Discussion on PrettyPress - Cleaning Service HTML Template with Builder

Discussion on PrettyPress - Cleaning Service HTML Template with Builder

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I have now purchased the HTML versions that i need to have refunded asap. I also purchased the wordpress version which is also giving error while uploading. The error is now missing a parent theme. This is beyond frustrating I will need both my refund for the HTML version and the Wordpress versions fixed or support to make sure it is installed correctly immediately this is ridiculous.

Pretty Press Child Theme The parent theme is missing. Please install the “pretty-press” parent theme.

Hello, Dear Customer! We’ve successfully installed theme and demo-content for you. Please check ticket # https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/ticket/3173983/ Best Regards!

Please issue me a refund as I need the Wordpress version and not the HTML version. Please refund me immediately

Hello, Dear Customer! Please submit refund request for HTML version here: please submit a refund request for HTML version here: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new Best Regards!

Why do i get the error message stating that this link has expired i literally just purchased this them 15 mins ago and it doesn’t work already. I need help to get this fixed so that i can use this theme.

I also tried to add the theme directly to wordpress via file manager. After I uploaded that file i received an Error message stating that the theme package did not contain a “stylesheet”. “prettypress-cleaing-servcie Stylesheet is missing”. I need a response and or the entire file with the style sheet immediately or I will be asking for a refund in 24 hours..

Hello, Dear Customer! We’ve successfully installed theme and demo-content for you. Please check ticket # https://mwtemplates.ticksy.com/ticket/3173983/ Best Regards!

Hi, Support Team. I have purchased your PrettyPress HTML template just now from themeforest marketplace and downloaded the source code and run it. But the images are not visible in the website and only can see grey blank screen. Please let me know how to resolve this issue. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you. Viktoriya.

Hello, Dear Viktoriya! Please email us at modernwebtemplates.com@gmail.com and we will provide you with images very quickly. Best Regards!

Hello I can’t open the template with visual builder? Can you tell me other builder? Thanks

Hello! Thanks for purchase!
Could you please describe with more details what issue have you wit video visual builder?
Best regards!

Hello, a few months back i purchased this theme but i dont see the stock photos used in the theme with the download. Is there anyway you can send them to me via zip file?

Thanks for purchase!
The images used in the template are not included in the main download file, they are only for the preview purpose. According to Envato Terms we replaced all images with placeholders.
We provide a list of links to used images in template documentation
Best regards!

hello, the template gives me error, the style sheet is missing (PrettyPress – Cleaning Service HTML Template with Builder)

The package could not be decompressed. The theme does not have style sheet style.css.

to install the demo theme, you have to install the pretty-press demo.zip theme, where do you get it from? because I do not get it … I need the zip theme please, without providing my cpanel data or anything. Is it a theme or do you sneak? If I need it at any time? I have to wait whenever you do it to me? I need a tutorial with a video how to get the demo theme please

If you asking about wordpress theme, please submit your reply here:
Best Regards!

What are you even talking about using the br tags? BR tags are to leave a break in sections. Its not to hide certain images. So where is the BR in this script?

<section class=”intro_section page_mainslider top-offset ds”>

  • \\

    A tradition of quality cleaning

    Every project is different. Every client is special.

    Find Your Preferred Way To Connect with Us <!- eof .slide_description -> <!- eof .slide_description_wrapper -> <!- eof .col*—> <!- eof .row -> <!- eof .container ->

It seems that you confusing with terminology. ‘Script’ usually means ‘JavaScript’, and you’re providing a HTML code – it’s a big difference.
Can you please wrap your code example in a ‘pre’ tag here in comment so we could understand what you mean.
Best regards!

You told somebody 2 years ago the images are not in the download files. So why are you telling me different? Telling me there is a BR tag in the script? Please either fix or refund…

Please read answer above.
Best regards!

Hello, dear customer!
You should notice that some images are inserted in template as an IMG tag directly in HTML code, and some are used as a background via CSS code. For example in the slider on index.html images appears in HTML code:
<img src="images/slide01.jpg" alt="" />
You can open this image (images/slide01.jpg) in your favorite image editor, modify it and overwrite it.
For example, ‘About Us’ section has a background image that is set in your ‘main.css’ file:
.page_about {
    background-image: url(../images/about-bg.png);
You also can modify and overwrite this image.
To find out what BACKGROUND image you should modify, just right click on section in Chrome browser and click ‘inspect’ in the menu. DevTools console with HTML markup will appear. Then click on section with background and in the styles you’ll find appropriate CSS style with background image.
Best regards!

Here is what i have. You said the are BR tags in the code. Where are they?

<section class=”ls page_portfolio columns_padding_0”>



Can you please specify, what exactly problem do you have with tag BR.
You can see tag BR at index.html on line: 978, 993, 1008 etc.
Best Regards!

Okay thanks. I will check it out later this evening. I didn’t notice a br tag in the script. I tried opening the images using a photo editor. I was a black background for all in ages .

All images, in template are only for the preview purpose. According to Envato Terms we replaced all images with black background. Thats why when you tried opening the images using a photo editor they are with black background.
Best Regards!

how do i add the images with in the templates? I see the tags and folders

Hello! Please read answer above.
Best regards!

How do I add the images that are already in the folder to the pages? I see the code but when I open it. There are no images displayed…

Hello! Please be careful and do not post your sensitive data such as login and password in the comments feed because anyone can see it.

That’s what I have done I made the code simple and it still will not pull the pictures up. If I open up the pictures with a photo editor the small images in the folder appear to be normal but when I open them up they become a black background no image

So if you would go to my FTP and open up the template and you’ll see the images still won’t show

Hi, Is there a SASS or SCSS version of stylesheet available for this theme ?

Hello, unfortunately no

Hi there,

As a presale inquiry I just wanted to ask if your template supports order booking plugin code embedding, translation to another language and payment gateway integration.


This is HTML template. It means that it is a set of static html pages with front-end styling. What you asking for, is a possible features of WordPress theme which is available here https://themeforest.net/item/prettypress-cleaning-service-wordpress-theme/19731894?s_rank=1

Thank you very much

Hello, I added SSL certificate to the website and the map in the contact page stop showing. can you please help Thanks

Thanks for purchase!
Can you please give us a link to your site?
You can send it via contact form in our profile if you do not want to publish your link here.
Best regards!

hii , Could U help me with the google map. First I hav added Location URL n also i have changed API key. Still im not getting the map

Bt with the local server whatever address im adding its reflecting on the page. In the hosting Page the map address it not coming. i have checked all the posssibe ways .. stilll im not able get an result. . . .

Can you provide a link to your site?

Hey Team, Thanks fr ur concern.. the issue been resolved.. If any assistance needed will definitely contact U. Thanks Guy’s.

Hi, I purchased your PrettyPress html theme.. BUT the builder does not work properly. It will not allow me to drag more than 2 elements to the page.


Thanks for purchase.
Can you please clarify do you have same problems on our builder demo?
Best regards!

yes, i can’t drag any more sections past the header, intro section. that’s it. i save each section and it’s like it won’t let me scroll down past the fold to put anything else. BUT, I DON’T HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS ON YOUR BUILDER DEMO. What did i do wrong??

It’s very hard to tell what is wrong without access to your builder instance. Can you please upload your site on some test hosting and give us a link?
Best regards!

When I try to upload the file into wordpress I get the following error message:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

I unzipped the download and I do not see a separate zip file to upload so that I may access wordpress setup.

Did the product I buy not come wth the style sheet?

Thanks for your assistance,

As you can see from the name of the item it is HTML Template and not WordPress theme


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