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ipad enjoy it! Thanks man.

This is so amazing…

Hi. I am sorry if this is a weird question but can I use the psd files in fireworks cs4 and export them as html and css and keep all the css styles.


@nfilg Sure, but hey you can do that with Photoshop too! If You need further assistance please send me a PM.

Great job, really looking forward to using this.

Q: Can you tell me the foundry that the DIN condensed you used is from?

I don’t seem to have that exact version or one close enough to use.

@offamycloud DIN Cond Medium and Bold. You can PM me for more info.

great work marko! but i dont have DIN font family

@cahmad03 Sent you an email ;)

wordpress version available ?

altinkum, nope, not even (x)html. At some point I might convert it to (x)html and then to WP but not very soon.

Will this one be coded in (x)html ??? if so i’m buying RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure MirracoBmx. Maybe one day, yeah :)

This is BEAUTIFULL , take a close look at the design and consider how much time and effort has been spent on the detail. I have searched almost all of the templates in this category and found this template to be the best aswell and this—> “Businessus#2 | Portfolio + Blog” template. Im trying to combine both to use for my It Dynamic website. The above design will provide the portfolio/graphics layout and template “Businessus#2 | Portfolio + Blog” will provide the framework and menus.

These two designs are by far the BEST I have seen on Themeforest, this needs to be coded asap and keep up the quality!!!!!!

Kind Regards from London MilanoMan

Thanks MilanoMan!

If I’d buy this design, I’d be able to re-design it in my own way? Remove some of the elements, add some new ones, edit some of the default ones etc.

In the footer where it says design by Marko I’d write: Design by Marko Prlijc and modified by Martin Nielsen (my name)?

Sure DanishDove! You’re free to modify it the way you want it. And you can redesign it of course. ;)

Beautiful template. What are the pixel dimensions?

I use 960.gs Photoshop tempalte for all my designs. So, it’s 960 px :)

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Absolutely fabulous template by the way. :-)

Hehe, never mind that :)

I need the DIN condensed medium font that you used for this template. can you send it to me.

“Hi Jonathan, unfortunately I do not share fonts, sorry. However there are some really good FREE alternatives for DIN font. Try searching dafont.com. Thanks”

Don’t bother trying to get the font from Marko. The design might look good now, but I haven’t been able to find an acceptable alternative on dafont yet…

Hi Jonathan, if you have looked a bit further you could have found these free fonts: