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Nice , but where is the Tags !


Thanks for your purchase!

Tags are not currently shown, but I’ll be sure to add that in a future theme update.

Great. I’m waiting :)


I’m very interested in this theme, but I was wondering if can you add infinite scrolling with a go-to-top button at the bottom?

Am I able to post YouTube videos? Can you post one to the demo?


Hey Sean,

I’m actually preparing Infinite Scroll for the next update. I’ll be releasing the infinite scroll update in around a week. If you’d like it sooner, just shoot me an email using the form on my profile page after purchase and I can send you the code early.

Yep, you can post Youtube videos. Heres an example from my blog:

How do you add a Tagline?

How do you add a Tagline?

Got it thanks!

Awesome Tumblr Template

Glad you like it!

New version got a problem on iPad, sent you email yesterday. Please check it out, thanks!

My blog is on version 1.1.0 – Feel free to check it out on iPad.

I’ve checked out many other themes recently, they do not have the high-res image page issue as our version 1.1.0 on iPad.
I’ve checked the source code on the high res image page, and do not see any coding relating to the theme, so the page’s appearance isn’t actually related to the theme.
Hey Sean, I just took a look and it appears that this is in fact Tumblr’s code, not mine. Although the bar should be appearing like this: (This is how it appears in the desktop version of when you are not signed in).

The bar actually appears both on desktops and mobiles, but only when you are not logged in. I’m sure they will have the mobile version of that page fixed shortly.

Yahoo! just acquires Tumblr.

From the press: ” More than half of Tumblr’s users connect to the service through the mobile app, and engage in an average of seven sessions per day. “

And this is the reason I bought your theme. PLEASE! Fix problems on mobile devices , specially on iPad!


Hey Sean,

Please see my previous reply about the problem relating to the high res page.

When I click on the Social or Ask buttons – it comes up with an error ‘page not found’ message – why is this? I need to fix asap.. thanks! P.S I followed the steps in the insturctions – and I still get this message:

Not found. We couldn’t find the page you were looking for.

Find out why you may have encountered this error.

Hey MethLab,

Thanks for your purchase!

To use the ask box, you must first enable your ask box on your settings page (

ACtually none of my toolbar elements function… am I missing something?

Hey MethLab,

I’ve just responded to your email.

Hi Phil, I responded – your email didn’t help..

Sounds like from you’re latest email you got everything working. Let me know if you have any other questions about the theme!

If Tumblr is changing their code as you assumed. I don’t get it…

1. I purchased your theme, just copy-and-paste. How come my Tumblr page got the problem on iPad, and your Tumblr page is fine?

2. How come other Tumblr themes doesn’t have the issue on iPad?

3. If Tumblr is changing code as you said, shouldn’t you change yours as well?

You need to fix this, man! Meanwhile, please email me the previous version.



Again, I do not have control over the high res image page. I have checked the source code and do not see any theme code whatsoever present in the page. Also please stop creating new comment threads for the same “issue” and reply to the original comment.

1) We are using the exact same version of the theme (1.1.0) and if the issue is not present in both copies of the theme then logically it is Tumblr’s code and not the theme code.

2) Feel free to check out Tumblr’s original demo site: As you can see this is not using my theme and has the same exact Tumblr bar as you are experiencing.

3) Sites such as Facebook and Tumblr often roll out their updates to a percentage of users to test the new code before pushing the update out for all users.

You need to fix this, man! Meanwhile, please email me the previous version.

Feel free to send Tumblr an email at but this issue is out of my hands and is Tumblr’s code that is causing the problem.

We’re not coders nor developers, that’s why we’re looking and purchasing themes. How would I know what the problems caused from?

You kept saying it is Tumblr. But at first, your demo didn’t update, later you updated and it looks fine. I purchased and used your theme, but I got problems… it’s all too confusing.

Feel free to check out Tumblr’s original demo site: As you can see this is not using my theme and has the same exact Tumblr bar as you are experiencing.

Sites such as Facebook and Tumblr often roll out their updates to a percentage of users to test the new code before pushing the update out for all users.

If you’ve explained this earlier, it would’ve been more believable. Thanks!

Hey Sean,

I’m really sorry, I should’ve explained it better originally, and I understand it could seem my code was causing it if the change happened right after you started using my theme.

Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for your purchase!

perfect job as always :)

Infinite scroll is enabled but it doesn’t seem to work on my blog.. :\ Any idea if the code still works for it?

Hey there Smith,

Thank you for your purchase!

Infinite Scroll is working for me on all major browsers right now, but if you could send me an email at I’d love to take a look.

There is a problem in the Like that it does not function :crying:

Still the same problem

Hey there Asma,

Could you describe what’s happening with the latest theme update when you attempt to like a post? Try navigating to and let me know if the like button works for you.

The issue might be caused by you trying to like your own post (Tumblr doesn’t let you do that).

Yes now it’s working for me :bigsmile: Thank you

How can I get my profile photo and ‘about’ to show in this theme? Thanks!

Hey there,

Thank you for your purchase!

Although this theme doesn’t use the description field, you can simply add the description to one of the widget areas. You could also add your profile image as well using the following code: <img src="URL HERE" /> Just replace the URL here with the url of the image.

Wicked theme, any chance of getting individual Slider taglines?


Thank you for your purchase!

I’ll make it a point to include that in a future update!

I purchased your Pro-Responsive Tumblr Theme a short while back, and I do like it. What I did not notice prior to purchasing your theme is that there is no way to share my posts to Facebook and Twitter from the homepage (I am also dismayed at being limited to only those two sites).

Then there’s the fact that I do not wish it known that my site is being hosted at Tumblr, but the “Reblog” option links to the Tumblr homepage for logged out users. I would prefer the option not be there at all.

Lastly, as much as I love your menu widgets, they are not very mobile friendly. In addition, your menu widgets are not accommodating to the number of page links I am currently using, whether desktop or on mobile. Thus far, I have had to make the decision to remove two pages, yet still the menu looks crowded, and more so on mobile. We can toss in the slider, and it becomes unbelievably cluttered. The drop down menus also destroys the order of my navigation tabs. If the drop down menus were positioned after my page tabs, that might solve the problem. No?

Might I also suggest perhaps creating three drop down widgets, the third containing pages navigation?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Just bought your theme, and really like it. But the added pages only take opp half the layout (460px) I want my pages to take up as much space as the top bar, 940px. Hope you can help me out.


Hans g

Hey there,

That can be done, but unfortunately Tumblr simply uses the text permalink post type for pages. You can use the code below (But the same effect will be applied to text posts). Simply add this to the custom CSS box on

#permalink-page .post.type-text { width: 940px; }


One minor “bug” the like button is not aligned with reblog and permalink in firefox (ver. 25)


Hans g

Hi Really love the theme, great job. Been looking through older comments to see if my query pops up…

I have Infinite Scroll activated, but it doesn’t appear to work. I realise that in the past it wasn’t an option, but I figured you had updated it in the recent past to allow for infinite scrolling?

Just wondering what the cause of mine not working might be?

Many thanks Graham


I am looking to buy this theme but first I need to know if it supports pages and tagged pages. Thanks!

Hey there,

Pro does in fact support custom pages and tagged pages. Custom pages will appear similar to text post types:

Tagged pages can be accessed straight out of the box by appending /tagged/tag to your Tumblr URL.

Thank you! VERY happy customer you have :D I absolutely LOVE it.

Hi, I’m interested in your Tumblr theme, but when I click the Live Preview button, it comes up as not found. ? Where can I preview the look and feel?

Thanks for the help.



Thank you for letting me know, the issue has been fixed!

Hey man. I love the theme. Just one quick question: How can I align the custom pages to the center? Would be very happy if there’s a way to do so.

PS. I know that I can double the page size in the Custom CSS box, but when I do so it doesn’t look good on smartphones.

One more thing – is there a way of making the slides images hyperlinks?

Thanks again.