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lanikita Purchased


Loving the theme. I had a a few questions. I am using Presso 3.2.2 with a Presso Child Theme. View site http://socalcycling.com/presso/

1. My social counter in my footer does not work and has the wrong amount of followers or 0 followers. I have saved it in the widget, and still does not work.

2. How do I change the Title Size for the posts and pages? It is too big. I tried to change my font size for the different Headings in the Typography in the Theme Options and it did not change the size at all for the headings.

3. Is it possible to remove the black lines in the widget area on the home page, but keep the black lines on the post box portion of the home page?

4. My Mobile Menu does not show my Top Menu or Main Menu on my Iphone 6s or Ipad. The both show some random Menu Items, but not the Items I need in my Main Menu. How can I get the Mobile Menu to show the same Main Menu items that it does on my desk top?

Thank you!


lanikita Purchased

I figured out # 4, but not the other items.

Also, my top menu is red, but is there a way to make the menu item (not the text) turn black when moused over?


Hi :)

1. I’ve checked on my environment but not found the problem. Please recheck the widget settings again.


2. & 3 & 5. You can use a custom CSS. Please copy a custom css from the below

/* 2 */
@media (min-width: 992px) {
.vw-post-header .vw-post-title {
    font-size: 32px; /* Change font size for desktop here */

/* 3 */
.vwspc-section:not(:first-child) .vwspc-section-sidebar .widget:first-child,
.vwspc-section .widget {
    padding-top: 12px;
    border-top: none !important;
    border-top-style: none !important;

/* 5 */
.vw-menu-top .main-menu-link:hover {
  background-color: #000 !important;

Then navigate to ‘Theme Options > Custom CSS/JS’ and paste into ‘Custom CSS’ option.


I have set up Mega Menus on my website -https://classicfootballshirtscollection.com/

But the drop down doesn’t always appear when you hover over an item – ie if you go straight to the home page and hover over BRitish Shirts it doesn’t appear.

It does appear if you enter the website directly at a particular page – ie:


If you enter there then they appear.

How can i assure the drop downs appear when someone enters at the homepage? I have set them all up correctly I think as they do appear on individual pages.

Thanks Steve

Hi :)

There is an error from js on the homepage as the following image http://i.imgur.com/Rq63aI8.png

This error might be caused from some optimization, Please turn off the js minify function (it may related to the keyword “sitespeed-js” )

THanks, how do I turn off the js minify function though?! Or do i need to contact my web host?

I do not sure where is the js minify function. It may from some plugin, Please try disable all plugins (except theme’s plugins) and check again. Or please contact your web host.


TGVMKT Purchased

Hello there, we just updated from 2.0 and have some issues:

- our menu bar doesn’t sticky when scrolling (even when the option checked) - It appears the page viewer, despite we don’t have the plugin activated - The Google Adsense responsive blocks across the site (in the sidebar and the homepage) are filled with the colour of the site. - And we miss the option of to feature tags -as we use to do in the previous version :(

BTW It’s a real great job -as usual from you Thanks in advance!!

Hi :)

Please install and activate the plugin “Presso : Theme Options Panel” and check again. (You can navigate to menu “Appearance > Install Plugins” for an available plugins)


TGVMKT Purchased

Good morning and thanks for the answer! We’ve already have that plugin installed :( And btw, the shortodes didn´t work also (and we’ve the Presso Shortodes plugin installed). Our example is this article: http://bit.ly/chez-leon Thanks a lot!!

Hi :)

Please send me an admin account, login url and the page url by using contact form on my profile page. I will have a look into it.

Hello. I have a problem with “Demo Content”.

I tried two methods and both of them failed. 1) Using PRESSO Demo Installer – and get error “Error: Bad Gateway (502)”. 2) Using “Tools/Import” – xml – Error 502 Bad Gateway.

Then i tried another hosting – and no luck too. System thinking about 30 minutes and can’t stop thinking..

Can you help me?

Hi :)

Please try importing by using menu “Tools/Import” but DO NOT “Download and import file attachments”.

If success, Please retry with option “Download and import file attachments”.

In case fail again, Please access to demo site at http://envirra.com/themes/presso3/ to make sure the site is live (the media files will be imported from demo site).


mfrespe Purchased

I am using Presso Legacy 2.2.1…..Can you control what articles appear on the “More Stories” pop-up feature at the end of each article?


No option to control the article on More Stories.


lanikita Purchased

sending an email regarding 500 errors, as it is very long.

thank you

Replied via email 8)

Hi, I understand that my support is over, but I realize that this feature never worked from the start – the smooth scroll feature. I have checked as enabled but unfortunately doesn’t work.

Kind Regards,

Hi :)

In Presso 3, You can enable the smooth scrolling at ‘Theme Options > General > Enable Smooth Scroll’.

Hi, yes I have it enabled but the smooth scroll doesn’t work I tis supposed to work with in text anchor links and buttons yes?

The smooth scrolling option is for scrolling up/down on the page only, not for clicking a links or buttons.