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This design is really awesome! I would gladly pay ten times more for it if it was coded in XHTML /CSS or template for some CMS so I could actually use it.

Hi Radek, you can drop me an email and I might arrange something for you. How about that?

nice segen following you now follow me :P

Great template im with Radek, same would be awesome to have it in joomla cms.

Hello Can you tell me the foundry that the DIN condensed you used is from pleace send me font DIN for my mail


I send you mail yesterday

Hi there. As said already I do not share fonts. However there are some really good alternatives to DIN family. Check out previous comments for some examples. Cheers.

When are you going to create wordpress version of this template?

Ready to buy.

Not sure, really.

I would also INSTANTLY buy the WP version at just about ANY price! ;-)

Come on Segen, you KNOW you will make a killing with this in a WP theme! ;-)

Hi Segen

Are this template sliced ?? Do you expect to launch a xhtml/css version or a wp theme ?


No it’s not and I’m not sure when this will be coded :)

Saw this theme in “the web designers idea book vol 2” .... great stuff