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How can I add different prices at the same event?

Hi. You can’t add different prices for the same event.

Does the theme support multiple events on the same installation, or is this designed as a single event theme?

You can create more events and show them, operate, the theme is not limited to one event.

Hi, is it possible to have the menu display a normal url ( instead of FG variable ( ?

thank you

The GET variable is used for making specific request based on post type, so other implementations by default are not possible.

Hello, I just downloaded the theme but cannot find the documentation. Could you please point me in the right direction. I am sure I am just being stupid! But cannot seem to find it in the ZIP or other files to download?

It should be right in the zip you downloaded, named documentation.pdf

How can I upload a custom header image in place of the plain logo that this theme offers? I want it to take up the entire header area.

How can I increase the size of the sponsors logo at the sidebar?

For this purpose, you need to customize the html/css.


I am having an issue with my logo not displaying on Firefox. I tried all the basics, but still cannot get it to work.

Can i email you guys for assistance?

Hi all, I use press event for almost 2 years and it really good. but I just found a problem. when I use tiled gallery from jetpack it is show in the page but after loading all image, image suddenly disappear. It only happened when I open the page using chrome and safari. here’s the link can you help me to solve this? I think it’s a js problem, but I have no idea where.

Has anyone experienced the pay pal problem where it forces you to create a pay pal account..?

The theme is only set to allow you to pay through Pay pal and not via a credit card..Paypal standard allows you this option, but the system using api credentials, will always force you to create an account after you click pay with credit card..This is very frustrating as not everyone uses pay pal or wants to create an account..?? Any ideas

For cards you will need a dedicated gateway and other related functionality. Or a plugin with such functionality, but will require some theme code change, to integrated with the new system.

Can you please answer my question above from 8 days ago regarding how to replace the logo in the header with a custom header image? Also, it appears that your widget “Latest Tweets” is not working properly (on my site or the test site for this theme) – can this be fixed?

The logo can be uploaded from theme options -> Style
For the tweets, we will update the functionality shortly, please check here

I would like to provide conference attendees with a logon after the conference that gives them access to videos and presentation files.. How do I do this? The documentation does not say how to create users and profiles that show only certain content?

Thanks Chantel

Hi. Such functionality is not present in the theme, to limit some content to logged in users only or to some user roles.

How do I search these comments? Am I just stupid or is there a search function somewhere?

Unfortunately, this is the themeforest messaging system with the authors. You could have a look on our support system and we will try to help.

The images that I upload seem to default to a rather large size. Where can I over ride the image size setting? I am not technically savvy… The problem can be seen on The first page contains the blog posts but the “featured” images is very big. The same for the speakers and sponsors pages? Would actually rather then use thumbnails across the entire site.

Thanks very much!

How can I change the size that is displayed for the featured image on the Blog Page and pages where the Post List shortcode is used? Please I am extremely desperate, the site needs to go live…. I really would appreciate the help – I need the size to change across the site for blog and where the post list shortcode is used?

What is the variable for the featured image in image.php?

Its the array $size the value for ‘list’ (if using list view).

Hi I ask previously but no answer. can you help me with the tiled gallery issued? I really need help with that. tiled gallery always disappear after loading using safari and chrome.

Hi. Please answer under the same message, so can keep track if it, or open a ticket on our support forum

Hi all, I use press event for almost 2 years and it really good. but I just found a problem. when I use tiled gallery from jetpack it is show in the page but after loading all image, image suddenly disappear. It only happened when I open the page using chrome and safari. here’s the link can you help me to solve this? I think it’s a js problem, but I have no idea where.

Hi, I would like to know how can I disable the lightbox when I click in image. I inserted a link in an image, but when I click in this image, a lightbox appears. How can I fix this?

Hello. Please check theme options -> Blogging -> “Enable pretty-photo ligthbox”

No, didn’t work. :( look at the footer

Featured Image size issue:

I am using this in the page that I have on my home page: [show_posts post_type_id=’7’ show_all=’yes’ number=’5’ /]

I have gone through image.php and changed all the list image sizes to the following:

'list'                  => array( 80  , 80   , true ),

See the code from the top of image.php

<?php class _image{

/sizes for resized thumbnails/
static $size = array(
    'sidebar'               => array( 50  , 50   , true ),
    'list'                  => array( 80  , 80   , true ),
    'single'                  => array( 606  , 9999    ),
    'sponsor'                 => array( 9999 , 40  ) /sponsor widget/
/comment or remove the following 4 sizes if you are not using gallery short code/
//'tmedium,tsingle,tlist' => array( 600 , 9999 , 300  ), /for gallery short code/
//'tgrid,trelated'        => array( 280 , 140  , true ), /for gallery short code/
//'tmedium_gallery'       => array( 440 , 220  , true ), /for gallery short code/ 
//'tgallery'              => array( 200 , 100  , true ), /for gallery short code/
/sizes used throughout the theme/
static $img_size = array(
    'sidebar'               => array( 50  , 50   ), /used in sidebar widgets/
    'list'                  => array( 80  , 80, true   ), /used in list view */
    'single'                  => array( 606  , 9999  ),
    'sponsor'                 => array( 9999 , 40  ), /sponsor widget*/

I have re-uploaded the image on the first post “Featured Image” so it would regenerate the right sizes.

Please see

I would really just like all the images on the various posts to be something like a “thumb nail” size.

I am not a developer – can you tell me where to get help. This site needs to go live and the images for Speakers and Sponsors are not of the quality to display so bit – so the site looks shit! And I cannot get the right quality of images – so I need to find a way to change what the code displays.

Please – I am willing to pay someone to fix this. I just dont know where to find the right person.


By the way – The theme absolutely rocks! The site is awesome!

I can recommend to change the sizes for sponsor (this one is the small thumbnail) specifically change the height (40) to a bigger value (the width will be resized proportionally to height). Or you could specify a width/height value. After the changes don’t forget to run

I installed the Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin. I then set the size for Sponsor from 40 to 150. I regenerated the thumbnails with the plugin.

This is a page of a past conference where I have the program, speakers and sponsors on one page – scroll down to see the full impact of the image problem I am having. If I only look at the sponsors page – This is the problem I have there – see the link The actions above had no effect on the page. To see the problem on the blog page – see this link

I have now taken off most of the “featured images” from the blog page since the size of the image as it is now, prevents us from launching the site.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong that the page is not looking like this one?

Blog: Speakers: Presentations:

I will pay more to have this issue resolved. Please let me know what I need to do next. Please send me a quote for you to resolve this issue, so it looks like the demo site.

Thanks for helping.

You have used in the page the shortcode to show speeakers, I see it now. the thing is, here it will not help any feature, because the image is too small (90×90 for example). Try using bigger images, as they will be shown in the shortcode like how they are.

i have just looked at the demo site again. I would like my speakers, presentations and blog pages to look exactly like the pages here..,

What am I doing wrong that my list function is not showing the image left and exerpt right?

Help please?

How are you showing the sponsors and speakers in your dedicated pages? If using shortcodes, then it will show a list with image on top and text under, the link you specified is an archive of post type speaker (for example, check the end of url fp_type=speaker ). The archive shows it differently.

I am using the shortcode. Which other way can I use to just see the speakers and sponsors for a specific event? I have multiple events and need to keep speakers and sponsors separate for those events.

To show sponsors/speakers/etc for a specific event in a post, page, event itself, you can use the shortcode.

I would like to remove the two items above the Search box

My Items and the Login function and related menu’s -> See

Could you please assist me with what code I need to remove.

Thanks, Chantel

You need to disable the option “User login” from theme settings


i have tried to follow your instructions however I m unable to set up a program. Can you please point me in the right direction? thanks,

Make sure first you create a program for an event then in the event content insert a shortcode Program you can insert from this event or from another one, also you can insert in other pages the same way a program from another event if needed.

Hi, I have altered the font and font colours in the theme settings however it is not altering on my website. Can you advise why this might be happening?

Can you advise here???? The widget titles font won’t change…. thanks,


I think I responded to this… don’t know if it was you… here is how you can change the title widget fonts:

h4.widget-title, h5.widget-title { background-color: red; font-size: 40px; font-family: Arial; color: blue; }

This can go in Custom CSS box . Just edit these values. Cheers!