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Actually, I had the same problem as zlewi510. After enabling Presso v3.0.0 on a new WP install with clean DB, it throws an error message with:

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /.../wp-content/themes/presso/inc/review/review.php on line 148

I had to disable line 147 and 148 in review.php to get the theme working. I’m not using reviews so I don’t think it is a problem (for now). Maybe worth to check out the error though for the next update?

Thanks for your report! I will release a fix soon 8)

So, I install this theme and get a 500 error; check the log, and see the problems in ./wp-content/themes/presso/inc/review/review.php on line 148 – comment that out, and then, the 500 error is fixed but get no posts, why? because PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function presso_has_review() in /wp-content/themes/presso/inc/post.php on line 155. Commented that out as well, and finally, the theme works.

So far I can say this theme is so beautiful, but the first experience right after downloading it, was terrible. And the theme hasn’t been updated for several days.

Hi :)

Just released a new version (v3.0.1). Please update to fix the problem.

the new update it’s only for review.php? I found another error. Notice: Undefined index: full in /home/metalsym/public_html/metals/wp-includes/media.php on line 215

Notice: Undefined index: full in /home/metalsym/public_html/metals/wp-includes/media.php on line 216

Notice: Undefined index: full in /home/metalsym/public_html/metals/wp-includes/media.php on line 217

Notice: Undefined index: full in /home/metalsym/public_html/metals/wp-includes/media.php on line 218

it appears in my home about my featured images, what’s that? thanks :)

Hi :)

Is it occurred on Presso 2?

I’ve checked but not found the problem. Do you have more information? Or please try disable all plugins.

no, on presso 3

I see your site metalsymp**.com still using Presso 2.2.0.

Is it correct? or you have another site? Please send me a url of the page ;)

I also checked in my log file but not found the same error message. I would be better if you can provide me more information.


Hi. In 3.0.1 version, I can’t personalize the typography…

Hi :)

Could you please explain more about the problem? Which option does not work?


@envirra – thanks for the update to fix those review issues.

I have a question: How can I avoid posts without featured image to show up in the Gallery Slider? Would it be possible to ad an option to show only posts that have a featured image? – there’s any quick way to do that editing a file? – thanks.

Hi :)

1. I mean simple page composer. Already tried to change the featured image, and made sure it’s got high resolution, also tried in different formats, PNG 8bit, PNG 24 bit, GIF, JPEG… to no avail. The image always shows pixelated. Please Check this screenshot: https://s24.postimg.org/6nxtyb3th/Imagen_9_1_17_18_15_pegada.jpg

2. This plugin didn’t help because this post is a newly created post (after installing your theme), which means all the correct thumbnails were generated.

I’d like to know where in your code is the place we can decide the resolution used for that image. – thanks!

OK I got it. The Block A-1 is designed for displayed in sidebar (single column) It will be pixelated when showing in large area like your home page.

You can change the thumbnail size by edit this file ‘themes\presso\templates\loop\post-block-a.php’ and change the size ‘presso_thumbnail_medium’ to ‘presso_thumbnail_large’.

@envirra great, thanks a lot! :) and sorry for the harsh comment at first. Your theme is great!

Hello Envira!

I’m deeply testing Presso 3 before upgrade my version 2 (yes, I know that I’ve to build my homepage, edit my posts and pages, etc…) and I’ve already some issues or suggestions that I want share with you.

> When we add a wordpress gallery (native function from wordpress core) to a post and we edit settings to change the size, all options apparently from the theme (Theme: medium; Theme: medium (no cropping); Theme: Square; Theme: Full Width; etc…) are not working. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I think that it could very useful if we can user the same looking options (sizes, aliment, number of columns, etc…) that you have to the “post type gallery” into the native wordpress gallery.

> When we use the post type gallery (Presso option), if we chose a showing option higher that Grid4 or even Grig3 with a long caption, precisely the caption will overlap the zoom and link buttons (we are not able to use them). I think that you have to play with CSS z-index to make sure that the link buttons are always on the top.

> When we use the post type gallery (Presso option), it could be very useful if you had a simple option to show the gallery in the beginning or in the end of the post – if we want write an introduction before a huge gallery, that we don’t what show as a slider, it makes much more sense that the text can be in the beginning (before all all images).

> The “page link” that we can now use in page builder design, which in my opinion is a great option, If could be much more powerful if we are able to point the url also to a post (not only pages).

> With the new “tagline” option that we have to fill to show some text above the post / page title, you are not using anymore the excerpt for this. If this is nor a bug, I think that is could be useful if you add an option to activate the excerpt on this cases. And then, it the “tagline” is filled, you overlap the excerpt with it information – just with pages / posts and not in the homepage, where only the excerpt should be used.

I hope that this can help something. I’ll continue testing and give you my feedback.

I don’t know why, but I’m not able to edit my comment :( When I talk about “tagline” (last point), I want say “… show some text BELOW the post / page title…” and not above ;)

Hi :)

Really thanks for your feedback! I will check it and improve if possible.

Hi, I think Presso is the best theme of ThemeForest, but I’m not happy about not being able to upgrade to the new version (from 2.1.1). There will be support for 2017, but ¿for 2018 and following years? The new version isn’t good news for my project :( Regards.

Hi :)

The support period in 2017 for Presso 2 is a plan. It may be extended if there is no serious issue for improving Presso 2 to compatible with new wordpress version. BTW, If you still using Presso 2, You can still ask me. No problem.

In case of your site has only regular posts, It may not be a big task. Please try create a stage site, import all content from Presso 2 and set theme options/widgets again.

Hi, just wanted to let you know there is another small bug.

When setting up the post footer (cool new feature!), dragging a custom section to “enabled” (1 or 2) and adding some content displays no custom content in the posts. Tried different post types but the problem persists.

Cheers, Justin

Hi :)

Thank! It will be fixed in next update.


mdejneka Purchased

There is a problem with the menu on the iPad. I have included only main menu and the menu at the bottom of the page, mobile menu and the top menu are disabled. I have included sticky menu and both menus are visible when you view the page. How to hide the menu when they are not needed? How to collapse the main menu on the iPad?

See photos: http://www.lomza.pzlow.pl/presso-v3/

Hi :)

1. You can use a custom CSS. Please copy a custom css from the below

@media only screen 
and (min-device-width : 768px) 
and (max-device-width : 1024px)  {
    .vw-header .vw-mobile-nav-button {
        display: inline-block;

Then navigate to ‘Theme Options > Custom CSS/JS’ and paste into ‘Custom CSS’ option.

2. I’ve checked your main menu on iPad Air (iOS 10.2) but not found the problem. Here is my screen http://i.imgur.com/UPp0hUk.jpg

The main menu is always shown except you have enable the sticky menu option. The sticky main menu will be hidden when scrolling down and show up when scrolling up.


dellisn Purchased

hey guys. the old version of the theme made the link color whatever the Accent Color was. just customizing v3 and it doesn’t seem links are fed off that setting anymore. how would i customize the color of the links throughout the site?

Hi :)

Please try this css

body a {
  color: #3facd6; /* Change color here */

Just copy above css, then navigate to ‘Theme Options > Custom CSS/JS’ and paste into ‘Custom CSS’ option.


dellisn Purchased

I did an upgrade recently to the new theme and now the menu and header are all jacked up on IE. Everything looks good on chrome, safari and FF – it’s just IE that is causing an issue. URL is www.supercars.net

Hi :)

Please regenerate all thumbnails by using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Hi there, I was testing the theme before buying it for a client, there is this Side panel which is very annoying…

BTW I only imported the demo and didn’t do any thing else except looking for an option to stop it. http://image.prntscr.com/image/c31ec5a011074beeb82a37632f6cff30.png


Hi :)

I also tested with major modern browser but not found the problem. Please also send me a url of that page?

P.S. You can check my demo site at http://envirra.com/themes/presso3/

I am using WP in RTL language, no idea if that makes any sense… I deleted the theme from my site.

Hi :)

Please workaround by using a custom css.

.vw-side-panel {
    transform: translateX(-110%);

Just copy above css, then navigate to ‘Theme Options > Custom CSS/JS’ and paste into ‘Custom CSS’ option.

how do you so this? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9158765/categories.jpg thanks :) tell me all blocks combinations

and smallers blocks, sorrt, not only this….

Hi :)

Just use a 3-sidebars section, using Post Widgets with Block-B1 and Block-D1.

about v3 version: why mobile menu is not sticky and hamburguer menu it’s transparent? maybe menu is too long?

why width content post is more smaller than version 2.20? is not possible will doing more bigger like v2.20?

score in my v2.20 is dissapear at reviews v3.0, why?

why sticky menu (main menu) is not appears always like top menu (sticky menu in v2.20)?

i thought to change at v3.0 definetely but I saw theme has some bugs, it’s a pitty :/

Hi :)

1. Thanks for your report. I will find a solution for this issue.

2. It’s a different grid system. You can expand the width by using the below css

@media (min-width: 1200px){
.container {
    max-width: 1170px;

3. Since the data structure was changed in V3 (depends on a new library). The data can’t be used in V3. You can check the data that may not be used in new version at http://envirra.com/themes/presso3/document/#migration

but if I modify this, mobile version turns not responsive :/

Hi, thank you for all your great work! Is it possible to customize posts layout for each category?