and trying to find where is the issue. Also, can you send us through email the FTP details, for debugging purposes?

Hi Thanks for the attention. It was a sever problem I moved Dreamhost to Bluehost and it works smoothly. Very good job

Probably the cURL or fopen were not working or enabled on the previous server.

How do I comment out the Event in the menu/nvigation bar? It seems to show up as default (far right in the nav)?

Please go in theme settings -> Custom posts, hover over the Event custom post and select Properties fro the appearing menu. In the pop up window go to Advanced tab and disable the option “Use this item in header menu”

Thanks so much – LOVE this theme, really sharp work!

Hi virusnac, Love this theme but having some trouble figuring out how everything is connected. I have the checkbox for grid view checked but I can’t get the blog page to be in grid view. Any other areas I might need to change to get this to work?

Hi. To change the layout for blog, go in theme settings -> Layout and set the option shown in screenshot

I have that setting chosen. It appears that the only pages the posts will go into grid layout are the custom created post pages. I wanted to add the blog grid to a normal page via the “post lists” shortcode, but I am guessing that does not work?

No, the shortcode doesn’t have this functionality, this can be done for standard pages like Category, Blog, Archive..

Hi. I would like to know if its possible to use an other gateway instead of paypal?

Only PayPal is integrated.

However you can use some external services like

Thank you.

Text not Wrapping!

Trying to use the column shortcodes and the text isn’t wrapping, it just runs over into the next column. Anyway to fix this? (I tried to use your forums, but the registration doesn’t work)

Please check the registration again. Try a different browser or clear the browser cache.
Can we have a look at the website were you are having the issue? Please note that if the column is too narrow and the word is long, might break it. We would like to have a look at it.

Please, I would like to know if this theme is for multi events or just one event. I could have sworn it was last time I came here; from the demo it asks if you want a single event layout or multi event layout. Please help. Thanks

Hi. Yes, you can have more than one event in the theme, the previous demo was showing both options.

Thank you, is there anyway I can view a demo of the multi event layout. Thanks

We don’t have one now, basically you can have a list of the events shown, instead of one event on front page. They can be in list view or grid view This widget allows to have some filters to show them for specific taxonomies, post types also (in screenshot Event category 1 and Event category 2).

After purchasing the 0.7 version theme today, I installed it but the version number says 0.3 inside wordpress. How do I get the updated 0.7 theme?

I installed the theme – on the wp-admin/admin.php?page=cosmotheme__main the theme version says “PressEvent Version: 0.3” – I’m getting the “cheain uh” errors and from the forum answers, they are are fixed and compatible with the newer wordpress versions.

OK I figured it out. Inside the ZIP file from theme forest (themeforest-2196163-pressevent-event) there is a folder called “pressevent”.. If you copy that into your themes folder and activate it, it is version 0.3 BUT there is also a file. That file contains 0.7

We see in both the 0.7 version. If after update you still see the older version, clear your browser cache (and website cache, if you are using any).


Being as this excellent theme is for events, I would like to show future events – I did this quickly with a plugin. However, I want to add a query that only shows events posts from todays date onwards in ascending order. So all old event posts are not displayed and events are shown in next date closest to current date, onwards.

With the custom post builder events page, I am not sure where to add a query.

I expect this would be a welcome addition for anyone promoting events.

Could you help?


That is what I wanted to know – I am not sure where to add queries for the custom posts, in this case, events… Can you point me in direction of the files/templates for events and people?

Also, will you be adding this functionality to future updates? I.E – Ability to add future events – show only current events – display in ascending order, current date shows first?

Could you please also let me know if their is a custom contact form included for a contact page and not just the footer? I don’t want to have to include more plugins and scripts, which will slow down the site.


This theme is poor. Documentation is merely screenshots of theme options pages, with little explanation of what the custom settings actually do.

Sample data does not load properly, and points to nonexistent links, photos, and badly written posts, and widgets that dont work as prescribed. What you’re left with upon import is a bad jumble of content that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t look anything like the theme demo, and has no graphic content whatsoever.

Support site leaves much to be desired and search functionality barely works.

I’ve installed more than 100 themes in the past 6 months for clients, one of which pointed me to this press event theme as a potential theme for his event website.

All I can say is that it’s a Poor showing.

Any news about the update that would fix the speed problem? Thank yoi

Hi. At the moment there are no updates regarding this question.

is there an option to sort the events by the program date? (especially @ grid frontpage)

No, the events are sorted by their published date as posts.

Hi You have to do something about the implementation of the mobile theme, currently it’s just awful.

The way the menu is laid-out is desperately old-fashioned, looks ugly and takes-up far too much space. You need to implement the small icon of ‘three lines in the top right corner’ approach which is far more space efficient and allows for text or slides to be displayed without the need for scrolling.

The home page slider is a total disaster on a mobile: the slide description does not fit, the images look poor and don’t fit correctly. Check some of the example sites listed here on a mobile.

Other page elements are not aligning correctly and all the content lacks correct padding so that it is squashed against the edge of the screen.

The theme is quite weak in a number of design areas but I was willing to wrestle with it to make it work. However the mobile implementation is a real show stopper for me at this time.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy Android but it looks just as bad in an Apple 4 phone emulator.

Any advice?

Hi. The theme is provided with the current design, at the moment we do not have plans on changing it, though we are considering your opinion about the menu.

When I added this code to a Post:

[box type="tick" size="medium" title=" Regulations & Procedures" right_title="" right_description="" url="" style="color blue" ]Box content[/box]

I ended-up with a green box (note it says blue in the code) with the title folded onto two lines.

Hi I want to use a simple tabber but using the shortcode provided by the theme option I get all the text showed and I need the next to be divided into the tabs, to show and hide each panel.

How can I fix this? Thanx

You can use in this case the toggle shortcode to hide/show individually each tab

hello there. I have recently purchased this theme. Is there any documentation that comes with it¿

Hi. The documentation file is included in the zip you download from themeforest.

Hi! I just installed the theme and I tried to import the simple event XML file but wordpress importer returns me a lot of error lines saying that Media cannot be found and the import procedure crashes. Can you check the XML files, pls? (I checked out the checkbox “Download the image files” durring import because I need a demo event to start with).

Which of these are the right file? the simple event zip file or the updated one?

Please download the updated one.

thank you! Much nice theme!