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Is there a way to be able to select the default archive layout rather than the grid layout when I use the Pressville Directory block on a page? I want to include other blocks so I can’t use the /directory URL and customize it.

Well, what I really want is to be able to put a block of text or an image on the archive listing before the grid of posts. Is there an easy way to do this?

Not without come code customization. Basically you have to copy the template-parts/lsvr_listing/archive-layout-default.php or archive layout-grid.php file (depending which layout you are using) to your child theme (preserve the relative path) and put any code which you like to have right before the list on line before line 11. I mean feel free to experiment with the placement, you still have the original file in the parent theme if something goes south.

You just need to figure out the code itself. You can for example use ACF plugin, which allows you to create some blocks of various content in your admin and then put a small code snippet into the template file which will render that content on your frontend. Customization like that is not really covered by theme support, but if you decide to give ACF a try, there are plenty of documentation and extensions for it out there. If you are not developer/coder then this is probably the easiest way to pull this off and will give you a lot of power when customizing any WP theme in the future, not just this one.

Thanks. I’ll check out ACF.

good morning I would like to know how to center the logo on the Pressville wordpress template Thank you

Try this CSS:

.header-titlebar__logo { display: block; margin: auto; }

Perfect Thanks

When I updated to 2.2.3 of the theme, the Map at the top of the directory listing disappeared. Is this a feature or did something go wrong with my upgrade?


go to Appearance / Customize / Map Settings and set map provider to Google Maps (or a different provider). It was mentioned in the changelog. Please always read it before you update the theme.


Thanks, missed that one.

Hi, before to buy this theme i’d like to ask about: 1. if it’s possible to have more than one event for day? 2. supose that we can add highlights at home?

Thanks, Mariona

Sorry I misread your message. You can list events on homepage of course. For example, when you take a look at the default homepage at Latest News section – you can use the same element for events (you can of course put it anywhere between header and footer, not just on top of the content). All three demo homepages are just examples. They are not set in stone as you can rearrange, remove or add new sections.

I highly recommend that your client will buy it with his own account, so he will have access to support and updates in the future when you may not work with him anymore.

You can just ask him to send you the purchased code so you can verify the purchase if you will ned my help during your work on the project.

please i do have issues about finding and importing the demo import


what kind of issues exactly? Have you followed the documentation http://docs.lsvr.sk/pressville.wp/#demo-import



I’ve replied to your PM you sent today, but the mail was returned. There is something wrong with your email address. Anyway, here is my reply:

Please follow the documentation: http://docs.lsvr.sk/pressville.wp/

However, if you are new to WordPress, then make sure to read through some WordPress tutorials first: https://codex.wordpress.org/Getting_Started_with_WordPress

If you have further questions, just let me know.


For the Events calendar filter, once I filter dates and results display, if I click on “Reset Filter” it shows an error msg “No events matched your criteria” instead of returning to the original state of listing all events. how can i fix this?


please share your URL where I can see it.


just sent you an email w/screenshot thanks.


Hi I have problem with the menu events. When I type the date (date from and date to) and click Filter, my screen goes to front page, and doesn’t go to the event list. I am using URL ”?post_type=lsvr_event” on that menu. I am a beginner. I saw a similar question 1 year ago from akobryan, but I didn’t find an answer for that. Thanks a lot.


please set your permalinks settings as per the documentation http://docs.lsvr.sk/pressville.wp/#post-installation-setup-permalinks (and go through the rest of the documentation as well)


thanks a lot :)

Hi I add a menu (say “article”) on “Primary Header Menu” by copying plugin “lsvr_document”. Everything is going well, but the font style/size & color of the list tittle of “article” have changed. In the lsvr_document, font size is smaller and red. However, in article, the font of list tittle becomes larger and blue with underline. Where I did a mistake in copying lsvr_document? I copy every line of “document” code into “article” by changing word “document” into “article”. thanks a lot.


I am sorry but, I do not understand your question. Please share your URL where I can see the issue.


I am sorry, my web is not on the internet yet. it is still on localhost :) if you don’t mind, I will send the screenshoot through your email. thanks a lot.

Just send me a PM and I will reply from my email.

Hi, I can’t edit any part in WPBakery Page Builder if you want, I can send you my login details and one thing else, I havn’t found any place to activate my theme


please note that the demo content was build using the block editor (Gutenberg) so it can’t be edited via WPbakery. If you want to use WPBakery, you have to create those pages from scratch. Here is the tutorial on how to create main demo page from scratch. All the elements mentioned there are available in the WPBakery as well.

Alternatively, you will find legacy WPBakery demo in the full package / Legacy / VC demo data folder.

If you meant something else by “can’t edit any part” then feel free to get in touch via PM.

“I havn’t found any place to activate my theme” – not sure what you mean by that. If you’ve activated your child theme under Appearance / Customize, then followed the prompt to install and activate all the bundled plugins, then that’s all regarding the installation/activation.


Hi I can’t change header background image help me plz!

when I upload a new one, I still get the image that I uploaded before, no I don’t get any error

solved, when I just deleted the image from gallery

It was probably something with the cache.

I want to add a post category in events design, but I can’t add with Gutenberg I will be happy to help me

You can’t without custom coding.

With all due respect, but we exchanged more than 50 messages in mere a few days. Most of it was about customization which is not included in the theme support anyway. Please stop abusing the theme support. If your project is way too big for your skills, hire a developer for the job. Thank you for your understanding.

ok thanks

Hi, firstable thank you very much for this amazing theme. I am building it using elementor and Gutenberg and I love it so far!

I have a couple of questions:

1. How do I get the weather from the widget in Fahrenheit and not centigrades?

2. in the directory single pages the social media icons don’t look centered. it’s a way to change their colors and maybe remove the circle background on them?

3. Is there a way to have the directory map larger on desktops? would it be a lot of code work to have the map in the right side of the page and the listings on the left?

Great! Will do.

Hi Lubos, I am having the same icon issue with the “search this site” form widget in the sidebars, The magnifying glass icon is all the way in the bottom of the search form, how can I center it?


Try this one, if it doesn’t help then please share your URL since I can reproduce this on my end:

.c-search-form__button { line-height: 32px; }


I have recently purchased Pressville Theme, first of all thank you for the amazing theme it really looks great and has everything a municipality website needs.

I have uploaded the theme in my website and my website has 3 language and the good thing is that the theme support rtl and what i really want is i need to have three different logos for 3 different languages.

Thank you!


it depends how you’ve implemented the multilingual functionality. If you are using WPML, then check out this thread https://wpml.org/forums/topic/logo-translation-8/. If you are using some other plugin, then please check out their support forums for a solution.


I am using Polylang

Check out this https://wordpress.org/support/topic/polylang-logo-change/

I am sorry but the theme support doesn’t include help with 3rd party plugins. If the solution above won’t work then get in touch with the plugin author via their support forum https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/polylang/

Hi (firstly great theme), is there any way of supressing the author of documents (and anything else) being displayed. Even though I have un-ticked “Author” under “Screen Options”, the author is still displayed. TBH I would be happy with a blanket supression of the author right across the theme.

Many thanks in advance.

Sorry, I was looking in the wrong place. Of course the answer is untick it under Customise ….doh !!!!


check out options under Appearance / Customize for each post type.

BTW Screen Options are related only to your admin screen, they have nothing to do with the frontend.


Many thanks….....weekend support in 7 minutes, I’m impressed !!!

Events section tag filter not working properly. I’m able to create tags on a single Event (website.com/events/singlearticle).

When the tag is clicked, it goes to correct page (website.com/events/event-tag/tagname) and shows the tag name as header BUT instead of showing list of posts with the tag, it shows “No events matched your criteria”.

How can I fix this? Thanks.