Discussion on Primer - Angular & React Material Design Admin Template

Discussion on Primer - Angular & React Material Design Admin Template

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I’m getting this error after upgrade to angular 12

SassError: Undefined mixin. ╷ 34 │ @include _mat-toolbar-color($primary); │ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ╵

Any thought?


Hi iamnyasha, Why the project angular’s version is 5 and not 8 for following project: https://github.com/iamnyasha/primer

Please provide git access to mjagetia

When you will update this Angular 8 to angular 12 ?? Is there any plan for update

Experiencing issues with demo on this site. Where do those get reported?

I bought this 4 months ago and the OP still hasn’t fixed it or even replied to my request. Don’t buy this shit.

Finally fixed for Angular 10

Hi, I’m using the Primer-Angulate template and it is working well except on IE11. I’m not a fan of IE and aware it is nearing end-of-life but have a request to support it as well. Can you assist? Is there a specific version of the template to use? Is there any other recommended action /set of actions to make it work on IE11?



Hi I wanted a few details about the template 1. Does it works with the latest react version 16+ 2. does it work with react hooks? Thanks David

Hi, are you planning to release a Angular v10 version? If so, when? Thanks & best regards, Florian

I was wondering if you were going to update it for Angular 9/10? Material seems to be broken and I’m not sure where all your Material files are to fix it.

I bought it, it doesn’t seem to be working as of Angular 10. Error seems to be some changes with Material. Anyone know where the Material files are so I can attempt a fix?

Hi, could you add me to github? My github id is: hoaivan@gmail.com

Hello, Why from the login page, when I want to redirect to home it doesn’t work, whereas when I redirect to another page (session / forgot for example) it works fine?

onSubmit() { this.submitted = true; console.log("submitedddd!!!!") // stop here if form is invalid /* if (this.form.invalid) { return; } */ localStorage.setItem('currentUser', JSON.stringify({test:"testtt"})); this.loading = true; const returnUrl = this.route.snapshot.queryParams['returnUrl'] || '/'; console.log(returnUrl); this.router.navigate(['/session/forgot']); /**work well*/ /** this.router.navigate(['']); dos'ent work */ /* this.authenticationService.login(this.f.uname.value, this.f.password.value) .pipe(first()) .subscribe({ next: () => { // get return url from route parameters or default to '/' const returnUrl = this.route.snapshot.queryParams['returnUrl'] || '/'; this.router.navigate([returnUrl]); }, error: error => { this.error = error; this.loading = false; } }); */ }

I can’t install the theme i have this error when i do npm i

npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! primer@0.0.0 postinstall: `ngcc—properties es2015 browser module main—first-only—create-ivy-entry-points` npm ERR! Exit status 1 npm ERR! npm ERR! Failed at the primer@0.0.0 postinstall script. npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

and when I do ng serve localhost displays : cannot get /

how to fix this?

Thank you !

I added C:\Windows\System32 variable, and “angularCompilerOptions”: { “enableIvy”: false } And now all work well!


Hi, any plans when you will upgrade to Ang/Material 10?

Hi, it doesn’t seem like this theme is fully upgraded to Angular 9.

ng2-validation no longer supports Angular 9. While using an Angular 9 compatible fork of ng2-validation(ngx-custom-validators), getting the following error.

Generic type ‘ɵɵFactoryDef’ requires 2 type argument(s) in ngx-custom-validation site:stackoverflow.com

Could you please guide me through how to run this application. I tired of trying to run this in my machine.

Please let me know if you need any more details. Thanks.!

I’m considering buying this package. Have few questions: 1- Is it fully written in typescript? 2- Can we see the code before buying? if not, Can we get a copy of the latest package.json? like to see what version of libs are used.

I bought this template because it was built based on typescript. However, I did not download the typescirpt version. How can I get the Typescript version?

html version available ?


did not hear from you, can I get refunded, I did not download this product.


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