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karlbaz Purchased


I want to use this theme in RTL. I’ve turned on RTL support and the site flipped horizontally as expected. But the section titles are still aligned left, how can I align them right?



karlbaz Purchased

To elaborate, I also need the menu to be aligned right.

And one more question please, I want to upload an Arabic font to use with my RTL site but wordpress does not allow me to upload ttf. I get the error message: ‘Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.’ If that’s the case how can I upload custom fonts?

Hi :)

1. Could you please send me a url of that page and specify the location of the section title? I’ve checked in the section title of page composer but there’s no problem.

2. Please install this plugin and try again https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqs99i2unuv4dnh/vw-allow-otf.zip?dl=0

Hi! I just need to know what changed with the lastest update. Can I update only some file or I have to update all the theme? Thx (the change log hasn’t been updated, or I’m not able to see it…sorry)

Hi :)

Sorry and thanks for let me know. Here is the changelog https://gist.github.com/anonymous/40d13cb85d4aa484770fae951e1d5ea4


Valborg Purchased


Everything is up and running and we are very happy with the theme. One question:

The mobile site is a really down dressed version of our regular site (think: only blue/white, no pictures, no homepage, only menubar), and on my mobile I have to select ‘show dekstop version’ before it looks good on mobile. This is both on iOs and Android.

The customizer shows the right (and responsive) version on the screen though.

Can you help? Thanks!

The url is www.gofifty.nl by the way.

Hi :)

I’ve checked you site on chrome/android but now found the problem. The site can be displayed correctly. When not select ‘show desktop version’, The site is shown in mobile version and when select this option, the site is shown full resolution like desktop.

Please recheck.

If the problem still persist, Please send me a screen capture. It could be help.

I have found it, in jetpack the mobile site was activated. Now all is good. Thanks though!


agomendes Purchased

I’m coming from update wordpress to version 4.6 and this broke my homepage. On the “Add Section” everything gone. If I add my sections again I can combine some of them but not all as before. If I add “Featured Post Slider” following by “Last By Category” it works, but if I add “Last By Category” twice (as before) everything vanish when I update de page content. I’ve installed last theme version and I clear my browser cache before running my last tests. Any idea about what it can cause de issue? I suppose that you had already similar problems in the past, no? Many thanks.

Hi :)

I’ve checked your steps with WP 4.6 but there is no problem.

Please try the following steps

1. Disable all wordpress plugins, Then try again.

2. Create a new page and try again.

Hi, one more question about the gallery.

It is displaying perfectly now, only when I click a picture in the gallery, this opens up a new page with this picture, please see: http://www.gofifty.nl/tiled-gallery-klein-formaat/ . When I look at your demo page, http://envirra.com/themes/presso/?p=178, a click on the gallery gives a nice slider.

Did I miss a plugin, or something else? Thanks for your help!

Ok never mind, I already found it :-) !