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I recently purchased this email template and think it’s great.

Is there a website I can go to to read about how best to make changes to the template, and output it for distribution?

The download includes the HTML files and the PSD files. For example, if I want to change blue -> bg01 -> layout01, do I change the photoshop file first, or do I open up the HTML file in an HTML editor??

Thanks for making this template. It rocks!

sorry for late reply,

It’s depends on what do you want to change. If you want to change the picture, let’s say color or the whole image, you need to open the psd file to edit. If you just change the html structure, please just edit the HTML file.

Thanks for your purchase and question.

Great template! But having troubles with images not displaying for recipients who use Outlook – the header image/logo and blocks do not load at all. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Cheers!

Sorry for the late reply, we have just replied you with email. Please have a look :)

Great design, I like it very much! I also have the same problem as Katabatic8, my Outlook test doesn’t show headers. Could you also let me know how to fix this?

Thank you for your purchase.

Would you send us your email so we can send you the file? enquiry@websolution.hk

I want to purchase this only have two questions..

1. is the outlook problem fixed

2. Is this compatible with Mail Chimp or Mad Mimi

okay bought this theme before getting the questions answered, I’m getting this error…it won’t show the top pictures

The tag: “td” doesn’t have an attribute: “background” in currently active versions.

Thank you for your purchase.

We are working on it and will send you an update soon.

Please give us your email by sending a message to us via Code Canyon, so other people cannot impersonate you

Thank you

Don’t see where to send you the message through Code Canyon..my email is onlyonerockstaar@gmail.com

Beautiful design! The header logo and image are not displaying Outlook 2010 for PC. (they look great on Outlook 2011 for Mac)

It is my understanding that Outlook 2007/2010 does not support viewing background images.

If you have any advice, let me know.

Thank you,

adgraphics AT gmail.com


My client only wants the html code to send via bulk email, using Constant Content . Do I have to publish all the images (including facebook icons & buttons etc. on flickr/other img service and then change the link to this absolute URLs to ensure all displays?



Is this template compatible with Mailchimp?


Hi – does this use inline css ??? Thanks.