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A couple of more things

1 – How do I add the sponsors to show on the home page? 2 – How do I alter the program headers to go from the standard blue to another colour?


You can add the sponsors by enabling first in theme option -> Mainpage to show widgets http://i.imgur.com/SdegaPI.png then in Appearance ->Widgets add the sponsors widget to the sponsors sidebar http://i.imgur.com/uuI2Zkf.png

do you have an update on the twitter feed widget?

Hi, yes, the Twitter update will come along with the next theme’s update. Thank you.

Where can I change the date for the downloadable ticket. It always appears as 01/01/1970. thanks


please check in event’s settings, these options: http://i.imgur.com/k8bZHBF.png


Hello. Event dates are fine. Ticket dates however show 01/01/1970. See picture of ticket. http://i.imgur.com/WdVyvrQ.png?1

Please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with a temporary admin account, we’ll take a look. Thanks.

I want to insert an image and add a link to the image. I disabled PrettyPhoto Lightbox. It is still trying to open the image and link does not work. Please help?

Try to erase wp-image class when inserting the image http://i.imgur.com/4StSiBM.png

Hi Virus,

I use qtranslate on my wordpress, but it seems that your custompost under “PressEvent custom post builder” doesn’t support it (Example: ”<!-:fr->French Text<-:en->English text<!-:->” this will output: “French TextEnglish Text”

Any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance


Hi Pat, please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home and give us more details, like what exactly you wanted to translate. Cheers!

Is this theme compatible with WordPress 3.5.2? I am being asked to upgrade but want to assure that this won’t cause any issues with my site. Thank you.

Yes, it’s totally compatible, thank you for you question!


1)Is the Theme able to display the last 6 events on the Home Page? 2) Can we categorize the events per location and type (business, concert, etc)? 3)Are we able to display a search box in the Home Page and perform a search filtering by Location/Type of event? 4)Can we display the maps(venue address) in the event page?

Thanks, Pablo.


1. Yes, you can. 2. of course, Events have categories, so you may use that to sort them. 3. Search box is the default one, so you may need a plugin for that (or some code, if you know coding). 4. Yes, it has Google Maps included.

Hope that was it. If you have any more questions, please let us know! Cheers!


I’ve noticed that it includes a Login button (and facebook login): 1) where does it log you into? 2) Can people from outside post their own events if they log in? Should be great if possible!!

Hi, that login logs you into the site, so you could have access to some features. No, unfortunately this theme does not have front submission. Cheers!

Hi, I am just wondering how to change the widget headings font? I have tried it in the theme settings and custom CSS however it still won’t change. If you could please kindly give me the right CSS coding that would be great. Thank you kindly in advance.


of course, no problem. You can add next snippet in your Custom CSS box: http://imm.io/1dYoG

h4.widget-title, h5.widget-title {
background-color: red;
font-size: 40px;
font-family: Arial;
color: blue;

Of course, those are just demo values – edit colors, size and so on ;) Cheers!

Followed the instructions

Imported the file…

got this message

Failed to create new user for Alexandru Guzun. Their posts will be attributed to the current user. Failed to import Media “7887557-4”

Failed to import Media “7887557-6”

Failed to import Media “7887557-2”

Failed to import Media “}Pg?xQ”

Failed to import Media “}Pg?xQ”

Failed to import Media “}Pg?xQ”

Failed to import Media “}Pg?xQ”

Failed to import Media “}Pg?xQ”

Failed to import Media “525-2”

Failed to import Media “55427254”

Failed to import Media “525-5”

Failed to import Media “7887557-7”

Failed to import Media “7887557-9”

Failed to import Media “7887557-35”

Failed to import Media “ubuntu1”

Failed to import Media “womanonwhite1”

Failed to import Media “shutterstock_73814629”

Failed to import Media “washingtonp”

Failed to import Media “responsive5”

Failed to import Media “7887557-34”

Failed to import Media “reponsiv1”

Failed to import Media “ipod1”

Failed to import Media “53742280invers”

Failed to import Media “presentation5”

Failed to import Media “53742280invers”

please advise…. is there a working file somewhere?

You have multiple xml demo files in the download. Can you AT LEAST delete the files that don’t work?

Evento has the ability to support multiple events. Unfortunately we do not have dummy content for that. Just deleted from our library those XMLs… sorry for skipping it in the uploaded archive. We kindly ask you to use our Ticketing System for any of your questions. Just submit a request. It’s fast and free. Also, you can visit our forums too, maybe your question was already answered, or Tips&Tricks section! Thank you!

The multiple event demo content still does not work many months later and you market the theme as a multiple event theme.

How do I change the email address from which registration confirmations are sent? Currently they are sent from a wordpress@”mydomain.com” email account I haven´t setup.


that’s the WP default behavior. Please search for a plugin that can modify this email. Cheers!

The demo content doesn’t work? Does the theme work? How would you know if everything was working with no demo content to reference?

The demo you see here http://demo.cosmothemes.com/pressevent/ is included in the demo content. surerank is speaking about a multi-event site (another demo) that was some months ago, and is alreadu deprecated. How would I know? I am working on a localhost, where the content is uploaded with the same XML. And it works. Cheers!

Kind of my thinking…. Wolfhsh.


I’m having an issue with the slideshow when using IE8. The slideshow is not showing and it just leaves a big white box. I also noticed the issue persisted when using the demo.

Thank You Kyle

Hi Kyle,

can you please send us a link to your site, so we could test? I tried IE8 on our demo and the slideshow works just fine http://imm.io/1f1sR

Also please verify your browser’s settings – it need to be in IE8 standard, not less. Cheers!

I’m looking to buy this, but want to make sure these things.

1.Does this theme do multi-events? 2.What is the latest wordpress version its compatible with? 3.Is there a way to install the demo and just recreate it that way easily? 4.Utilizing the paypal or etc is there a way to give access to a protected page after the payment? ie: until a client pays via paypal they won’t have access to a page that has the ticket to print out or info or etc

Thank you


1. You can add multiple events (there is a custom post – Event).

2. It’s compatible with WP3.6 (please see Change log at the bottom)

3. Yes, you can re-create the demo, we have it’s XML and settings.

4. This is not implemented in the theme.


Thank you Virusnac

I have events with different pricing for public, alumni and students. If I have to create a separate event for each price, it would be nice to be able to duplicate the event so I don’t have to recreate the whole thing. Is there an easier way to create multiple price options?

Unfortunately not, you have to dig into the code. Sorry.


I’m using the theme on this site so far: aspbtagung.de

I have a few problems I couldn’t solve myself so far.

1) What settings do I have to change so pictures get not resized? E.g. on the speaker page (http://aspbtagung.de/?page_id=167) the images for every person are huge, I just want them in their original size. I also do not want that + icon.

2) On the speaker page and presentation categories page (e.g. http://aspbtagung.de/?presentation_category=wissdienstleistungen) and others there’s always the post meta which I don’t want. Where would I have to change that.

3) How can I turn off the hover effect in the sponsors sidebar. I only want the images without any links and any moving while hovering over them.

4) How can I insert a link to all presentations of one speaker on their respective page without having to pick them manually from the Posts lists options. Is there a shortcode option or a little php snippet I could use?

5) I can’t seem to be able to change the headlines of pages like this: http://aspbtagung.de/?presentation_category=wissdienstleistungen I’ve added .entry-title h1 {color:#00f50a;} but it does not have any effect. What am I doing wrong here? The same with the hover color. I looked up every option in the CSS file where the color is changed and put them all in the custom CSS and changed the color there again. This did not work.

6) Is there a way to sort the speakers differently? Right now they’re sorted by the date they were created but I would like to have them sorted alphabetically.

I think that covers most of the problems I still have, hope you can help me out.



1. Try to add this CSS line into your Custom CSS box:


That will stop image re-size, and hide that PLUS sign

2. See the link below for the CSS that hides meta.

3. See the link below for the CSS that stops moving effect:

http://pastebin.com/6Gckq19G For link modification please see \PressEvent\lib\widget\sponsors.php file, searching http://pastebin.com/WxdHLPkM

4. No, unfortunately there is not option or snippet available.

5. The correct selector is “h1.entry-title” .

6. Actually you can sort the speakers or presentations: http://i.imgur.com/wWVwhca.png

So for example if you are listing the speakers for ‘presentation X’ using the shortcode, then you can go to edit page on presentation X and reorder attached speakers to that presentation – save the post and the Speakers will show up the new order



Is there an example of this theme somewhere with multiple events – would be good to see how it looks with more than one event?



we have to build it, please revise our demo in a couple of days, hope we’ll solve this out. Thank you for taking into consideration our theme!

Hello, in the pressevent theme how can I make the logo to fit the width of the page in the header section, or at least to make it bigger both in width and height to fit the white area.


can you please send us a link to your site, so I could see what logo do you have, and what space you want to fill? Thank you.

this is the link for the site: http://wp.mpi-spain.org/

Hello there!

We kindly ask you to use our Ticketing System for any of your questions. Just submit a request. It’s fast, free and it’s completely private (so you could send sensitive information too). Also, you can visit our forums too, maybe your question was already answered, or Tips&Tricks section! Thank you!

i have been using woo commerce cart plugin but due to its inbuilt plugin of paypal….the cart is not shown on page…plzz suggest some possible soln to rectify this


are you asking about a certain theme? I do not see “purchase” tag and I do not know to what theme are you referring? Is it PressEvent? CheerS!

ya i have purchased the theme pressevent via different account(actually its my boss’s account) and i m working on it….. my question is for this theme only -The press event

PressEvent was not designed for WooCommerce, so It may result some errors along the good functioning of this plugin. Unfortunately we have no time resources to investigate the problem, please see plugin’s manual and support forums toward this issue. Thank you for your understanding. Have a good day.