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Hi. I’m trying to help the admin of The desktop site with Prestige looks great!

With the jetpack Wordpress plugin mobile module, the menu works and most of the items in the menu are great on mobile.

BUT: the home page fails to convert the dcs shortcodes, resulting in a home page with the source content. So we see literally: [dcs_heading size="1" align="left" mbottom="0" sub="Keep up with Andre on his latest Tour"]Latest News[/dcs_heading] [dcs_recent_news count="6" paged="true"]

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi there, Is there any plan to update the theme to make it responsives?


Hello! I copied all the plugins folder outside theme folder, but I continue without viewing options plugins neither the possibility for widgets. Please, can you help me? Thank you very much!

I can’t access to Widgets, when Prestige theme is activated. { APPAREANCE > (¡WIDGETS BUTTON DOESN`T EXIST!)

I tried multiple tests, I uninstalled it, I followed various instructions but not solve it .. It seems a particular theme problem because the problem doesn’t continue when there are other themes activated

Please, can you help me?

Hello, please contact us from account that was used to purchase our theme.

Hi! How I can change the body font :: height-line and letter-space? Specially for blog entries. I tried to change it from the common.css file, but I think I can’t find the right line to be changed. Thanks!

Hi, I want to upgrade my current version 1.4 to latest 1.5.2. I downloaded a file from the themeforest profile page. How I can be sure that a downloaded file is a latest 1.5.2 release? many thanks

Hello, to get the latest version of Prestige theme you need to download the full theme package from Downloads section in your Theme Forest profile (this ZIP file includes all the PDF files and two versions of Prestige theme – dark & light). Then you need to update all the files listed in the update instructions from 1.5 to 1.5.2. If you made any changes in these files, you need to make this update more carefully. You can check if you have the latest version files manually by looking into file style.css located in the theme folder.

thanks, I got it!


Thanks for a great theme. My header and social icons are appearing cut off at the top of the page. I don’t believe I changed anything so I’m not sure what caused this. My site is

How can I fix this? Thank you in advance.

How do I upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5.2? Can you please update the FAQ on your support site?


For updates 1.5+ you will find the update instruction on the product description page here on Theme Forest – at the bottom of the Item Details page.

To upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5.2 you will need to update all the files combined on lists for updates 1.5, 1.5.1 & 1.5.2. If you made any own changes in the code in these files, you will need to make this update more carefully and just in case you can make a copy of your current theme files.

Excellent theme, but is not optimized for mobile phones :(

hello! i can change logo from everywhere accept header logo. where can i found it? thanx

Hello, you will find option for this in Prestige > General > Logo Settings. Please contact us in future (for support questions) only from account that was used to purchase our theme.

i did that and nothing! the same prestige logo again! i buy this theme from this account.

Hello! I seem to be having a problem with your theme (Version: 1.5.2) and the NextGEN plugin (Version 1.9.13) I’m using the latest version of Wordpress 4.3.1 and I cant get the NextGEN custom sort order feature to save my changes. I have the “custom order” button checked in the gallery sort options, but when I drag my thumbnails into the order I want and hit the save changes button, it reverts back to the original position… I’ve tried updating to different version of the NextGEN plugin but none seem to fix the issue. Any Ideas? Thanks for the help!

Hello, I bought this theme from this account – I need to know what file to edit in order to use a larger logo. When I upload my logo, it cuts it off. My logo is 600×323, it looks like the theme only gives room for a very tiny logo. The theme is great, I’m loving it, I just need to edit it so that my logo can be used. Thank you.

If support is not offered for this theme, then I should be able to use it efficiently with the documentation provided by the authors. The quick guide and user guide has OLD OUTDATED INFORMATION regarding Youtube’s embed codes and several other areas. The video slider does not appear to work at all, there is something obviously wrong with the header icon links, and I can’t get a response? Like I said, these are not “user error” related issues, these are issues with the theme not working properly. I highly discourage anyone buying a theme where they cannot at least get a response for problems with a product they purchased and up to date documentation.

Hello, you wrote earlier that you already resolved this, so I thought you don’t need help on this part. As for the header links, did you inserted full link starting with http:// in the link field? You need to insert full link, because WordPress will not recognize it correctly. This should help.

Not sure how you would have missed the only two additional posts that were made here this past week, but I also sent several emails directly to you as well and never received any reply back which is just not what I’m used to experiencing here with Themeforest authors. No, I did not include the full link in the field, I also don’t recall seeing this information in your theme documentation which would explain my confusion. The information in your documentation regarding the use of the video slider is also outdated as it tells you to use the “old” embed code provided by Youtube in order to get the slider to work. Youtube has not had the “old” embed code available for quite a long time, so it took me awhile to figure out how to get it to work, but thankfully I managed without any help. I think your theme is brilliant, or else I would not have purchased it. It would have been SUPER helpful to be able to get this theme with the dummy content as seen in the demo, that way I would have been able to see how things were setup and would have greatly reduced my dependence on your user guides. Again, the theme is fabulous, but the documentation and support could really use some work. Thank you.

One more thing… NextGEN is a horrible, horrible gallery plugin. It is unstable, causes constant problems for end users and crashes sites constantly. It would be nice to see this theme be able to use another plugin, something a little more reliable and user friendly. The fact that the theme seems to depend on this plugin for it’s entire gallery setup is unfortunate. I’m not sure how I’m going to work around this, but I can assure you, NextGEN will NEVER be installed on my wordpress site. If you have suggestions for other gallery plugin to use with your theme, I’d be interested to know what they are. Thank you.

Hello, any plans to make the theme responsive or a possible Bootstrap 3 overhaul? Thanks

Hello, no for this moment we don’t have plans to make this theme responsive.

What version of NGG actually works with this theme? I followed your instruction that you give in the description for the theme which states:

Gallery pages and some shortcodes are using free NextGEN Gallery plugin by Alex Rabe & Photocrati. With this plugin you can simple create and manage your image galleries in WordPress. You will have to install this plugin to use these features. NOTE: Recommended NGG version to use with the theme is 1.9.13 – this older version can be downloaded here. It is also possible to use NGG version 2.0+, but if version 2.0+ is used, the latest compatible version for this moment is NGG version

However, this “older” version breaks the theme and causes errors immediately upon installing the plugin.

I really can’t stand NGG, it is loaded with bugs and always seems to have compatibility issues. What version of this theme and what version of NGG are you using in the dark demo?

I want to reiterate, I’m NOT going to be using NGG on my live site, I just want to see if it is possible to use NGG without having these complications with this theme for future reference. My last post here was 10 days ago, when I asked about other potential gallery plugins to be used with this theme, no one has answered as of yet. Is anyone planning on responding?

How does one remove all the branding in this theme? Especially the “By Digital Calvary” brand that shows up every time I post a link to my website on Facebook…that is annoying. Specifically that one…please don’t tell me to just go through and remove all of it, I don’t have time to search through all the files and code to find all the branding. Please explain specifically how to keep your branding from showing up when I post links to my website. It should not be that difficult to remove from a purchased theme. Thanks.

Hello, as for the “by Digital Cavalry”, you should be able to remove it quickly by a small modification in header.php file (located in the main theme folder). There is a meta name=”author” filled with “Digital Cavalry” value (should be on line 26) which you can change/clear.

I have the same question as MadHatterStudio. I am using using free NextGEN Gallery plugin.

What version of this theme and what version of NGG are you using in the dark demo?

I would like Gallery navigation with the prev and next buttons it to work like the demo here:

Hello, this is possible only with older version of NGG (1.9 13) because of some changes made in the plugin in 2.0 and later versions.

I have gone back to 1.9.13 of NGG, PrettyPhoto lightbox began working properly, but I still had no navigation buttons. However, when I went back to v1.4 of the Prestige Theme, along with v1.9.13 of NGG, it appears to be working. Even with v1.6.2 of NGG I could not get v1.5.2 of Prestige to work as in your demo, I still had to go back to v1.4 of the Prestige theme.

I tried many times to get this theme to work on a test install with NGG and could not get it to work at all, even when I followed the documentation. It’s frustrating, it’s a beautiful theme, would be nice to use all of it’s features as shown in the demo.

Hi, I have this theme installed here, I’m not sure why but the main menu just disappeared. I’ve checked all my settings in the WP menu as well as the theme options and all is fine. Can you suggest a fix for this issue. I have also deactivated all plugins and and even switched themes. The issue is specific to Prestige. Running the latest version of WP. Thankas in advance.

Hello, I’ve been receiving this error message when I upload a 600×270 image in the “Post Main Image URL” box:

Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open ’/home/content/94/6096994/html/wp-content/Prestige_temp/blog/ZcDD1OXMSvy8cNXt6_uopHDmCkbtO9ktwkFtfaySTg88e9UXNYwhA3ZK4zQB0SYNDy5H670CpbkGIUgwxzCgAaDtOA3clLvXmXo7TvVdE19V5-Tm26_BZx_5RFbNywSkCdtq7ecvouo3eQ_BpXkh6H6Z4i9uXOnbB6dXxQBuRsfpg0kjvneRSxahq1oH0L1YxUMLiF56BgAVFfoCSc90rr38DgyzXlG-H232m-r35d6rS5cjXwj9UWeT0yXt7LOG71CKpa2Qma7XqS33AAeRqNuiMMgKpblpDmyyM5bNyjCeM_whJLp9VYRIHOxPcX3Shf0jKcsVzSBEHrpxS-SPa_rGzIo27fPYYxJNwM3mOWtzMKvq9n8UkljmBrRot-2aL2HARptStVFjQ4IzKUIj_5nzJMWD2f0UhopEJDEtALofaUU71tteVVShA_c1KQMF1q52SmepccbHw8Ei4_RU7dGqw59fq_O2j4jPbKshnwaQdXHo6zMzmtPOm0QfHpYxP9C4ZiYLd3kl6LWVJ-Hnbyj0ugEjWOeDY-zzrIknuIQf_vLXHvPvpOY8yAvAEK53EllOoQ=w600-h270-no_1454518694.jpg’ for writing: File name too long in /home/content/94/6096994/html/wp-content/themes/Prestige/cms/php/cp_metapost.php on line 267

Thumbnail doesn’t show up on my “Recent Posts” sidebar. Any help appreciated…

Wow, this theme is a major mess full of glitches.. Biggest waste of money I have ever purchased on any envato market. Super pist off.

Can’t make your news feed or blog your main page

all 5 of the sliders don’t work with fade transitions or properly at all.

biggest waste of money… I really wish I could be refunded