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Is it possible to bring the homepage options (of home parallax) in a new order. for example: partners on first position, followed by testimonials?

And is it possible to view some text for partners (like for “our team”)?

Thanks a lot

Hi, this is not possible. You can customiza the page if you have skills in php. In this case it’s possible. the necessary file is page-home.php file. Open that file and replace the code sections in the necessary order.

If you don’t have skiils you can order our team for customizations.

Have a good day

I’ve created an image 1920px-712px for the “Header 1 Background” but when I load it onto the site, it’s way too big. See How can I fix this? Thanks.

Hi, when you added it to the sldier you selected the large thumb but you must select the full size. Have a good day

Hello there i have a small question before i purchase the theme.

The first one is that it is possible to modify the order of the elements on the one page format? Like first example first i want the blog then the team. The second one its how u build the page from scratch its the visual composer hard to use? would love to see some videos of how it works Thanks for the help

Hi. you can move elemets on the page, the plugin have this option. In the internet exist a lot of videos how works the bilder plugin. Have a good day


I have a 2 problems with the template.

1. On the gallery page only 10 tiles are displayed and I want to be 12.

2.Description of the work (post grid) on the homepage is too long. How can I change the number of characters or words (teaser/excerpt)?

Many thanks in advance, Marcin


1. Try to open the archive-gallery.php file and use a query_string() posts_per_page 12 attribute.

2. Use some cutting php function. In google is a lot of info how to short the excerpt.

Have a good day


I would like to create a separate menu tabs for ‘my work’ in a gallery (with filters).

For example: web design, graphic design etc.. (<- Menu tabs)

All of my work is on the gallery page with the filters..

How can I get their separate ID’s so I can create a new menu tab and when someone click on ‘web design’ tab – a new page just with the websites will open instead of a new page with all the items?

Thanks, Marcin

Hi, you need a developer for custom work. With default theme settings you can setup the options as the demo site have..


I have some problem with the theme, i install it and try it but i dont know i cant see texts and somethings are missing can you help me? its not like the example

Hello, i buy it but with my friends account cuz i dont have any bank account so he buy for me and send it to me. i want to have the backgrounds like the preview thats all. Thanks you

the only problem i have is i cant use that slider u show in the pdf file… it wont work.

You should write the message from the purchaser account. The support is for purchasers only.

Hi. I think your theme is fresh, and excited about implementing it.

You have mentioned using parallax in a page – and while I can create a row, I’m not sure how we’re supposed to set a background image using the visual composer. Did you ever make the videos you had mentioned?

I want to be able to create multiple parallax’s with my own content per page.


I am able to set the background in the row, but when I place “parallax” in the style, I do not get the parallax love.

Hi, you just need to create a row with a bg image and paste the class name. Upload the demo content file and see the example how we created it. If you will have problems, contact us.

Hello, I buy the Theme for Arsalan009, is it possible that you help him please? thank

Hi, your link is empty.

Hi, i moved it too the root folder,

Hi, is the language in the site RTL? if yes, the sldier will not work. It will need some customizations. (Flexslider RTL support – search in google)

Hello, First and foremost, I love the look of this theme, very sleek.

However I am having some trouble with a few parts of the theme, and would like to install the demo content file that you keep mentioning, However, I am not sure where to find this file, or how to install it. Is there any chance you could help please?

Thank you very much, just one more small problem that I’m having, my navigation bar on my blog page is not showing, I need to click on my logo in order to go back to the one page parallax.

Any idea what could be the issue?

I managed to fix it, I just created a second menu, and applied it as the inner header menu. Thank you again for the help

Yes, it was described in docs file. Have a good day

Just getting my head round your theme. You mention demo content a lot in the comments, but it is not clear to me where I can download it from. There’s nothing obvious in the zip files. Your home page theme 2 would be a great start for me, especially as I produce a lot of video. Is there a template of that page?

Hi, i have activated your account and send the pass to your email.

But your email is not working -

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

How can i give you the password?

my fault… the email is

check it

Hi, I just loaded the theme on my website but i am having some issues now. How do i set my sliders so it works like demo? whats the size of the banners? How do i edit demo content with my own content? Please, i need quick help. Here is the website .

Hi, is this not also you websit, , i registered with my Purchased code here but this your website is rejecting my purchase code. what could the issue be?

I have the proofs of my theme, i could grant you access to my themeforest download page

evatheme – is not our brand. Make sure use write in a right place, because our Prestigio theme is not the theme use use probably.

why this many process in having you attend to urgent needs, why do i have to go through hell because of a theme i got with my money. Your website is rejecting my purchased codes, i have already used the same codes on is it not your website? My biggest problem is that i can setup the slider to work, your doc is not very explicit. Why? Am so very confused and now you are directing me to another forum. I am ready to grant you access to my themeforest download page so you get the purchased codes yourself. I can edit your demo and i cant setup my slider either.

evatheme – is not our brand. Make sure use write in a right place, because our Prestigio theme is not the theme use use probably.

i bought the Prestigio theme and i installed it on , you may check it out yourself. My problem is how do i configure the sliders and edit the theme, thanks!

This is not our theme, Press Preview to see our theme.

Really nice them I love it but pitty is just one page. I want a theme multi page because I have many pages and lot of content :(

The theme is not only One page it have a full site demo example with different pages.

I’m having troubles with what seems to be my top margins. Once I’ve uploaded my logo onto the home page, it is too far down the page. Here’s my website:

Maybe you can help me? You can see how the logo overlaps the middle header bar? Can I somehow fix that?

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

hello, on the news (i think it’s single post page single.php with general.css) page of the website i try to center the content but nothing to do. when i inspect the code I find this class=”col-3 postsliderarrows cf” in container-blog how to get this fu..col out ?? Best regards

i found forget about it

Hi, I’m trying to add a soundcloud shortcode in a new section. Is there a simple way to do this that I’m missing? Thanks in advance.

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Hi i dont understand how to use contact form. Where i can input my email?

What about my simple question? Where information how to use contact form? Where i must input my email?


Please, use the support forum. If you have problems with the support forum, tell me your email on the forum.

About your issues – the email is getting from general settings (admin panel email). Check the email. If the email is right but not working, contact your hosting support, in this case your server is disabling the mailto function.

We offer support on a dedicate forum. We don’t check this thread every day. So please change the review “1 stars”. Thanks.

Hello, i’ve problem with slider, i’ve not options like slug, slideshow, animation, control navigation when i create…

EDIT : Ok it’s good, it was with slider import with data. When i create a new, it’s ok ! Custom fields are in shortcode directly. Slider work only on parallax template !

Hi, use our support forum please –

Hello; I’m trying to replicate the Divider you have on your Demo site (Thin line Orange text centered.) But it seems the short codes only allow for text within a gray box. Does there happen to be another option I am missing? Kind Regards.

Hi, use our support forum please –

is there a child theme in your package.

The theme works with default child themes as WordPress Codex recommends. it can be created very easy.